Mechanocide Achievement

  • Mechanocide



    Kill 100 Enemies with Sentry Bots, Sentry Turrets, or RC Bomb Cars


    Like killing things with your devastating creations? Then this achievement is for you, as it requires you to get 100 kills with Sentry Bots, Sentry Turrets and/or RC Bomb Cars. Kills with advanced bots and turrets also count towards this achievement.

  • Anyone know if this is in one play through? Or just total?
  • I just geussing its total,all i can think off is just using the sentry bots and turrets alot same goes for RC bomb cars. i think the arena is a good way to get kills this way.
  • ya i was thinking the same. just played through the arena. wish i had a couple of each bot and turrets. loads of kills to get
  • I figured out that if you get 20 advanced turrets(you really only need 10, then reuse the parts you pick up from your busted turrets) you can do the Mutant Bash Arena (40-50 kills by the end of the 4 rounds) 3-4 times and get this easy. Just put a turret in a corner facing the opposite corner, after that start the match, then just run around and let your turrets do the work. If you want some quick cash or your going for the Bringin' Home the Bacon achievement you can do a one hit kill on a mutant per round for a 100% accuracy bonus.
  • this glitched 4 me i only had 2 get 87 kills rly ez
  • I made like 40 sentry bots, took those cute lil things to mutant smash tv, let em rip one at a time, and racked up the 100 kills in less than 3 episodes.
  • The sentry bots definitely make it easy. If you use them on Mutant Smash TV and then on the Blue Line mission once you get to Subway Town you can kill a ton of mutants easy to get this.
  • I got this one today, it counts over all game modes including wasteland legends, which explains why people get them with less than 100 on their stats
  • Mutant Bash tv helps, just keep replaying it with turrets.
  • This can easily be done by replaying a save over and over until it pops. =]
  • Advanced Sentry Bots are probably the most helpful thing in this game, especially on Nightmare mode. I got this achievement on Blue Line Station at 0 kill count. Threw down my lil' bro and let it do most of the work for me. One bot lasted me through the entire level, even aiding in the destruction of the two Krakens at the end. The achievement popped about 8/10ths through. Oh Krakens, you struggle in vain.
  • this is mad - i have "equipment kills" way over 100, used nothing but sentry guns for mutant bash about 10 times, still not got this achievement!!
  • :|
  • Sentry Bots All Day!
  • I'd like to thank (sarcasm) the guide writer for providing us with absolutely no insight into this achievement. He/she just reworded the achievement description.

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