Roadkill Achievement

  • Roadkill



    Run over 10 Mutants

    During "Assault the Authority Bridge" you get an excellent opportunity to earn this achievement. Run over 10 mutants with your vehicle to unlock it. If you missed out on this opportunity here, don't fret, you can still run over mutants in certain races.

  • Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  • hopefully they will be slow like the zombies in dead island
  • I have only ran over 1 so far.
  • cant find any muties to run over
  • There are plenty on the mission where you have to recover the Arc equipment.
  • You can run them over on a certain race. In the Murder & Mayhem race series (last series), the second to last race: The Canyon - Rocket Rally. Blast your way ahead, and at the last hairpin left turn at the very end of the track there will be 1-3 mutants running across the road that you can run over. Just hit them, and restart the race, and repeat till you get 10 roadkills. Sometimes there wont be any mutants in the road, but just restart it. I got this achievement pretty quick this way.
  • Confirmed that #6's method works. Thanks!
  • You can get them all right after you blow up the barricade on your way to the authority bridge.
  • seems easy :D
  • The second to last race is a rally points race... how can you get ahead of everyone? And I didn't see any muties.
  • @10 you should be able to easily get a good lead on the cars of the other drivers. Just pay attention to the road and you should see a few specks shaped like people dart themselves onto the road. Run them over as they are the mutants everyone is speaking of.
  • With the race... I let the cars lead and right before you come to the side where the mutants are PASS the cars and get the kills... its a timing thing... if you go to fast and pass the other racers too far ahead the mutants wont show. So go slower, neck to neck and then pass when you get close to that area. Rise ad Repeat. During the end where you have to do the mission ASSAULT ON AUTHORITY BRIDGE, you will get to run over like 8 Mutants. (run over a few then get out car plant bomb and run back in car and run! so you can be ready to run over more mutants that come out)
  • During the quest Comet Bloom you'll come across three mutants right next to the flower you need to pick up. Just run them over, enter the wasteland again and repeat. Bear in mind once you pick the flower for the quest 3-4 (cant remember how many exactly) more mutants appear. Hope this helps
  • On one of the very last missions there is a area you'll come across and there will be exactly 10 mutants for you to run over. The area is impossible to miss, Just be sure not to shoot any of them since they don't respawn!
  • Got 18 and wasn't even trying to get them. All of them was on the 2nd disc.
  • @6 Thank you, got the achievement, good information....
  • Is there any more convenient place where I can do this?
  • Yes! Near the end of the game when you get out of your Monarch, plant the explosive & blow the door on the blockade, there's about 6-8 mutants waiting there to be run over. Like the guide says, mission: ASSAULT THE AUTHORITY BRIDGE, is your chance to do it.

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