A True Legend Achievement

  • A True Legend



    Complete a Legend of the Wasteland on Nightmare difficulty


    See "Anthology"

  • INB4 this turns into a thread to find a coop partner
  • Hey man willing to help with the coop. Send me and invite. GT: ooWoody
  • me 2
  • I'm in. Send me a friend request
  • Anybody wanna do this or on any other difficulty hit me up ill be on until midnight eastern time
  • @#1, I like what you did there... Thankfully there are multiple achievements relating to legends of the wastelands... Otherwise I would have spent alot more time looking for what they were... Kids, go find your friends, train them the ways of RAGE, and then kick ass with them in the missions... Randoms may make you rage...
  • Posting for Friday 10/7 Need partner for all 3 achievements co op wise hmu F for Ferocity
  • This Saturday October 15th I am looking for a partner to complete all of the co op achievements. If you are interested send me a message or friend request. I will be playing 24 hours that day so I will be on if you want to play
  • Need partner for all 3 achievements co op add me (post 13 oct)
  • oct 21st. need a co-op partner that wont quit within the first 2 minutes of the mission. gamer tag same as name posted. willing to help in return however i can.
  • I did this with a buddy. Go VERY slow and use the pistol till you run out of ammo then the heavy stuff toward the end. I can't stress enough about taking your time.. most people rush this and on nightmare it can get a bit crazy.
  • For the first legend, do it slow, be aware of the guy with shotgun it's one hit kill for players. Other than that just use pistol early on and switch to assualt rifle. Use the large ammo later.
  • Add me for this. Gamertage: Understocked I am in Australia Adelaide. Want to do this one slow.
  • Need a partner for this. GT: BrutalOnyxCobra
  • which legend of the waste level is best for this ? i found the campaign easy on nightmare but for this is alot harder
  • This Nightmare difficulty is a joke =/ First try, no restarts. The mission with the Power Generators which must be disabled with EMP grenades is absurdly easy.
  • I found the first episode of Mutant Bash TV to be incredibly easy on Nightmare. Hell, my partner and I didn't even need to be revived. As for going with random people (it is my only choice since I don't have any friends who play Rage), get one who has a head set. It is annoying as hell trying to advance, but being unable to tell your partner "Bandages here," "I'll distract them," or "I need a revive!"
  • Need to do this. i have a mic send me a msg if yourr interested
  • invite me for this one.
  • Did this solo in split-screen with a 2nd controller. I played the first mission (prison). Nightmare is really easy in this game. Don't rush things, take your time, always take cover. There is plenty of ammo. Aim for headshots with the SMG and spare the shotgun for the bigger guys. 5 shells is enough to take those down. No co-op partner needed. ;)
  • I'll be online all day...my GT: daquijones1980...hit me up
  • Looking for a co op partner. GT- Down420
  • Looking to do some Co-op. GT: Nomp
  • If anyone still needs to do this, it's my last achievement on the game so add me on my GT above
  • Need a partner for the co-op missions. GT is Certtz
  • hey i need to boost this and a couple other multiplayer achievements. if anyone is up to it message me. thanks gt SSJCoble7
  • GT: bryson 06 need help with all mp achievements, message me saying Rage mp
  • I no longer need this.
  • If you are interested in going for all mp achievements, message me: Maw N Paw
  • I did this on the mission where you fight the Authority in Wellspring, using just another controller. Just taking it slowly and carefully, I was able to pick up 'No Room for Sidekicks' at the same time.
  • Add me on xbl if interested in getting this. My gt is the same as my username.
  • Looking to do basically all the multiplayer achievements. gt: man up on that
  • Looking to do all the Legends and one on Nightmare, message me. GT: BigTuna99
  • I'm trying to get all multiplayer achievements. Please add me TKW HUMPDOG
  • Looking to get the Legends of the Wasteland achievements-- GT: Zombieboy664
  • I need a partner for the two racing achievement and all of these Legend of the Wasteland achievements. Gamertag: Zeke Stable
  • Anyone playing this and can help me with online achievements please GT: Tiddy110703

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