Lucky Charms Achievement

  • Lucky Charms



    Bet and win on Green in the Roly-Poly minigame

    The Roly-Poly minigame is found inside Jackpots in Wellspring. This prevously locked door at the end of the alley in Wellspring now offers two new gambling minigames to play. Roly-Poly is at the back and plays exactly like Roulette. Green is counted as the number 0, and the bet is 13:1. This achievement is entirely luck based. You may get this achievement on the first try, or the 1000th. Just keep replaying and betting the minimum until you unlock the achievement.

  • Got it on my 3rd try.
  • This one was annoying. I think I had to do it between 20-30 times. Somewhere I thought maybe betting more would raise my chances, so I went from 5 to 50. I won after a few more tries, winning 600.
  • Is this mini-game basically roulette?
  • After 100 tries I got pissed and bet on black instead since that's all that was rolling. Immediately rolled on green. FML.
  • Got it on my first try. lmao Quite refreshing after my experience with Tombstones...

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