Silent But Deadly Achievement

  • Silent But Deadly



    Stealth kill 10 Enemies with the Striker Crossbow


    One of the coolest weapons in the game obviously needed its own achievement! The best mission to unlock this one is during the "Hijacked Well" mission (which also nets you an achievement). Not much skills to it, just aim, shoot and kill 10 enemies unaware of your presence to get this achievement. You can get this in co-op mode as well. THIS ACHIEVEMENT IS ACCUMULATIVE!

  • If you really want to be dirty, get about 20 or so rounds and go to the Ark Sewers, doesn't matter if you beat it already there will be enemies. At the beginning you can pick off a mutant and then turn around and use the ladder to rinse and repeat.
  • ive snuck up on so many enemies and shot them in the head and i only have one stealth
  • where is the arc sewer?
  • Kills carry over even if you die without saving... I got this with only 4 stealth kills recorded in my statistics menu. I died at 9 kills so I was pretty pissed, but the first guy I got after I started again popped the achievement. I did it during the "Destroy the Bomb Caches" mission, there are plenty of opportunities to kill bandits stealthily as you progress through the Shrouded Bunker- just take your time to survey the rooms with multiple enemies and work out which ones to kill first. For it to count as a stealth kill you need to drop them with one shot and without alerting any nearby enemies, so make sure no-one is looking in the direction of your target before you make the kill.
  • To confirm: These are tracked internally by the console for achievements. If you want, you can stealth kill, reload your save and repeat until 10 are done. (In game stats are NOT the true counter.)
  • I can also confirm #4 and #5. I simply saved my game while hidden and aiming at an enemy. Nine loads later I had the achievement.

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