Keep 'Em Coming Achievement

  • Keep 'Em Coming



    Get 5 kills with one deployed Sentry Turret


    The mutant attack in the terminal in the "Gaining Influence" mission presents the perfect opportunity to unlock this achievement. Simply deploy a Sentry Turret and let it take out at least 5 enemies on its own. If the Sentry Turret is knocked down or destroyed before killing 5 mutants, you must deploy another one, at which point the count starts over. Stand guard and prevent the Sentry Turret from getting knocked down to reach the goal. Another good place to get this is during the Mutant Bash TV show (thanks to fastNcurious for this info).

  • Sorta reminds me of the TF2 achievement "Turret". Posted this on "Passive Aggressive" by mistake.
  • 30G?
  • Same one for the spider bot, go to Mutant Bash TV and put one down at the start of the first round.
  • or go into the sewers. you'll get mobbbed. just place it and BAM
  • i tried in the sewers and the mutants atacked the turret
  • I got both the sentry gun and spider bot achievements in the sewer in about 2 minutes. They just swarm you. Start on the top level and place the sentry. After you get that one reclaim it parts and put down the spider bot and start walking down the stairs and up the stairs you see mutants come down. Takes very little time. This was the sewr between the Ark and the Hagar settlement.
  • Trying it while doing the Blue Line mission in Subway Town also is an easy place to get it.
  • The distillery while waiting for jugs to fill is a good spot.
  • the sentry bot and turret are simple, just set them up in a corner in the first room on MB TV
  • yea #9 Trojar is right, that was the easiest way I saw. Helps with Mechanocide Achievement (50g, Kill 100 Enemies with Sentry Bots, Sentry Turrets, or RC Bomb Cars).
  • I had trouble getting this achievement with the standard turret. The mutants kept on attacking the turret and breaking it before it had killed 5 of em. I managed to get the achievement after I had upgraded to an advanced turret though, they're much sturdier so harder for enemies to break em.
  • put the turret close to the enterance of a sewer that way it has enough space to shoot the mutants before they can destroy it
  • Yeh put it in a corner on the first round of Muntant Bash TV and make sure it dosent get knocked over.
  • Cheers for the tip #13, I'll be sure to use your advice when trying to get this achievement.
  • I just did this during the mission in the distillery.

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