Hey, not too rough Achievement

  • Hey, not too rough



    Finish the Campaign on any difficulty

    Complete the game on any difficulty to unlock this achievement.

  • Well, that's nice of them, give every gamer the big 50 for just playing the game to the finish.
  • Well, by looking at the other cheevos, looks like only 12 main missions. :/
  • this was a short game i barley poped disc 2 in and it was over witch sucks i had to look up what disc 3 was for since i thought it was part 3 of the game one disc just for multyplayer i was the game was longer but what can you do
  • This game blows. Save your money. Long load times. No check points(you have to save manually...no, I'm not kidding)
  • ^12 year old that's never played Doom or Quake.

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