Bringin' Home the Bacon Achievement

  • Bringin' Home the Bacon



    Earn 750 Dollars in one episode of Bash TV in the Campaign

    During the "Mutant Bash TV" mission, earn 750 dollars or more to unlock this achievement. To maximize the cash payout, finish off the mutants as quickly as possible with optimal accuracy. If you don't get it the first time, try again. You can play "Mutant Bash TV" as many times as you like, making this a relatively easy achievement to get.

    Pro Tip: Shoot the three lights on the wall in Shipwreck Cove (in sequence from right to left) to activate the Dopefish mini-game. Shoot the Dopefish every time he appears for 200 dollars each time. That brings you to a toal of 600 dollars fast!

  • Bacon Strips @ Bacon Strips @ Bacon Strips @ Bacon Strips @ Bacon Strips.
  • Not to point out that obvious but: Bash TV --> Smash TV?
  • easy on the ipod touch so i wonder if its the same on xbox
  • #1: You must mean & not @.
  • @1 Epic Mealtime Much?
  • first try. pretty easy
  • If you pre-order the game, you will have a spiked fist weapon, it is mostly instant kill against mutants. This will increase the accuracy bonus.
  • Yeah I was trying to do this with a shotgun and the accuracy was pretty bad.
  • where do you go to get this one?
  • @#9 you'll come across during the story, you'll be sent there to get a race sponsor so you won't miss it don't worry :)
  • i played through twice, will i be able to play through again
  • you can play it as often as u want
  • This one is pretty easy, I got it using some sentry bots and the shotgun and it helped the accuracy bonus immensely.
  • I got $725 my first try and figured I could always get it on a subsequent playthrough. However, when I play the "Re-run" the fifth round is not included (No Kraken)and the highest I can get is about $550. Will I be screwed into starting a new game to get this achievement or is there another new season/episode in which I can earn $750?
  • Another tip I found particularly useful is to wait until later in the game when you obtain the schematics for the spider bots. Equip the shotgun and use a spider bot each round, and as long as you only shoot when you're on-target, your accuracy score will be very high (over 75%) each round. With four rounds, that's $300 already added to your score. The final $450 is earnt simply through kills and time bonuses, so move fast, aim straight, and use those spider bots to your advantage.
  • @7 Sorry, but I tried the spiked fist weapon that you suggested. Although it did help me clear out some enemies faster it did nothing for earning me money in the accuracy category. Accuracy only seems to register when you fire weapons.
  • For those having any trouble, this one can be done quite easily. In the last stage, once you enter the area, walk to the middle of the arena so the game will start and enemies will start to attack. Deploy one or two sentry bots to protect you. Look to left hand side of the area and you will see three tentacles that look to painted on the wall. Shoot each one of these from right to left as fast as you can. A golden fish will jump out of the water at the bottom of the wall three times. Each time you hit it, you will score 200 dollars up to a max of 600 dollars. Other than that, just keep good accuracy. Good luck.
  • I got $749 on the first try. How lame is that...
  • I recommend using pop rockets for accuracy, very effective
  • I got this on my 3rd try. 1st was for the main story. 2nd I used the advanced sentry bot and advanced wingsticks. Don't use the bots. Makes accuracy go down to far. At least it did for me. 3rd try I used only the advanced wingsticks and ended with 90%the accuracy and $780(that was without any bonus from the bonus round). Probably the fastest way to do it since 1 wingstick can take out 2-3 mutants at a time.
  • #17 You're right, that's the easiest way. Here's a video I've found: It works on the 1st play through (after the boss fight) and also in Re-Run.
  • That video helped out thanks for the post!
  • doing #17's technique i got $998
  • @17: Yea, I caught that video on YT. I surprised myself with a prize of $752 (feels good I earned it w/o the fish, not that it really matters), then hit that bad boy all 3 times for a total of $1352. Talk about fast money, man.
  • Basically walk in there prepared with advanced sentries and advanced turrets (you get them in subway city), at least any 4. Before you deploy them, just shoot one mutant with your shotgun (that's going to give you a 1 out of 1 which is 100%. Then deploy your sentry or turret and help them with melee attack (it doesn't count for accuracy). With this method I finished the episode with $840.
  • Thanks for the tips @17 & @25 i got close on my first attempt using sentry bot and shotgun but i'm gonna try the goldfish mini-game for the easy $600.
  • im at the start of disc two. i dont think i can go back to play mutant smash tv yet. do i have to start a new game to go for this achievement again? or will i eventually be able to travel back to play it?
  • bash*
  • $751 on my first go, just by the skin of my teeth and managed to shoot the dopefish once
  • @27 yes you can go back.. I just did.. on the re-run you will need to do the fish easter egg to get it since there is no Kraken round on the re-run... see the video listed by #21 ->
  • I did this first on normal using the shotgun in all rounds. I think I only used a bot in the 1st round, but might've done it in the 4th, too. I also lined up the $$$ three times, and ended up with about $775. I played through this part of the campaign on ultra-nightmare today. With the Kraken included, I was able to get $804 with the same strategy as above, using the new railgun on the Kraken.
  • The Dopefish is a Commander Keen reference, from an old id franchise

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