Master Chef Achievement

  • Master Chef



    Collect all Recipes and Schematics in one play-through

    You can unlock this achievement by collecting all Recipes and Schematics in the game. The achievement will unlock during the "Assault the Authority Bridge" mission. If it does not unlock, consider purchasing any remaining Schematics from Halek, Coffer, or Jani. Also, don't forget the recipes earned by completing jobs. You earn recipes from Janus Outrigger, Ramos Outrigger, and Richard (in the Second Chance Bar). This achievement is missable, so be sure to check out Tyger7's guide below to save yourself from much frustration!

    Tyger7 has done a great guide for this. Click here!

  • Halo reference
  • Umm... No! Its a reference to the show MASTER CHEF. Dumbass.
  • Definitely NOT a Halo reference, "Master Chef" is a phrase that was coined long before Halo: Combat Evolved. There's a challenge in Black Ops with the same name for killing people with cooked grenades.
  • Are they Gordon Ramsey recipes?
  • @4 yes, beheaded interns are the main ingredient.
  • thanks for all the solid info. /sarcasm off
  • Are any of these missable?
  • I can't find the recipe for risotto. Any help? Now that's a Gordon Ramsay reference!
  • im guessing this won't be too hard, I'm going through it and granted I'm not that far into it but you can purchase them at points in the game and you get given them by random people in the game so this should come with a simple play through if you like to explore and do side missions and such
  • Yes they are misable!! I never purchased the sentry bot schematic an now its the last one i need an it will not let me purchase it!!
  • i have the same as xPEPSI it will not let me purchase it
  • same for me, wont let me purchase one of them because my current schematic is better im guessing, bit stupid really
  • Not dumb at all... When you get an advance schematic, it also replaces all your "drones, turrets, etc" with the new product. It's simple coding issues that caused your problems. And yes, ONE can be missed. EMP grenade schematic is in the Authority Prison (I believe, otherwise it's Dead City Reverse)
  • #10 same thing happened to me!!! I was so pissed
  • @15, I think you're spelling is a little unbelievable as well. Yes it was dumb for them to say it because Halo is Master Chief, not chef, he doesn't cook anything, but your calling people fags when you also signed up for an xbox achievements website which means your probably just as dedicated as they are.. and you took the time to try and make fun of them.. who's the real fag in this situation.
  • but other then that. Does anyone know if they fixed that problem with purchasing the last one?
  • damn it! i missed the stupid adrenaline one because i advanced to far..............
  • @17 No it seems like you still can't. I got 18/19 of them and looked everywhere. And then like my last playthrough, there was the original Sentry Bot schematic back on the first disc in that shop in Wellspring. Didn't let me buy it though, I'm assuming for the same reason that #12 couldn't. What's weird though is that I knew I bought it beforehand sometime before the 2nd disc. Probably, and sadly, a glitch.
  • There are several miss able recipes and schematics, such as the Advanced RC Car, which is earned after completing a mission on the Job Board in Wellspring, and the Adrenaline Overdrive recipe, which is earned after doing the quest Mutant Alert. Unfortunately it was too late for me and I have to do another play thru to get this achievement. I just found this page on games blogger that has all of the schematics and recipes, ENJOY. LINK:
  • Had the same problem with one left and it not letting me purchase it from the store. If I do another play-through, I'll go for it.
  • use this guide, its perfect for getting 100%... all cards, recipes and jumps in order!!!
  • Aw crap! Missed Apophis Infusion and got everything else! Goddam missable collectibles. I take it there is o way to get back to wellspring once you move on to disc 2?
  • I stand corrected, you can go back to Wellspring after a point on the 2nd disc...was able to go back and get the Apophis Infusion recipe and get this cheevo! ;-)

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