- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 22 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0 [0gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 1-2 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 & New Game Plus
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: N/A
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
  • DLC: Rain On Your DLC
    • Difficulty: 3/10
    • Time to 500gs.png1-2 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None

Rain On Your Parade is a short, fun game where you play as a mean cloud who gets pleasure in ruining the Hooman's day. You'll primarily do this by raining on them, but as you progress new abilities like tornado, thunder, and snow are unlocked. The game features over 50 levels that change genres and are references to other games, movies, and real life events!

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
You'll want to play the entire game one time, grabbing as many achievements as you can and maybe even focusing on collecting the fanboys for the Fanservice (100G) achievement. A majority of the achievements can only be unlocked on New Game Plus (Gravity Gun (50G), Master Thief (50G), Such Strategy, Very Tactic (100G), and many more). So the most optimal way to earn 1000gs.png is to complete the game and then go back on New Game Plus and play only the levels tied to achievements.

As mentioned above, New Game Plus is where the majority of your gs.png will come from. Don't forget to find all of the fanboys Fanservice (100G) and to use your thunder to find the achievement cat Achievement Cat (50G). Then just bounce around levels to grab any level specific achievements!
Rain On Your DLC
The Rain On Your DLC adds a bunch of new level, objectives, cosmetics, and more! You will need to complete the various new levels and objectives in certain ways to earn the achievements, like not getting hit on SHMUP for Invincible (100G) or defying Jakub's will for Player Agency (25G). Assuming you played the base game, this is a lot more of the same wacky gameplay, levels and references that you already loved. However, there is one completely new addition in Cloud Valley; a new hub area where Cloudy owns his own farm and can grow corn and bananas and other mysterious things for Farmer Cloud (75G).

Rain On Your Parade is a fun little game with enough genre swapping to keep you engaged throughout. And the abilities vary up the gameplay along the way. The story is lacking, but let's be honest, you're here for the easy 1000gs.png!
[XBA would like to thank UntilTammaroYT for this Roadmap]

Rain on Your Parade Achievement Guide

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There are 33 achievements with a total of 1500 points

  • Wooo, you started the game!

    This unlocks automatically once you turn the game on and see the start screen.
  • Soak all your Fanboys

    The only collectibles in the game are Fanboys, Hoomans holding "I Love Cloud" signs. There are 16 of them in the game and they can be found in levels, as well as, on the world map. All you need to do is rain or snow on them to make them wet. See the video and timestamps below for all locations.

    0:03​ Fanboy #1 (Beach)
    0:30​ Fanboy #2 (School)
    0:52​ Fanboy #3 (The Farm)
    1:10​ Fanboy #4 (World Map - Next to Thunder Theater)
    1:25​ Fanboy #5 (Campground)
    1:51​ Fanboy #6 (Going To Work)
    2:10​ Fanboy #7 (Villa Del Dryspell)
    2:26​ Fanboy #8 (World Map - South of Villa Del Dryspell)
    2:40​ Fanboy #9 (Quiet Mountain Town)
    3:01​ Fanboy #10 (The Cloud News Channel)
    3:24​ Fanboy #11 (World Map - North of The Cloud News Channel)
    3:37​ Fanboy #12 (At The Grocer)
    3:54​ Fanboy #13 (Dust Devil Crossroads)
    4:15​ Fanboy #14 (Tinsletown)
    4:36​ Fanboy #15 (World Map - On an island South of Tinsletown)
    4:51​ Fanboy #16 (Parade)
  • Unlock Thunder

    This is unlocked by progressing through the game and completing Thunder Theater. You will unlock the Thunder ability.
  • Unlock Snow

    This is unlocked by progressing through the game and completing Snow Theater. You will unlock the Snow ability.
  • Windy!



    Unlock Tornado

    This is unlocked by progressing through the game and completing Tornado Theater. You will unlock the Tornado ability.
  • Beat the Game

    This automatically unlocks once you reach the end of the game. You will unlock New Game Plus, which you need to play to earn a bunch of level-specific achievements.
  • Not a rain drop was wasted.

    This has to be completed on New Game Plus. Replay the Beach level and use your tornado to throw all the people into the ocean. Do not use your rain or snow and make sure to not get hit by the Sun.

