Gladiator Achievement

  • Gladiator



    Complete Mutant Bash TV in the Campaign

    Story related - Cannot be missed. As the description says, complete the "Mutant Bash TV" mission to earn this achievement.

  • Smash TV!
  • Much easier than I was expecting, For the Nails popping through the ground level watch for the red spot light, I just noticed that on my second round. The light shows where they will pop out next. Before I was just running around crazy like. And for the Spinning thing you can lead all of them into it for a quick kill.
  • shoot the lights on the tentacles thats attacking the ship in the last room (to the left on the wall when you walk in) do it from right to left, they won't smash but there will be a little green fish that swims across and you get 3 chances to shoot him and its $200 for each time you get him so its a maximum of $600, i ended the game with $1350 with the time and kills added on
  • This is ridiculously hard on nightmare difficulty!! Can't believe it starts u from the very beginning when u die in the boss battle at the end.
  • Use a sentry bot, piece of piss.

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