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    Complete the final round of Strum

    Do you know how to do "Through Fire and Flames" on Expert Difficulty in Guitar Hero 3? Then this will be a piece of cake for you. For the rest of us, it might take a couple of tries to unlock this. In Strum you play a banjo, and to advance you have to repeat the notes the banjo plays. There are four strings on the instrument, where each string represents one of the four main Xbox 360 buttons.

    Pro tip: Each button represent a unique tone, so if you manage to put a tone to each button, you will have a much easier task at hands.

  • I hear banjoes...
  • Sounds fun! I hope it's Banjos you play (maybe even have a Banjo-Kazooie reference somewhere near where you play the 'Strum' game. haha)!
  • ^If only... if only...
  • anyone know where you play this? i haven't found it yet
  • Strum is located start of disc 2 in subway town on top floor.. paper and pen will help alot with this due to its a memory game
  • @4 It is located upstairs in the subway (start of disc 2) the kid shirtless playing the banjo.
  • Sorry double post but what I personally found easy is....A for A , B for B and so on just type them as he plays them...He does them in sets of plays 3, then you repeat them, he plays those 3 again and adds three, then you play and so on, but if i remember right he only adds 1 the last round. (don't know how many it was though)
  • i grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and just wrote down tha last three buttons every time
  • As lilbitz123, this one is easy. Grab a piece of paper, write down the first 6 from round 1. Then for round 2, count to 6 and write down the next 3. Then repeat for the next 3 rounds. The last round is 18 notes.
  • I did the same and wrote down the three notes every round. The only time it gets a little hectic is in the final round, but just try to remember what the last three notes were from the previous round so you know where to remember to write down from.
  • can i only be found in subway?
  • @11 Looks like its only in the Subway, at least theres nowhere else sooner than that
  • I just did this and it was aby every round... Guess I got lucky!
  • the movie Deliverance (1972) has a "dueling banjos" scene. Doesn't seem to have been brought up yet...
  • Writing things down works, but I used my *insert smartphone name here* to record a video then I didn't have to worry about missing anything. Just watched it a couple times to get the pattern then pressed the buttons in time with the video. Just another idea...
  • need some help finding this guy, looked everywhere throughout the subway town can someone give me directions from say the mayors place or the shop ? also i have the enforcer's in town, will that effect the minigame ?
  • @15 - Superb idea!
  • I want to smack that smug snicker off of his face when you screw up, the guy with the banjo makes fun of you. I will record this with my cell phone and try. Hope to get this soon. I am on my 2nd play getting other achievements. It can't be as hard as flesh wound!!!
  • Easy as pie. Thanks for the tip of writing it down. Only had to try it once. If only the five finger game was as easy.
  • #15 I like the way you think. It may be cheating, but these lame mini-game cheevs can suck it. Well, except for the card game. That one is fun.
  • Before the last mission when subway town is full of authority soldiers banjo guy dissapears.
  • easy as hell got it on my first attempt :)
  • btw didnt have to write it down ;)
  • Every round I typed the new keys on word and got it on second try
  • I got such an easy set: X X X~X B A~X X X~X B A~X Y A~A B A
  • i swear this is impossible without a pen and paper! unless you've got a photographic memory :l
  • I would die of amazement if someone did this without writing the stuff down
  • This achievement is really simple. The way I did it is by video recording the tv screen before every round and looking at which string and button vibrated or moved.
  • Reminds me of that mini-game in Ocarina of Time in the Lost Woods.
  • I must be retarded because even writing this down is impossible. I tried thinking of some graphs I could use but really cant think of a way to be able to properly mark a checkmark near XYAB without losing pace having to look on screen plus where im writng. The only thing I could even attempt is writing down XYBA without looking at the paper and even then by just the THIRD ONE it goes so fast I cant properly write it down without screwing up. These mini games are BS....I thought the knife was was a joke but this one is seems to be a million times harder. It would be one thing if this was even remotely entertaining like the cards but its not. It also doesnt help that the "flash" of the button push is so slight...that when it goes into faster pace its extremely easy to miss one while staring
  • Okay as usual with things this hard there is something no one seemed to mention which makes this otherwise impossible challenge pathetically easy. Its an old game and I doubt many will see this but this will make it SIMPLE for anyone having trouble. No one ever told me that each round simply repeats the EXACT notes from before with 3 new ones. If round 1 is XXX then round two could be XXX YYY. Then if round is XXX YYY then round 3 will be XXX YYY BBB and so on. Simply write down the first 3 notes...then add the new 3 each round. This seemingly impossible achievement is the easiest in the game....Each round is simply all the previous rounds combined with 3 new notes.
  • ummmm #31 read the other posts people did mention the correct methods and that it just adds new notes to the existing rhythm lol definetly go with #15's suggestion take a 10 second vid with smartphone right down the notes and your done.

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