Ultra-violence Achievement

  • Ultra-violence



    Finish the Campaign on at least Hard difficulty


    Complete the game on Hard difficulty (or higher) to unlock this achievement.

  • heyhey, a Clockwork Orange reference.
  • Maybe, but DOOM reference first. Both this and the one before it are difficulties in the original DOOM (and it's brethren).
  • Yeah this is definitely DOOM references. First of all it's id Software and second of all the other difficulty achievements are also references. Looks like they are paying homage too alot of their games and even some not of their own.
  • All of the difficulty level achievements are references to DOOM. "hey, not too rough" "hurt me plenty" "ultra-violence" and "Nightmare" All of them are difficulty levels from DOOM with the exception of "I'm too young to die" Every time I hear "Ultra-violence" I have the uncontrollable urge to play DOOM again.
  • you people are fucking idiots..."maybe... but doom reference first", where teh fuck do you think they originally got the idea to have it in doom, the term was fucking created and coined in a clockwork orange where the droogs get up to all their ultra violence, which in turn led to the id people putting it in doom, which led to this, jobbers
  • @4 Nightmare was in Quake not Doom @5 No one fucking cares. While I really want to read Clockwork Orange people, e.g. myself and Doom fanatics (not even fanatics, anyone that's played Doom and not read Clockwork Orange), would attribute this to Doom before Clockwork Orange.
  • Beat it. Hate it. Why'd I buy it?!
  • @6 uhhhh I've never even seen Clockwork Orange all the way thru and I've beated Doom a bunch of times. I attribute this to ClockWork Orange... its just such a classic line and im pretty sure everyone else does too

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