Rage Cup Achievement

  • Rage Cup



    Win all Races in the Campaign

    There are a total of 26 races in the game, spread out among 5 separate circuits in Wellspring and Subway Town. Start by tackling the races in the Beginner's Luck circuit to earn enough racing certificates to upgrade your Dune Buster and unlock the next circuit. When you reach the final circuit you should have enough cash to of upgraded every boost and engine upgrade for the Dune Buster, so focus on the Cuprino from here to help you in your Campaign playthrough.

    The races you have to win are:


    • Beginner's Luck: Time Trial, Non-Combat Race, Minigun Race, Rocket Race
    • Speed & Thrills: Time Trial, Rocket Rally, Non-Combat Race, 2x Rocket Race
    • Murder & Mayhem: Time Trial, 2x Rocket Race, 3x Rocket Rally


    • Crash & Burn: Time Trial, Non-Combat Race, 2x Rocket Rally, 2x Rocket Race
    • Road Rage: 3x Rocket Rally, Rocket Race, Pulse Rally
  • Hopefully this won't be too hard...
  • Time Trial, Races, and Rocket Races are easy and really fun. Then there's the Rally Races. They will take a few to a fuckload of tries. The key is remembering the pattern in which the points spawn. I think I have just one more race, the Falcetrite (or whatever the fuck it is) Crater Rally Race, for the achievement. Going on more than a dozen tries for this one.
  • Don't forget, you also have the delivery service for Stanley that you have to do (under the stairs on the way up to the Sheriff's place.)
  • Did Wellspring, Stanley, what else is there?
  • Do you have to do all the races before you insert disc 2 and leave Wellspring with russel and the resistance or can you come back?
  • i did all in wellspring and those stanley express deliveries - no achievement so far...any tips for me guys?
  • Also don't forget to talk to Starkey in Wellspring to race him. I'm not up to disc 2 yet, so will have to wait and see, but just like him check if there's anyone nearby who wants to challenge you, probably whoever they mention is their 'best racer'.
  • #6 once you get to disc 2 there are more races
  • thank you so much #8 :)
  • Does anyone know how to find the last race, I believe its the pulse rally, thxs
  • I just got it. You have to race Starkey for the upgrade, do all the Stanley Express deliveries, and do all of the races in Wellspring. The once you get to disc two you race Starkey again for a new vehicle and do all of the Subway Town races and it will be unlocked. Make sure to all of the Wellspring stuff before you leave with the Resistance because you will not be able to go back.
  • You can go back to Wellspring. Go to the Resistance base and by the way you begin Disc 2 you will find a guy named Charon. Be warned, right before the final mission the races are closed off so if you were like me and were waiting til the end to finish all the side tasks be warned. Authority close down the races towards the end.
  • races are awesome :D
  • Can anyone verify whether the Stanley Express deliveries are included or not?
  • #12 Same thing happened to me. Woulda been nice if they had warned us, or even allowed us to keep playing after we beat the game. Maybe Bethesda should have passed along what they learned from Fallout 3: People want to keep going.
  • I stupidly waited till just before the assualt on the citadel to do the last of the rallys in subway town(rally races suck) so now I'm screwed, my 2nd playthrough on nightmare and everything. Does anyone know if the difficulty affects races because I think some of the other racers were faster than my first playthrough on hard.
  • Where is all races location??
  • #14 Stanely Express are NOT included. #17 All the races are located in Wellspring and Subway Town, which you'll get to on Disk 2. Don't worry, you can go back if you have too, but I don't recommend it. Try to do as many races as possible at one time to upgrade your cars as much as possible. Also, focus on better engines and boost upgrades first as it will really help out. There is also one or two main quests in Subway Town that you'll have to complete first to unlock a new car needed for the last few races
  • Do I have to win all the races or is it ok to come 2nd or 3rd?
  • These Rally Point races are BLAH! I wish they had more mutants just randomly running around so you can run over them. Its fun! :) #gaymer
  • God damn those races with points... I'm starting to hate this game so much. Those, 5 finger fillet and picking up cards; pure shit
  • The only races I struggled with a bit was two from the last course where you have to capture the points.
  • And yes difficulty effects the races.
  • Can anyone tell me if you have to place 1st or is 2nd and 3rd acceptable??
  • can't figure out what i'm missing..do you have to complete the sally and brick missions too? cause that's the only 2 things aside from the final two missions left to do.
  • I have every achievement except this and obsessive compulsive. I'm stuck on the rocket rally's in subway town, anyone have any advice for this? And I'm on nightmare
  • For some reason i have won every race (9 in wellspring, 6 subway town) and completed all 3 every stanleys express races but the achievements still hasn't popped. Does anyone know if i'm missing one somewhere?
  • wow such shit..i waited to do the last couple of races in subway town and now i cant finish them b/c they can't drive on the roads cuz of the authority..there goes my obsessive compulsive achievement too..those races were my last thing to do..UGHHHH
  • #27 There are 16 races in Wellspring, and 11 in Subway Town. You just have to keep scrolling down to find them :)
  • I'm not a violent guy, but I think I'd enjoy punching out the person who came up with rocket rally. Are they nuts? Games are supposed to be fun for Christ's sake.
