Decapathon Achievement

  • Decapathon



    Get 10 Headshot kills with the Wingstick


    The "Feltrite Sample" mission is the perfect opportinity to unlock this achievement. Using Wingsticks, simply score ten headshot kills. For best result, target enemies at long-to-intermediate range to lop off their heads. You can get this in co-op mode as well. THIS ACHIEVEMENT IS ACCUMULATIVE!

  • This one should be easy...and fun!:D
  • i always love it when they put achievements like this.
  • this game is going to be a fun game and easy achievements,..... i hope
  • Easily done by throwing them at the orc things. (first enemies you encounter, but you don't get the Wingstick till a little bit in)
  • Wingsticks are probably the funnest weapon in the game. This achievement is easy to do all you have to do if use the wingstick and it takes care of itself.
  • only fun i had so far in game :
  • Don't know if anyone else has had this problem but my game doesn't register half my headshots, almost every wingstick I throw chops off their heads and it still doesn't count some of them
  • As an added note, this unlocked when my counter was at 8, wtf? This game must be glitchy
  • @8 yeah that happened for me to
  • I'm guess Decapathon = beheading, sure i've counted more heads rolling around, but when I've checked in the Statistics it only shows 6, strange. Wingstick is a lethal weapon & I use it alot nice easy kills. Anybody come across a map yet??
  • @8 i sorta got that as well, i was on 7, got a headshot and the counter jumped to 10 and the achievement popped
  • I think I figured out what keeps the headshots from counting. You have to catch the wingstick afterwards. I can't comfirm it yet (can some people test it too).

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