No Room for Sidekicks Achievement

  • No Room for Sidekicks



    Complete a Legend of the Wasteland without any player(s) becoming incapacitated


    Again, make sure you play as a team, carefully progressing through the mission. Make good use of your items, as bandages heal you and sentry turrets and bots make your team stronger. Use cover to flank and surprise your enemies, as this makes it easier to beat them. Also, melee attacks can save your life, use them if you have to. The easiest mission to get this on is probably "Life in Prison".

  • This must be the co-op mission mode that we've heard about. Sounds easy enough.
  • i like these kinds of cheevos and im willing to do this with anyone.
  • if you guys want some body to do this with when this game comes out my GT is FIFACUP2014
  • When this comes out add PBMB Get Silly if you guys want to try for this!
  • Add Major Payne 016 if you wanna play.
  • Renewing my gold when I get rage GT Interfector DEI
  • add BigWoodMan22 if you want to try for all LotW achievements or just this one
  • I'm looking to get all of the LotW cheevos. Gamertag is the same as my screen name.
  • Looking for uk players to complete co-op, sick of idiots quitting out online! On most evenings, but preferably do this at the weekend. Send me a message first as i wont add random friend requests.
  • ADD: LIKE LIU KANG if you want to try this one and the nightmare one. Thanks
  • Anybody want help message me. GT: BARAK0LI OBAMA
  • I got this without trying. If your buddy does not die by rushing you will get this.
  • Anyone still want to do this and Nightmare add me [ aKa Richyy ]
  • I need this achievement if anyone wants to do it. GT: DeathStrikah
  • simple just go on the mission where you are in mutant bash tv and just keep your bandages handy
  • Looking for someone to do this and the other co-op ones as well. Username is my gamertag :)
  • need a coop partner for all coop achievements....GT XxKING LILJxX
  • Need a partner for co-op achievemnts gt jmille13
  • I'll be online all GT: daquijones1980...hit me up
  • Looking for a co-op partner. GT- down420
  • dose anyone still play this game cuz i need help with these achievements GT: cupcakegod
  • need someone to play all achievments for the legends!! add me!! gt: JimmilyGoofyMan
  • need coop partner for these please gt: chris98956 thank you
  • hey i need to boost this and a couple other multiplayer achievements. if anyone is up to it message me. thanks gt SSJCoble7
  • message me for this one and all legends complete and nightmare legend gt erobert3
  • A friend and I just played through 7 of these on Nightmare--it's really not that hard and deffinately feels like a fun, healthy challenge. We both seem to agree that (compared to all the other ones) Rusty's Resupply is probably the easiest one to get this one with, becuase of the Wasted's lack of armor and health. Watch you health, and blitz the with the shotgun before they can get dug in.
  • GT: bryson 06 need help with all mp achievements, message me saying Rage mp
  • Hey any1 still out there playing this? Add me for mulitplayer cheevos. GT is KoftaBhuna
  • Anyone still need an extra person for this one add me my gamertag is kidneycancer
  • No longer need to boost
  • I no longer need this.
  • I need help with this please :o) GT: Taggerz28
  • No longer need to boost this. Thanks
  • Stil need this achievement, and the nightmare difficulty one as well.If you are up for it message my gt TEQUILA V1.
  • i need a few of these. any1 else : GT: LordSamoni1
  • I need this achievement. Gamertag: Vorpist
  • Add me: LucioSegalla77
  • I need someone for this achievement. Marvx360x
  • need help on this, add me : koddie87
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  • I need a partner for all of the Legend of the Wasteland achievements. Gamertag: Zeke Stable

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