Mr. Oddjob Achievement

  • Mr. Oddjob



    Complete 5 Job Board Quests in one play-through

    There are 2 Job Boards in the game, 1 in Wellspring and 1 in Subway Town. To unlock this achievement, complete any 5 of the posted jobs from the jobs board. Have to be completed within a single playthrough of the game.

  • Cough Borderlands cough
  • Cough Goldfinger cough
  • Aaaaaachhhoooooooooo!!!!
  • bless you
  • pretty easy
  • Easy achievement worth a lot of gamer score, just be looking for new quest on the board whenever you enter Wellspring.
  • I'm 3 hours into the game....super easy just got it
  • How many side quests are there in total - 6?
  • wasn't gonna bother with doing these but a nice warm 40g for this? ill be doing it after work
  • i thought there was 9 in total
  • Easy? Sniping mission on nightmare difficulty is hard as hell.
  • mutant menace is easy if you load up on grenades and wingsticks I did it after 3 tries...evil at first...but not bad when you learn the arc of the grenades...
  • This can be done in one play-through of the campaign right...not one gaming session. Meaning I can beat a couple jobs save and come back a day or two later finish the other jobs and have the achievement pop? Currently there are 4 jobs on the board in Wellsprings. I don't want to start any of them until there are 5 jobs posted....on the other hand if it's just 5 jobs before I finish the game then I'll do them now and get the others some other time.
  • @ 13 The guide says that there are a total of 10 of these sidequests to complete, and you only need to complete any 5 of them during the same playthrough to nail the achievement.

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