ytiC daeD Achievement

  • ytiC daeD



    Complete Dead City Reverse in the Campaign

    Story related - Cannot be missed. As the description says, complete the "ytiC daeD" mission to earn this achievement.

  • Huh, clever name for this achievement. .
  • Truely inspired
  • hmm i wonder what the title of this achievement is
  • Original
  • This is most likely a race, the same as Dead City but probably "mirrored" like in other racing games such as Mario Kart.
  • whats ytiC daeD mean? i english don't know well...
  • it says dead city backwars
  • This was an awesome mission. It is the same city, but now the Authority are roaming around as well as the Mutants. I loved it.
  • It was way better the second time through, just glad u cant miss this one.

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