It's Good! Achievement

  • It's Good!



    Score each of the 3 Field Goals from the ATV


    There are three well-hidden goal posts in the Wasteland, and to unlock this achievement you have to locate them and score a field goal in all of them. To score, use the ATV and drive towards each goal post at top speed. Crash into the barrier in front of each field goal to launch your body over the vehicle's handlebars and through the uprights.

    The field goals are located in the following locations:

    • Ark Site: This goal post is located only a few meters from where you first emerge from the Ark at the start of the Campaign. Of course, you'll need to acquire Dan's Jetter and come back to this location - try completing it after exiting the Wasted Garage. Line your jetty up with the goal post, then slowly back up, careful not to alter alignment. When you're as far back as you can get, accelerate and boost, crashing into the guard rail straight ahead. If you have enough speed you'll have to problem splitting these uprights.
    • Mutant Bash TV: These goal posts are extremely difficult to find, located west of the Mutant Bash TV studio. Look for the metal Authority door embedded in the cliff at the end of the road - you can see the tips of uprights just south of the door. Once you find this goal post, scoring the field goal is relatively straight forward. Line up your Jetter with the goal post, back up, and then boost into the rock wall to launch yourself through the uprights.
    • Northern Watch Tower: Leave from Wellspring and race through Scorcher Territory as fast as you can to evade any bandit vehicle. You're safe once you reach the North Watch Tower. Pass through the gate and turn to the north - the goal post is just beyond the ridge. You need as much speed as possible to make it over this distant goal post, so line your Jetter up as far as you can while maintaining alignment. When you can back up no further, accelerate and boost simultaneously, racing towards the rocky ridge in front of the goal post.
  • DUKE NUKEM REFERENCE! :D I actually got one!
  • Actually announcers usually say that during football games. If anything that's what Duke was spoofing.
  • You don't know that Fooga, maybe id DID reference Duke Nukem, and not the fact that it is said during games, even though that comes before Duke. To me it's from Duke since I hate football but am a HUGE Duke fan.
  • @2 well i'm sorry for being English and not knowing that... besides, the achievement involves something to do with firing people between the posts... sort of a duke thing
  • Duke Nukem.
  • Obviously no one except maybe Fooga has ever seen a football game.
  • I don't think it is a Duke reference, it is just a football reference and not too complicated. Sounds cool, maybe they will have a bunch of stuff like this, like Burnout Paradise.
  • i have to agree, football reference
  • Here is a video of the locations:
  • thanks 9
  • Its both references, stop debating and play the game kthxbai...
  • this one was fun :D
  • aside from people flipping out about duke nukem/football references, where the hell do you do this?
  • Doing this is funny as hell.
  • Anyone know if it is possible to get an ATV again after you get into using cras and buggies or do I need to start another game to get it?
  • Never mind, found it was in the garage at Wellspring all along :)
  • glad to see Id having a good sense of humor, and not havin the game be too serious :)
  • I just started the mission to get the Ark DNA and there is an authority barricade in front of the area where the field goal location is. Will this dissapear?
  • Nevermind, it went away after I finished the mission.
  • I've done this and the achievement hasn't popped. Not sure why has the horn has sounded after all 3. Anyone know why it's not popped?
  • Make sure you line yourself up with the posts and go fast enough to go through the posts. If the horn sounds you should have it. Make sure it says 3/3 in the menu
  • Same here 20...I've done this achievement as shown in the video in sequential order with the horn sounding off each time and the thing didn't It pissed me off to be honest anyone know why or how to deal with this? I'm thinking glitch... :( Thx
  • see these real easy
  • Here's hoping the cheev pops...
  • It's Good! Popped first time. Guess I'm one of the lucky ones.
  • ok how the f*ck do u get to the one by the northern watchtower without being blown to sh*t?? ive tried like 50 times now and dont even get close. does the jetter need some sort of upgrade? i cant shoot back and im nowhere near fast enough to outrun the bandits. help...
  • @26 you just drive past them save your boost for when they are close. you have to return to the garage between each one. if you have trouble getting the goal post by the north watchtower you need to try to go through the bottom crossbar and over it. basically just hit the bottom bar. if you go any higher it won't count and obviously you need to still make it over.
  • Can you do this once you advance to Subway town and the second Wasteland? Don't want to have to make a new save file.
  • Never mind, figured it out.
  • use this guide, its pretty clear, shows you how to get there pretty well you can go back from subway town i think, go down to where marshall is, and see the bloke that takes you back in a balloon
  • I don't know if anyone has mentioned this but you don't have to get all of them in a row. You can easily get the first one in the beginning of the game, save. Soon as you take out the blockade, go for the 2nd one, save. Later on, after you kill the Shrouded Clan and take out their RC Cars... Go for the third one. I suggest watching the vid. to know where exactly to hit.
  • I've had a difficult time finding another ATV after mine was destroyed. Someone feel free to explain exactly where to find it again.
  • Finally! To retrieve your Jetter (ATV), if it gets destroyed, call for the tow truck while in the Wasteland. The "Tow Truck Radio" should be in your inventory. Highlight it and press "Y" to use. The radio is found early in the game on the counter in Hagar Garage.

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