  • Everybody in the pool!

    This can only be completed on New Game Plus. Load Villa Del Dryspell and use your tornado to throw everyone into the pool. Watch out for the turret and don't worry about the timer.

  • Make some popcorn.

    After completing the Thunder Theater and unlocking the Thunder ability, backtrack to The Farm level. Head south to find a corn field. Rain on it to make them grow and then use your thunder to make popcorn.

  • Beat First Person Cloud without picking up any ammo.

    This can only be completed on New Game Plus. Complete the DreamQuack level and then return to your home to find an arcade machine; play it to begin the FPC level. Currently, this is glitched so that if you quit out of the level immediately your achievement will pop. The proper way to complete this is to use one snowball to freeze a Hooman and then use your tornado to throw them at other Hoomans, enemies, and generators to finish the level. Just make sure to not accidentally pick up any ammo (snowballs).

  • Get the CloudOut ball moving over 200 m/s.

    This is completed on the CloudOut level. Use your snow to turn the Hooman into a snowball and then pile up a bunch of snow in the middle where he spawned in. If you are lucky, the Hooman will start bouncing back and forth off the side walls gaining speed. Otherwise, just keep piling in the snow and when the Hooman respawns he should immediately start going really fast.

  • Steal all the paintings from the museum.

    This can only be completed on New Game Plus. Load the Museum level and use your tornado to grab all of the paintings off of the wall. Carry them to the end of the level and throw them out of the museum. Don't worry about the painting in the glass, that is your main objective and we don't need it.

  • Do not let Seattle take any damage

    This can only be completed on New Game Plus. Load up the Seattle Defense level and prepare to take on waves of enemies.

    For the first wave, use your snow to create a line and destroy the enemies. Don't forget to refill your water in the ocean and while the first wave is ending you can build hedges in front of the buildings.

    For the second wave, use your snow to take out most of the enemies and use your thunder on the enemies that don't die to the snow.

    For the third wave, you'll be given a turret. Place it central and continue your strategy from the second wave.

    For the fifth wave, you'll get a tesla coil. You can thunder strike it to cause an area of effect that damages all enemies. But, the tesla coil has to recharge. Place it center and continue your current strategy using the coil when needed.

    For the sixth wave, you'll get another turret. Position it more toward the top of the screen and continue your strategy.

    For the seventh wave, you'll get another tesla coil. Position it top-center and continue your strategy.

    For the eighth wave, you'll get another turret. Move everything to the center. Wave eight is a quick wave before the final boss.

    The final wave is the ninth. The boss is slow moving and with everything center you should destroy it in no time. Make sure to use your thunder and your tesla coils when charged.

  • Get through the Dryspell Canyon within the time limit and without getting hit.

    This can only be completed on New Game Plus. Play the Cloudbuster Canyon and you will now have a timer. Follow the path that I take to complete it without getting hit. You can also use the in-game camera to stop time and think about what you want to do next.

  • Crash Dryspell's Resort within the time limit and without getting hit.

    This can only be completed on New Game Plus. Load Villa Del Dryspell and rain on all the Hoomans within 20 seconds and without getting hit. Just focus on raining on the Hoomans while moving around the area in a big circle. Try not to turn around as you will almost always get hit by the turret.

  • Infiltrate Dryspell's Secret Base within the time limit and without getting hit.

    This can only be completed on New Game Plus. Load Dr. Dryspell's Secret Base and you must complete it in under 1 minute and 40 seconds without getting hit. You need to eliminate the first three turrets by using your thunder on the glowing lights next to them. Then there is a right room and a left room. The right room you need to rush through dodging the turret shots (don't try to eliminate them) and flip the switch. For the left room, take your time and use the cover provided to take out all the turrets and flip the second switch. The boss fight is a larger turret where you need to use the oil and fire to light the four generators on fire and then create a ring around the turret to destroy it when it's shield is down.

  • Beat the Mt. Dryspell within the time limit and without getting hit.

    This can only be completed on New Game Plus. Load The Bowels of Mt. Dryspell and complete the level in under a minute without getting hit. You need to destroy the turrets by either having them hit each other or by snowing on their tracks to make them fall down. You can't complete the level without eliminating the turrets.

