Passive Aggressive Achievement

  • Passive Aggressive



    Get 3 kills with a single Sentry Bot

    The Distillery Room in the "Gaining Influence" mission is the perfect opportunity to unlock this achievement. Deploy a Sentry Bot or an Advanced Sentry Bot and let it kill 3 enemies on its own. Simple. Another good place to get this is during the Mutant Bash TV show (thanks to fastNcurious for this info).

  • Sorta reminds me of that one TF2 achievement "Turret".
  • doesnt that bot look like the spider bots from doom 3?
  • Only 3? They either must really suck or their really good but only last several seconds. Right?
  • Simple, do the mutant bash TV put a turret or bot down at the start of the first round and let it go to town.
  • @ #2, that's most likely because the creators of Doom & Quake created this title as well. Kinda sucks when you think about it. They're just really repetitivly using the same framework for enemies. With all the unbelievable games out, and coming out, today, c'mon and put some new thought into the game!
  • @ #3, They have a health bar... And I presume they also 'run off' ammo too... Not too sure because none of my bots got killed / ran out of ammo unless I scrapped them...
  • It was fairly simple. I just built one during my Rage TV run through - Killed about 5 or 6 mutants before being destroyed.
  • I got mine in the well, just shock the two bandits in the water, then drop the bot in front of the door across from them. it will kill all three in the room. Also a good place for the bomb car achievement as well
  • where is the schematic for this? cause they look really cool in the trailer :D
  • mutant bash tv is the way to go. Bring a few to get a better score
  • Anyone know if this achieve is glitched? I have done it like 4 times now and it still will not unlock - totally fucking shit.
  • Very easy to get, especially when dealing with mutants. Other enemies will put up more of a fight.
  • New to forums... How do i get this achievement
  • these things were my favorite part of this game lol
  • These were so much fun, especially against mutants.
  • Man I love these things, especially the advanced versions. One I lied down took out a heavy gearhead like it was nothing. I always hate when one won't follow me through an area, and I have to deactivate it.

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