Minigamer Achievement

  • Minigamer



    Win all Minigames

    To earn this achievement you must play and win all the mini-games in the game. This requires you to win a game of the following:

    • Tombstones
    • 1 round of Five Finger Filet
    • 1 round of Strum
    • Rage Frenzy

    Note: You also need to complete the Wingtip Mastery mission in Dan Hagar's settlement (First settlement you arrive in) to get this achievement.


  • This description is iffy... could be win one of each type of minigame, or win every single one in the game (which means certain characters have a minigame option).
  • Yeah I am not sure for this one either but it must mean win one round of each mini-game not sure if that includes the slot like part of MBTV.
  • I just did all 3 difficulties of the card game with Teague, won all the rounds of strum, won a round of tombstones, and still didn't get it. Hope that helps.
  • @3 what about 5 finger filet in the bar?
  • There has to be a bug to this I won the highest amount in every mini game =/ and then people who havnt even reached round 5 on filet have the achievement...
  • NO BUG as everyone else said....You have to win Tombstones/Cards.....You have to win atleast 5$ and back out in Filet and Strum. Here is the secret in the starting city Hagar? there is the girl with the boomerang weapon. She gives you a mini game to play and that was the 130/130th point for me and also my last achievement for RAGE have fun playing the game guys!!!!
  • I got it and beat all the minigames. 5 finger was the hardest
  • filet its the hardest
  • do you have to beat them all in one play through, or do they accumulate over several play throughs?
  • You need to win money in five finger fillet, not necessarily win the final round. For 5FFillet just win a couple of rounds and then take your winnings rather than progressing to the next round. I took my winnings after finishing round 4 and popped both the 'Obsessive Compulsive' and the 'Minigamer' achievements (75 + 15). I'm still missing the 'Just a Flesh Wound' achievement (15) and may never get it.
  • @#9 You don't have to do them all in one playthrouh. I didn't do strum on my first playthrough and did it on my second playthrough and the achievement popped. Don't forget to do the wingstick mini gmae in the Hagar settlement.
  • imho very easy, expect for the 5 finger filet. But thats just me, I'm to slow for that... ;)

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