Hat Trick Achievement

  • Hat Trick



    Kill at least 3 Enemies with a single Mind Controlled Enemy

    This achievement is awarded for killing at least 3 enemies by detonating a single Mind Control Bolt-affected victim. For best result, fire a Mind Control Bolt into a tight cluster of enemies and detonate the victim before his buddies can run away. You can get this in co-op mode as well.

  • this reminds me of munches odyssey.
  • I found that the easiest way to do this is when your rescuing captain marshall from the authorities. when you get to his cell there will be mutants you have to release. after you release them they will gang up on the authorities on the lower level. shoot the dart at an enemy that is surrounded and blow em up... theres your achievement =)
  • first mission in subwaytown, first disc 2 mission where you clear out mutants in the subway line there is a section where you get rushed by waves of mutants, one part theres 5 mutants with you in a small area, and i got this achievement on the first try. used this same part to get the rc car bomb achievement too. mission is called: mutant expansion
  • This worked best for me right after I got the TNT bundle. just hit the first mutant that comes through the gate and wait for a few more to show up.
  • Mutant.. Bash.. TV.
  • #2 worked like a charm.
  • for sure #2 is the easiest what i did was i saved right before i let the mutants loose. So if worse comes to worse reload your save!
  • I did this at the prison. The 2nd wave of fliers from the jup ship lands in 3. I hit the back guy, walked a few steps and boom
  • how do u get more ghost toxin to make the mind control bolts already used mine
  • This is really easy to get in the Distillery mission you get in Subway Town. Go through the area, activate the distillery and tons of weak muties will show up. Just let them gang up on you and shoot one with a Mind-Control Dart and blow them all up.
  • @#9 You can buy it in Jani's Supplies in Subway Town.
  • I like to do it on the Authority Bridge where there's like five Mutants coming after you when inside the car. I simply wait till at least five to huddle around then blast the arrows and blow 'em. Another great trick if you're almost at the end of the game or if don't do it earlier on Mutant Bash. Plus, it works with ' Three Birds, One Bomb Car'.
  • also the one you are controlling counts so you only need three enemies total and not 4
  • #3 seems like the best way to do this, lucky I still have a save file from then so I can go back and redo the mission :P
  • Don't forget to change the difficulty to "EASY".
  • Is anyone else having a problem with this glitching? I must have done this a dozen times killing the controlled, and two other mutants with nothing happening.
  • I'm having trouble with this. I'm pretty sure I'm getting at least 4 kills but no achievement. Is it glitched or what? Any idea?
  • @#16 and 17 : the reason it's not working for you is you need to hit A to detonate, you can't let them be killed by other mutants/soldiers i.e. they must be under your control when they explode. just took me around a dozen rounds of Mutant Bash TV to figure this out :P
  • I've done this 8 times at the authority door where like you go against 10 mutants, blew them all up with a mind controlled bolt and myself three times then 5 times without me dieing AND STILL not getting this achievment!!!
  • @18 I'm detnoating it with A I'm literally standing 3 feet back from the other mutants then hit A but I've just figured it out, apparently just letting the one you're mind controlling to just auto blow (where he blows up in 10 seconds without being hit or detonating him on purpose) gets you the achievment. Hope this helps future achievment hunters.

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