Three Birds, One Bomb Car Achievement

  • Three Birds, One Bomb Car



    Kill 3 Enemies with one RC Bomb Car


    In addition to detonating the bomb caches, RC Bomb Cars can also be used as an offensive weapon. Find a safe place to hide, then deploy an RC Bomb Car, driving it toward your enemies before detonating it. Try to find large clusters of bandits hiding behind cover. If you manage to kill 3 enemies with one RC Bomb Car, this achievement unlocks.

  • Herp a fucking derp. Thanks Black Ops.
  • Is this the new CoD everyone's talking about?
  • ^ I doubt black ops was the first to come up with the idea of an explosive RC car, derpy derp
  • The somewhat mediocre Frontlines: Fuel of War (?) had an RC car too, and I doubt they were 1st either.
  • And Michael Jackson wasn't the first to Moonwalk.
  • "RC-XD deployed" rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr BOOM! guy 1: AH! guy 2: OH! guy 3: *chocking on blood* achievement unlocked! "huh?" *gasp!* "yay!"
  • This game has been in the making for 7 years so there is no way they copied it of that bog awful game. :)
  • How the f*** can you control a car with a radio?????
  • @1 What the f*** is your problem? Black ops did it so no other game can do it? That's stupid. What's wrong with it anyway? It sounds like a fun addition to the game if you ask me. Black ops also had guns, grenades, and other FPS staples. HERP DERP, THANKS BLACK OPS. Grow up.
  • Calm down son. My problem is simply that I don't enjoy playing Man VS. Toy.
  • @10 Oh I see... that's something you should talk to your wife about, we have nothing to do with such a problem.
  • @1 this game has been in development for far longer than black ops....
  • @3: Maybe he ment 'thanks' as in thanks to Black Ops he has plenty of experience in using an RC Bomb so getting this achievement will be a breeze?
  • The achievement picture is wrong
  • I just unlocked the achievement and had no car bomb out so glitched in a good way
  • I swear that 007 everything or nothing had a bomb car in it, i blame the governments ridiculous gadgetry.
  • Easy place to do it is on The Well. After you kill the first two Ghost members in the water stay on the stairs and deploy the RC. You have to be fast because the three Ghosts in the adjacent room will hear it and run out so it's recommended to save before you deploy. As soon as you're about in the center of the room (there is room for error thankfully) detonate it. I got it my first try thankfully.
  • I just got this by shooting a guy with a Mind Control Bolt and then detonating it and killing a few guy around him. No bomb car needed. Weird glitch.
  • Wrong achievement pic.
  • @17 you can also get the sentry bot achievement there also.
  • herp a derp...all the cool kiddies are saying it.
  • first mission in subwaytown, called "mutant expansion" where you clear out mutants in the subway line there is a section where you get rushed by waves of mutants, one part theres 5 mutants with you in a small area, and i got this achievement on the first try. used this same part to get the kilk 3 enemies with one mind controlled enemy achievement.
  • @19 Yea I tried that there as well but didn't get it and was too lazy to reload. Did get it later in the level though.
  • did anyone else get this with a mind control guy. cause thats what happend to me :L
  • how do u replay missions?
  • Used #17 suggestion... worked first time =)
  • #17 Thanks it took me a few guys to get it but it worked fine you saved me alot of thime thanks mate. :)
  • confirmed #17. this worked easiest for me. the turret also. right before you enter the main section of the well set a turret right above the steps, go out and draw out the enemies and run back towards your turret. i got it my first try. hope it helps.
  • #13 has a good point
  • @ 24. yes. three kills with a mind controlled guy, achievement for three kills with an rc car. okay. but not the one for three kills with a mind controlled guy. wtf.
  • This as the very last achievement I got, I ended up getting it in the shrouded clan base on the first mission with the rc car, after you get the plans and go into the room where you over-look a bunch of the bandits, I boosted one down the stairs and into the middle of a bunch of them.
  • @ 16. Yes it did. It also had a toy heli-bomb. That game had an awesome multiplayer
  • The first game I can think of with rc bomb cars was GTA III - I hope these are as fun as those ones were.
  • WELL looking forward to this one! Might be a worthy replacement for my 'Favourite Achievement' on my profile. Although, the one I have down currently is pretty sweet...'Dastardly' for anyone who's played Red Dead ;D
  • @33, saw here. I would g to te van just to try and blow up more Diablo (or whatever that gang's name was) cars. Would do It over and over- one of the most fun diversions in GTA III.
  • Damn crappy iPad key board". Same here, not saw
  • This stupid achievement has glitched out for me any ideas on how to get it legit?
  • #37, How did it glitch? Worked fine for me. Legit way to do it and probably the easiest way to do it would be right at the beginning of the ''Dead City'' mission. As soon as you enter, you should hear a mutant/s. Once you move up a bit the ground from above will fall some what and the mutant will turn around and spot you. Once that happens 3 or so more mutants come along and they all run after you, making this easy... Get a little distance real quick, take out an RC Car, detonate. Simple as that.
  • This achievement reminds me of blowing up an obscene amount of chineese Triads in Liberty City Stories. Good times.

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