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    Finish the Campaign on Ultra Nightmare difficulty

    Ultra Nightmare is the highest difficulty that is available, right after Nightmare. This achievement is for completing the base campaign on Ultra Nightmare, not just the DLC. If you have completed the game's campaign already, you'll have to complete it a second time on Ultra Nightmare. There isn't much a difference in difficulty in comparison to Nightmare mode. The same rules apply;

    • Make sure you're stocked up on Medkits.
    • Watch your defib bar.
    • Don't rush into battle.
    • Make use of cover.
  • Such a disappointing achievement. Playing through the original campaign on nightmare was not that bad, and I really enjoyed 99% of the game, enough to play through this DLC. BUT, that 1%? The ending of the story...One of the worst endings ever made for a game, certainly the worst that I can think of for this generation, enough for me not to want to slog through the game again. I guess there goes the 100% completion on this game. So much for grinding out that five-finger fillet cheevo! I only wish id had used this opportunity for DLC to fix the damn ending.
  • What do you mean the worst. You played Mass Effect 3?
  • I think iD Software did a great job by releasing DLC 14 months after release. The ending really isn't that bad, I'm actually hoping for a sequel
  • Hu, never thought I'd play the campaign again. Ah well, finally a reason to enjoy this really good game once more ;)
  • Is this only for the DLC or campaign + DLC?
  • Sigh. Time to play this once more.
  • I'm sure this is just for the DLC.
  • The achievement does say Campaign like the other difficulty achievement ones did. Dont get your hopes up.
  • it would of said something like completing the dlc on ultra nightmare im sure its the campaign itself.
  • Do you have to beat Nightmare to unlock Ultra Nightmare?
  • #10 don't think so. I hope #7 is right..
  • @All yea Install the DLC & you got Ultra Nightmare. But I'm kinda sure you have to play the entire game over again, not a problem for me although I can see a few people might get turned off buy this.
  • if someone gets this please confirm what has to be done :)
  • Ages since I finished this can you new game + it on ultra?
  • barely played this so i might just start over on ultra nightmare
  • @ 1 You're lack of motavation disturbs me. It's your choice not to playthrough this awesome game on the new difficulty. I on the other hand and going to enjoy it all over again, and then, this game will be completed again!
  • I've already done it twice but I love this game and I love a challenge! BRING IT!!!!
  • Was enjoying it and was ready to beat it ultra fast, but found out they patched the flower money trick and now I'm ultra pissed because that's ultra dumb. Guess what? ULTRA FUCK YOU.
  • If you hate this 'ultra nightmare' don't but the DLC, i will enjoy every second of it!
  • I actually finished playing Rage right before this came out; I think I finished my Nightmare playthrough on Sunday or Monday, then did the legends and *surprise* new DLC comes out. I downloaded it today. I've been playing through on ultra-nightmare and it's not too bad. There are some obvious things, like the times for time trials are significantly less (1:28:000 for the first Wellspring time trial), and some items cost significantly more (armor upgrades are double, for example). I can confirm it DOES NOT consider just the new Scorcher missions. I finished the last one about 1/2 an hour ago and the achievement remains locked. However, I'm not sure if you can just do the campaign without the Scorcher missions to unlock this.
  • @ 20 Im glad you said that about the races because the time trial ones have been an absolute PITA and they were easy as hell originally, even on Nightmare. I thought I was doing something wrong!
  • ganna start it now... here we go again! :)
  • I wonder if changing the difficulty at the end of the campaign counts?
  • @ 23 I believe someone in the forums tried that and it didn't work. Oh well, I love the game so playing it over again is no problem, for me anyways.
  • Got it, wasn't that hard. Difficulty change won't count: tried same thing with nightmare. Scorcher missions aren't required but the new weapon is powerful as hell! 1 Shot = 1 less gearhead..
  • what new weapon the nail gun?
  • Not too bad, The Scorchers DLC is much more difficult than the main game on UN but still pretty straightforward. I HATE the amount of grenade spam, though. Cheap as hell.
  • Fucking Race on Ultra-Nightmare time trails suck balls!! how do you even get them? I'm 5 seconds of that 1:28 time in wellspring. now im stuck in this game... any ideas?
  • @ #29. .
  • So try the other race. .
  • win other races to get certificates then upgrade your engine and boost using those. then go back to the time trial ones. makes them a joke
  • If you need certificates then you can do Sally's Bounty or Brick's Bounty side missions for them.
  • This one did not pop for me. I had the difficulty set to normal on regular campaign then changed it to ultra hard before I started the DLC. I should have gotten it for playing it on ultra right? Dumb.
  • no it means you have to do the whole campaign on ultra nightmare diffuculty, it won't pop if you just do the DLC
  • The game not bad, but really don't want to play the whole campaign again, still have 15+ game unopened.
  • Does anyone know if you play through the campain on UN if it will unlock the achievements for BOTH hard and nightmare? Can anyone CONFIRM it?
  • I just got the game the Anarchy Edition at target for 19.99 and I can't believe I over looked this game it's great but everyone I know told "aw bro that game sucks" how fuckin wrong people are I'm glad to see a lot of true believers in here As for this I started the game so I guess I'm just gonna go ultra nightmare and save myself some time
  • @2 nothing wrong with the mass effect 3 ending
  • @38..I admid I was one of those who didn't loved the game first, bought it on date of release when gears3 was 3 weeks old,played it one day and sold it BUT bought it 13 months later again and damn I was wrong, great game lol! first played it easy for the 100% achievo now second run on ultra & must say, really nice difficulty, especially because of the jackpots! on 2 houres I had 2 x 9999 bucks, never had so mutch ammo,really hillarious... 400 rockets, 100 wingsticks, 500 shotgunshells,25 sentry bots...the list goes on & on,starting on disc2 tomorrow & to be sure I will gamble some more ;-) saw some people who didn't had the achievo, can somebody eplain witch things doesn't need to be done? I did every quest,mission,side mission and the 5 new dlc missions BUT NOT the races (maybe3)and
  • all the minigames do you need to play all the races??????????
  • No you don't need to play through the races or any of the minigames. Just beat the game. If you're still unsure, right before you assault Authority Prime save there and keep that save. But seriously, Sentry Bots are your best friend. Each level I went in I had like 30 of them all ready. They make it soooo easy. And grenades too.
  • If you use the rebar rounds with the nail gun this game is even easier. you can even recover almost every round fired. When you get to Jackpots you can easily win thousands of dollars on video poker. I don't see any differences from Nightmare other than race times, might even be easier than it was with the nail gun added.
  • I really enjoyed this game.. It's been so long tho.. couple years. Hopefully I can jump back in and complete this cheev right away.. I wasn't expecting a new difficulty with the dlc. I guess i'll give this a try.
  • I'm thinking about getting this DLC soon and was wondering if this cheevo stacks. I haven't done Nightmare mode yet so I would like to know if I should just hold off and do Ultra Nightmare.
  • Lame
  • Trueachievements confirmed that this stacks with the base difficulty cheevos.

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