Open Minded Achievement

  • Open Minded



    Get 10 Headshot kills with the Sniper Rifle


    During the "Destroy the Barricade" mission, take careful aim with Dan's Sniper Rifle to score headshots. If you manage to score 10 headshots this achievement is yours. Don't worry if you don't get it during this mission, there are plenty of opportunities to score some more later in the story. You can get this in co-op mode as well. THIS ACHIEVEMENT IS ACCUMULATIVE!

  • Easy enough, do the protection detail from the bulletin board in the town. Use the sniper to protect them as they fix the pipes, easy kills.
  • I just looked at my sniper totals and it said 7, shot one guy in the head. Achievement popped. I see this also happened for some people on the Wingstick headshot achievement.
  • This should be a breeze given how much fun sniper shots can be in these games! "Deee, de, de, de, deee..I'll just walk over here on this gantry...doing my sentry job like a good little sentry and...wait...what's that glinting over ther-*" BOOM!!! Hahaha!!

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