Fresh Meat Achievement

  • Fresh Meat



    Complete a public Road RAGE match

    In Road RAGE you can choose from 6 different events featuring different game modes. Complete 1 race to earn this achievement.

  • Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  • Very fun game for about 10 matches... then it gets old
  • Sat in the public match lobby for about 30 min and only saw two people. Gonna have to boost to get this. Shoot me a friend request and a message if you wanna work on this. I think you have to have 4 people to start a public match so the more the merrier. I have a mic btw. Gamertag = Every STD 2
  • No one online. They're still Servers? Or that nobody plays?
  • No one plays this online anymore but i still need the achievements. if you want to boost message me gamer tag - NO JOKE SMOKE
  • Need help in getting this: GT: ZylamIED
  • anyone after this hit me up . gt bloodlands666
  • Looking to snag all online chieves! GT: StillFreeLife
  • I need a partner for these two racing achievement and all of the Legend of the Wasteland achievements. Gamertag: Zeke Stable
  • Anyone playing this and can help me with online achievements please GT: Tiddy110703
  • I'm down to help if anyone's still interested. GT: Mortal Frailty

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