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    Kill an Authority Enforcer during Jetpack descent

    Easy to unlock during the "Liberate Captain Marshall" mission. While manning the turret, try to kill one of the enforcers as he descends using his jetpacks.The easiest way to do this is to hit them in mid-air with any hitscan weapon. The enforcers hover a few meters over the ground before eventually dropping down. Take this opportunity to blow an enforcer out of the sky. If you missed it in "Liberate Captain Marshall", you can try again during the "Assault the Authority Bridge" mission.

  • For all you out there curious about how easy it is to get? Wait till the second last mission to kill them, just pull out the pop rockets or rocket launcher, problem solved...
  • thank you
  • I made a video on how to get this
  • I got this on the mission to save the resistance leader.pop rockets = brutal win
  • Can be done during mission "liberate cpt. marshall" in authorty prison. there is a room where 2 authority enforcer will descend with jetpacks. just use your rocket launcher ;-)
  • got this one on the prison break mission. theres a part where you gotta protect captain marshall while he does some bomb setting, a drop ship appears over the courtyard where you are. all you gotta do is use the mounted machine gun and you get 6 chances for the achievement because thats how many troopers drop from the ship.
  • 2 easy places i found to get this were after you obtain the research data from Dead City, you go through an Authority barrier and then three jet packers come down from a hole in the roof after a small exlposion. Just whack out the Authorit MG and spray, they go down pretty fast. Another one is on the sniper Job Board mission in WellSpring, when the sheriff is doing a deal with the Authority, a drop ship will hover for a couple of seconds before ejecting two jetpacckers, just position you sniper reticule just under the ship and wait for the Jetpacker to drop down into you sights
  • last wasteland mission on disk 3 is easy for this
  • when you help cpt marshall to escape have an rc bomb ready below them BOOOOM easy as that done it first time
  • This I found rather easy, Just sprayed their jetpacks with the turret in the saving Mashall mission in the courtyard.
  • lol, I got this while shooting at another enemy and accidently hitting a jetpacker
  • Before you even get to that turret part there's an easier opportunity to get it in a smaller courtyard after going through an orange door. Save first, so if you miss, or if don't get it you can reload. Once you advance a bit into the courtyard two jetpackers will drop down. Pull out Rocket Launcher before advancing. Kabooooooom!
  • or if you don't-
  • I unlocked this on the 1st jetpacker I saw. Boo-yah!
  • RC Car gets them from the dropship. Thanks Snivels.
  • Was struggling with this on UN difficulty till I tried saving, set it to easy, kill, ding, load :)
  • As stated above, just to make this clear : the achievement is glitched on the Ultra Nightmare difficulty. Either leave one save after you've done with the UN playthrough and come back to it later, switching to anything below UN difficulty, or take a risk and switch to easier difficulty on the spot, get the achievement and reload your last UN save, hoping that the game won't lock you out of difficulty-related achievements.

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