The Legend Begins... Achievement

  • The Legend Begins...



    Complete a Legend of the Wasteland


    See "Anthology"

  • These are the Co-Op missions; they're different than the single-player.
  • You can get all the Legends achievements offline in co-op split screen.
  • It might be a stupid question, but i've never played a lot of online co-op, do you need to be friends with those you play with? or can you just go in and play with some random people?
  • You can use the second controller and play on your own, go slow and pick off enemies from afar.
  • Need help with thouse 4 achievements of the legends, who can help me? My gamertag is CarapauGt
  • Looking for a co op partner. GT- Down420
  • hey i need to boost this and a couple other multiplayer achievements. if anyone is up to it message me. thanks gt SSJCoble7
  • Anyone still looking for co-op on this, just completed main playthrough and was thinking bout hitting co-op Gamertag KIKyoda
  • I'm trying to get all multiplayer achievements. Please add me TKW HUMPDOG
  • Looking to get the Legends of the Wasteland achievements-- GT: Zombieboy664
  • I need a partner for these two racing achievement and all of the Legend of the Wasteland achievements. Gamertag: Zeke Stable
  • Is there anyone out there in 2020 that will kindly help me get the last six multiplayer achievements? Thank you in advance :) my gamertag is the same as my username

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