  • Don't know if it's because of nightmare difficulty, but another fun fact is that they spawn the rally points right next to the other cars, so you essentially have zero chance of winning rallies once you get to Subway town. Rally races are a serious disc snapping inducer.
  • definately don't wait to do these!!!
  • @24...I was redoing the campaign to do these and when I was in subway town I got 2nd on one of the races and it didn't add a point to my obsessive compulsive count..I redid the race and got first and it added a point. So I think you do have to win first not just win some certs.
  • where do u find starkey? i have done all of the races in wellspring, and i want to find starkey before i go on to disc 2. anyone know?
  • go over to where you do the races..he is right before jackie weeks..the guy on the pedistal..he has a cowboy hat on, he's leaning on a pole and is picking at his finger nails.
  • Damn, I finished the game and three races unfinished. This sucks
  • this achievement sucks. Rocket Rally is the worst type of race ever.
  • the racing in this game is FUCKING RETARDED!
  • #38 The racing is awesome. It's the fucking Rallies that suck donkey dick. I've broken both the bumpers on my best controller due to a rage-fit due to THIS game. No pun intended...
  • Cheev finally popped. Try not to let this one get you down. It's like #2 said: It's all about the pattern in which the rally points spawn. You'll definitely lose a few, maybe many, but each time you hit the Y button after a fail, you'll have a better idea of how to strategize.
  • Yeah, failed a few rally points but managed surprisngly quickly. Went for it on my second playthrough, I deleted my original save data (in which I did the mail deliveries) and then didn't do the mail deliveries on my second playthough. I didn't even realize it was possible to race the guy who gives you the Monarch twice (as in once in the first main town and then one again in Subway Town) so for all the people saying those are needed, think again. Though of course it could still somehow know I did the mail deliveries on a previous playthrough.
  • To get this achievement you have to be first in every race in 16 races in Wellspring, and 11 in Subway Town and doing all 3 stanleys express races.
  • I just got this achievement and I haven't done any of the Stanley Express deliveries
  • The rallies are bullshit. And mostly luck. Some games you'll be on top of it all and blow them away, some games you'll be changing directions every two seconds going in circles and getting nothing. Also, as confirmation, Stanley is not needed for the achievement.
  • An easy to get this. Make sure your vehicle is upgraded in everything. Make a save, lower your difficulty level. Race all until you win all gold. Then revert to previous save & continue your game.
  • easy way*
  • I am on nightmare and got all of the rally no problem... When you 1st get into the race do not start it... It will take you around the track in the order they will pop up... Then follow the pattern... If you get behind do not go after the ones on the end of the track... Let them fight for them.. Hang back in the middle and pick the pattern trail back up... Once I did it this way they were a breeze.
  • I'm almost done with all the races in Wellspring and so far the rally races are really easy, but I saw a few people complaining about them so I thought I'd share how I do it. Get out ahead right at the beginning and you can get most of the rally points at least once before anyone else, then when other cars start getting them instead of you just turn around and drive back a little then turn around again and wait for the rally points to start spawning ahead of you again. I did it this way and always had at least double the points of the person in second. Easiest way to win them, I just hope it keeps working for the rallies later on.
  • Easy races. Don't see what is so hard about 'em.
  • Going for the Obsessive Compulsive Achievement on my Nightmare run (didn't look up a guide for it on my normal run, and didn't know that id would release an expansion with an even higher difficulty 14 months later). Hopefully the difficulty doesn't affect the races, but I have noticed this: For the majority of your Rocket Rallies, there is a set pattern to where the points will appear. This is useful, so you can know where you want to be, and head for where the next one will appear when the current one is seconds away from capture. However, in the final set of races, the first Rocket Rally changes the rules on you. The first point will appear as normal, always in the same spot. After that, it is random, and the computer will often favor the CPU controlled racers. I have had to
  • In case you missed it, like I did: BE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN on the available races. I didn't even see those other races, initially.
  • These races are great fun! The onlybones which can be somewhat of a bother are the Rally ones. Those turn easy enough after getting to knowb the pattern. Don't boost for one far away as others might be able to grab multiple while you're still far gone. Instead, turn it against them.
  • Well surely if the difficulty affects the races, but you're trying to complete the game on Nightmare first try for the other achievements, why not save right near the end of the game, then create a copy save, and turn the difficulty down with 1 and get all the races done on that one. Finish the game with 100% on that one and there's your 100% achievement. Now load up the first save you kept and finish the game on Nightmare. You might have to do the last couple of missions twice, but if the rallies are giving you that much trouble, it's worth it.

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