Demolition Man Achievement

  • Demolition Man



    Destroy 100 Enemy Cars

    This should unlock naturally as you progress through the game. Simply destroy enemy cars you encounter until this achievement unlocks.

  • A little time consuming most likely but probably not too bad.
  • Everytime you go down to where there are a bunch of on ramps 3-4 cars wll attack you, it goes by pretty fast, then when your done killing them drive away a little bit, turn around and go back there and they will reset and come again.
  • If you don't want to buy mini gun ammo or rocket ammo, you can also get this when you do the races. The opponents count as enemies. This is the fastest and cheapest way iI know of doing this.
  • multi player car kills also count
  • Dont work on this achievement, it should come over time if you complete all the side quest and races.
  • You can get lots of kills when you get a sponsership from Muntant Bash TV and you get the power that kills them one shot. Play the race and come 2nd and replay the level and you will get kills very fast.

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