Dev Graffiti Achievement

  • Dev Graffiti



    Find the secret Developer Graffiti Room

    You must find the secret room in the Distillery to earn the Dev Graffiti achievement. When you reach the room that contains several tall stills, search for a ladder leading down to a recessed area of the floor. Climb down to this low area and follow the path around the base of the stills. At the end of the path is a mattress; interact with the valve just above the mattress - this opens the door to the developer graffiti room. Return to the ladder and climb up to the main floor. At the top of the ladder, turn right to locate a small opening in the wall. Crouch and crawl through the low entrance to the developer graffiti room.

  • Would of been better as a secret, but still I love it when games hide little things like this.
  • I was thinking the same thing.
  • Developer: find the secret... oh you know about it? where about it? You:FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
  • This reminds me of the secret id room in Doom 3 at the end of the game. :D
  • or the secret room on Wolverine with the WoW reference and hidden hatch
  • Hidden hatch in wolverine was a lost reference right?
  • @6 - Sure was.
  • #4 thats exactly the first thing i was thinking doom 3.
  • It'd be hilarious if you go in the room and find a skeleton dressed in 'G's' clothing from Jet Grind Radio! XD
  • I bet this is going to be in the sewers that are exclusive only to people that buy the gamhe new
  • Oops! I used the nickname me and friends gave him. lol I ment Beat (from Jet Grind Radio).
  • It is when you get the quest from Dietrich, in Subway Town. It must be done during the that mission, because afterwards you won't be able to get it, since it will be blocked off later. Here is a video:
  • Everyone's talking about this¿ How come no one is talking about the secret Wolfenstein room hidden in the game¿ That was awesome. Hint/Spoiler/Hint: It's in the first mission you get.
  • I'd get this just for the logo. Feel I owe id software money after all these years....
  • That's cool, I think I passed this up so ill probably have to go through again.
  • There are a few Easter egg rooms (all awesome) but the one for this achievement is in the abandoned distillery. It involves turning a handle by a bed that's covered in ammo and pick ups that then opens a grate which can't be missed.
  • hmm there are a load of eastereggs in this game, like the Fallout 3 bobble head on the mayors desk (your welcome) but ill look for this one with hawk eyes
  • CHECK. YOUR. OWERFLOW.! {owerflow:hidden; }, perhaps?
  • It's in the Abandoned Distillery on the 2nd disc. There's a big room with some numbered stills (look like big silos) and its in the back left corner...You'll see a small set of steps and a opening you can only get into by crouching.
  • OMFG! I just got a grin EAR TO EAR on this one... I started looking at the signatures or "graffiti" if you will in the room... there's a note on the wall.. .. "NOT Penny's BOAT"
  • not pennys boat, cool, i'll have a look for that
  • I managed to luckily find this by chance on my first play through. I thought it was a cool touch. Now on my second play through, and I'm locating all the other secret rooms this time round too.
  • The "not pennys boat" thing is awesome. I love when people can just be uber nerds. "Nerds!? NERDS!!!"
  • If you miss this during either of the quests in the distillery, fret not. You can return here any time afterwards for the cheev. I did.
  • I was thinking over and over, what the hell is 'not penny's boat' and then i finally got it. That. Is. Awesome.
  • Just real quick, to fix that issue of the text extending too far type this into the address bar: javascript:jQuery('table[width=640] tr:nth-child(5)').fadeOut(); Just gets rid of that jerk who extended the text too far.

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