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    Beat Teague's hardest Deck

    This is like a futuristic version of Magic the Gathering, called Rage Frenzy, so if you've ever played MTG you're in for a simple task here. To unlock this achievement you must first create a decent deck for yourself, and then challenge Teague (located in Fez Bar in Subway Town) for a match on the hardest difficulty (not necessarily your in-game difficulty, just this mini-game). You will get all the rules when you play the game for the first time, so I'll not waste space on that here, and rather give you some tips on what to do before you start playing against Teague:

    • Include at least 1 vehicle in your deck to distract the opponent's ranged cards.
    • The Giant Mutant is an expensive card, but he's well worth the cost.
    • Since you can only have 4 cards in play at once it's generally better to have a deck comprised of fewer, more expensive cards.
    • Maximize the value of booster cards by building a deck of cards from the same faction, such as mutants with JK Stiles.
    • Be sure to find all cards in the Well and Authority Prison before you leave because you can't go back.
  • Shooting things is nice but real men gamble
  • Cards minigame... :O?
  • This game is addicting, but it sucks when you got stomped. I cannot wait till I can have a full decent deck to beat him with. Currently Easy is the only way to go. Played medium once and it wasnt even a close match.
  • the dude in wellspring is really easy.. even on hard. dunno where teague is tho...
  • Yea, beat the wellsprings guy pretty easily
  • Teague is in the bar in Subway Town, on disc 2.
  • beat her first try. its not that hard
  • pretty easy if you have the giant mutant card and jk stiles or the combination of the mayor, sheriff, and captain marshall
  • I only managed to beat this mini game once on easy. But it may be because I only have half the cards. Though it's also because opponents cards seem to always manage doing max damage while my cards only do 1 or 2 even if they can do 4 or more. complete bull.
  • #9 that's because the card you attacked was shielded. cards are shielded automatically when they are drawn, vehicles are always shielded cuz they can't attack, and if there's a melee card out that card attack they just shield it
  • Lol did it on the first try, she is inside the bar in Subway town.
  • If you find all 6cards in the authority prison and use them with the enforcer cards you'll storm this with no problems.
  • What are the best cards to use?
  • this was pretty easy for me once i had a few strong cards ;) the mutant that costs 50 pts really helped and so did the bombs that damage all cards. i also used the sentry turret. ;)
  • what are the best cards to use on this one
  • @15: Just use the most damaging and highest health (in my experience). I beat her on my first try. So long as you have all the cards from disc 1, this is a joke of a time.. there is some luck to how they get drawn..
  • Do you know if you have to beat both teagues decks or not to get the achievements or just one? cuz i beat the wellspring one and it didnt unlock
  • not too difficult with the large mutant card.. a vehicle and some cards that give bonus to mutants.. took me 3 tries on hard
  • For once a fun mini game.
  • I'd be interested to see what difficulty people were playing on, I'm playing nightmare, have played a fair few hundred games, won thousands but still no 4 targets on the first role. So those who have it, what difficulty setting are you playing rage on?
  • Thanks Tolon Rex, That is what I did plus some turrets and the 2 stun mutants and I beat her in 2 tries. And I beat her bad. I was playing on Hard mode not insane. But I try to get most achievements on the first play through.
  • to #17 Natedog14... teague is only on disc 2, so she only has one deck! There is a guy in wellsprings, different person!
  • This is the funnest minigame out of them all, and can be exploited to earn BIG bucks... provided you're card collecting in the same playthrough. Reminds me of Yu-Gi-Oh. >collect Mutant and Authority cards >brutally rape Teague with aforementioned deck Enjoy your achievement.
  • is it just me that get the pun? "hardest d_ck"
  • won't let me play against her, really annoying.
  • Super duper easy, As soon as your prompted to put in the second disc, see the mayor, then go to the bar, challenege her, you should have like 23ish cards, aslong as you have the giant mutant, Jk styles and a few good cards its a cake walk, did this first try and only lost like 4 of my cards..
  • I wouldn't have minded more achievements concerning this game; it's actually addictive and fun. A lot more so if you're following a guide to collect all the cards :)
  • used all big mutants card and... total losed. stupID game.
  • easy as hell achievement got it on my first attempt ;)
  • Got it on my first try. I used HE Grenades, Shrouded Minigun, Enforcer, Kraken, Valder, Giant Mutant, EMP, Cap Marshall, RC Bomb Car, Authority Mutant, Portman, Dyno-Mutant and Shrouded Heavy. Hope that helps
  • I used what PeteNutz (comment #30) and got it pretty easily. Could only use 12 cards (listed 13) so I chose Portman over the dyno-mutant and had no issue
  • Used PeteNutz's deck and got the cheevo first try
  • It's down to a bit of chance aswell..i watched my friend win with a really bad deck..
  • easy!!!! beat her with a mutie deck lol
  • Make sure you have the drop ship and you will almost always win.
  • I got lucky and won this on my first try. I think I used a combination of Gearhead, Shrouded and Authority cards.

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