Gotta Have 'Em All Achievement

  • Gotta Have 'Em All



    Collect all Playing Cards on one play-through


    This is possible to unlock during the "Assault on Authority Bridge" mission, as you can snap up the final Playing Card of the game on the bridge behind some boxes.

    Tyger7 has done a great guide for this. Click here!

  • Aha :D Pokemon Reference for the Win :3
  • Gotta Catch 'em all is from Pokemon not Gotta Have 'Em all
  • It can still be a reference to Pokemon without the exact phrase. Putting the exact phrase would most likely bring some copyright issues, so they changed one word. For the record I thought Pokemon the second I read the title.
  • yup... definitely a pokemon reference... it would be even sweeter if there was 151 cards, but from the image there is probably only 54
  • @4: I don't think it'd be sweeter. Collect-a-thons suck! But it would make more sense of the reference already referred to. lol The 'Master Chef' achievement in the game is another obvious reference this time with just a letter pulled for copyrighting purposes.
  • Sounds better with "catch" but can't because its a pokemon reference.
  • but if its one play through then you probs cant carry on after the end
  • I'm sooo lookin' forward to playin' this game! But as #5 already said: collecting items can be very time-consuming!
  • the worst thing is when you miss it by one... will be getting the guide for this one by the looks of things!
  • God I fucking hate collectable Achievements, all they do is distract me from the experience because I have to keep looking back and forth at a guide. Ugh.
  • It's achievements like this that make me glad that I always search everything and everywhere in the environment.
  • Im fucking sick of these collect all the bullshit achievements, cant they think of something original for once, they don't even add to the game, Assassins Creed for example, collect 100 feathers of flags, WHY? it adds nothing to the game or story. Even though i cry about it I'll still collect em all and still be buying this game on release.
  • These cards are missable. Make sure you grab them the first chance you get -- some areas close later in the game.
  • to #5 master chef is a reference to the t.v. show master chef with gordon ramsay
  • @#12 It's probably because the developers spend years designing a huge, unique world for you to explore, and they thought it'd be nice if you, you know, actually saw a few things. If you don't want to run around collecting for the achievies....don't. Having 800/1000 GS won't kill you. But the aneurysm you'll eventually have over collectibles seems like it will.
  • Any guides out there yet for these? thanks if there are
  • asked before i looked at IGN woot thanks ign
  • i hate that i had to read an argument about pokemon references before F for Ferocity finally added something useful to the i thank you for that mr ferocity haha
  • i got all the ones in the prison EXCEPT the drop ship! grrrrr guess i wont get this achievement
  • @ #12, The cards do actually add something to the game you twat... Its called the mini game involving cards, WHO KNEW!? In any case it can also be lead to another achievement which is the one for beating Teague's hardest deck.
  • @ferocity hilarious
  • Oh my god. I hate this. Im mising one card and the area is blocked now. I have to go through the whole game just for one card.
  • Use my Video to collect all on your first run ;)
  • im missing one card does anybody know where it is its not on the ign guides
  • or is there one in capital prime
  • i found it it was the enforcer
  • So are there cards that are missable like the Medicine Bobblehead from Fallout 3?
  • Yeah, but on a single play through? Ouch!
  • I'm sure you can wait till you've unlocked a few things like the RC Bot because i was following the guide making sure i got everything (including the Fallout 3 bobble head on the mayors desk and the secret doom room with 8-bit trophy inside) but i came to a part where i had to use a RC bot on a level to unlock a door, i would have left it if there was just bottles but in the guide it says theres a card in there so i guess you can just wander to previous places and get them later in the game
  • Is there anyway of getting back into the authority prison after you have completed the mission. I forgot to grab one CC and now I cant get back in. Its kind of dumb they don't allow you to go back.
  • I need advice. I have every card up to the dead city second play through MINUS The Large Mutant Card and Kraken. I've gotten every other card up till this point. 1) The card does not seem to spawn on the toolbox. 2) Is the kraken card obtainable? 3) Can I still get the Obsessive Compulsive Achievement?
  • @31 I remember the kraken card coming from Dead City. There is a part where a kraken breaks out of a wall and if you go inside the area he spawned from, the inside looks like blood and guts from floor to ceiling. the card was there on like the second play through i believe. don't remember seeing it the first time he spawned but i did see it when i was passing through on the way out.
  • this is a stupid achievement. I hate collectable achievements especially ones where "you got to get it now or your screwed" now i got to get this and the fucking 100% achievement on nightmare difficulty.
  • @FreshSince92, dude i know. i looked for them through the game naturally and when i finished the game and tried to go back and pick up the 4!!!! that i missed i found that the places i needed to go were either blocked off or closed. this is retarded. now i have to do all the collecting on nightmare as well instead of an easier setting -.-
  • ********************************!! Really? REALLY?! One card... that Large Mutant Card was my demise... For those who haven't been in Dead City yet for second time, BE WARNED! There's a path the RC car must use to blow open a door where this card is. Here's a full video of all card locations (in German, so just watch the images)
  • Here is the tread that i used for this whole scavanger hunt of cards hope it helps you like it did me
  • Anyone know if this site is just a scam or actually works? Ppl have been posting in other places.
  • Although I collected most of the cards as I went through the campaign, I had planned on getting all the ones I missed after I nearly finished the game. But when I went back to some of the locations, the Authority had closed some of the areas off, so I couldn't get this achievement! Bastards! I'm now on my 2nd play through, and will make sure I don't miss any this time.
  • i am pretty sure you have to get the ones in authority prison right away, i think that is the only place you can't return to
  • oh, and also do the races in wellspring, after you go to the second disc apparently you cant go back and do them
  • You can't return to the Outrigger outpost if you managed to miss the one there. I looked all over this place and managed to miss it. I went back to get it and the gate is closed. Not sure when it actually became closed, but I had just finished the Well mission in Wellspring. Grrrrr... so friggin' angry.
  • Got the same problem.... :(
  • @35 same thing here, i got the guide book and it says u can get it the second time going through, but i tried and it wasn't there at all and the door was already open. Now i have to go through the whole damn thing again!!!!!
  • Hoq many are on the 1st disc?
  • You can go back to get the Janus card in the outrigger post with a glitch. I just did it, it works.
  • Most of us will need a guide for this one... Good thing I found one: It has all of the card locations on video and in pictures. Good luck on getting the achievements.
  • use this guide, its perfect for getting 100%... all cards, recipes and jumps in order!!!
  • Anybody got a good collectable guide ?
  • @41, same here. Missed one card in outrigger post and it closed really early in the game. It's BS that you can't reenter certain areas so soon in the game.
  • Not sure it they patched it or what, but I had missible cards show up in Coffer's shop (for $1000 each). I knew I'd missed the Janus card (I hadn't realized the area would close), but I still looked around for the others. After doing the mission where you get Marshall out, the cards were in the shop.
  • @50, Your amazing. He does have the missible cards! They must have patched it when the new dlc came out. Spread the word!

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