  • Meow meow secret achievement meow.

    The Achievement Cat can be found under a mountain south of the Seattle Defense level. You will need to use your thunder to remove the mountain and talk to the cat. Don't skip the cat's dialogue or the achievement won't pop and you'll need to reload your game.


Secret achievements

  • ????????

    After completing the It Came From The Sky level's objectives, you will unlock the chainsaw accessory. Equip it and backtrack to the Cloudy Hill level. Your achievement should pop once you start the level.

  • ?????????????

    After completing the Beach level's objectives, you will unlock the sunglasses accessory. Equip it and head to the Spoopy Forest Road level. Your achievement should pop once you start the level.

  • ???????????

    After completing the Parade level, there is a ????? level next to it. Start this level and you will be in a sort of office space dedicated to the devs. Head to the top left into Dane's office and use your tornado. The game will kick you out back to the main menu for your achievement.

  • ?????????????

    This can only be done on New Game Plus. A new level DO NOT MOVE will apear next to the Secret Base level. Start this level and don't move for 1 hour. Seriously, just put your controller down for an hour and this achievement is yours!

DLC: Rain on Your DLC (Store Link)

There are 11 achievements with a total of 500 points

  • Win the Game Show

    The Megadrop Show is a challenge course that you need to complete in under 3 minutes. It is broken into five distinct sections. The first section is a small room with 25 Hoomans that you need to wet. Use your newly acquired Megadrop ability to wet them all quickly. The second section is a room of 18 turrets that you need to wet. Again, use your Megadrop ability to wet them all quickly, but beware of their missiles as getting hit will add 5 seconds to your time. The third sections has you wetting 60 more Hoomans who are spread out in groups among a maze. Make your way through the Maze using your Megadrop ability on the different groups. The fourth section is another room of 8 turrets, but they aren't reachable. So, you need to use the splash from your Megadrop to wet them. The fifth and final section has 54 Hoomans and 9 more turrets. Wet them all again with your Megadrop to finish the level in under 3 minutes.

    See the video below for more information.
  • Win High Score on Cloud n Beats

    The level Cloud n Beats is a rhythm style minigame where you need to use your various abilities at the right to gain score. To beat the high score, you need to surpass 60,000 points. The easiest way to do this is to hit as many Perfect! notes as possible by waiting for the last possible moment to use your ability. If you hit enough of these in a row, you can even afford to miss some notes toward the end and still beat the high score.

    See the video below for more information.
  • Defy Jakub's will

    Cloudshock is a reference to Bioshock and has you following the instructions of Rain On Your Parade's lead developer to progress through the level. At the end you will come to a DELETE button that the developer will tell you to press. Don't press that button and instead head left, using your wrench rain (acquired earlier in the level) to clear the path and find the developer in a side room. Rain on him until he tells you that you win and the level ends.
    See the video below for more information.
  • Don't let Cloudy soak anyone in Shine on Your Day

    On the level Shine On Your Day, you will play as The Sun and need to stop Cloudy from raining on the Hoomans. To do this, you need to keep running into Cloudy, which will cause Cloudy to be stunned. Some Hoomans will start the level already wet, alternate between stunning Cloudy and drying off the already wet Hoomans to complete the level.
    See the video below for more information.
  • Beat SHMUP level without getting hit

    SHMUP is a top-down fixed shooter level, where you need to destroy the Sun enemies and the boss to complete it.

    It is recommended to grab as many ammo pickups as possible and only destroy the Sun enemies that move, shoot multiple bullets, or shoot homing bullets. Don't bother fighting the stationary enemies and the ones that shoot in a straight line, it is easy to just avoid them. At the boss fight, stick to the right or left side of the screen and destroy any enemies that spawn on your side. Don't worry about the boss or any enemies that spawn on the other side of the screen just avoid their bullets for now. Eventually, the smaller enemies will stop spawning and it will just be you and the boss. Move to the center of the screen and just shoot the boss until it is defeated.
    See the video below for more information.
  • Complete all DLC levels

    A DLC level is considered complete when the main objective(s) of the level are done. The main objective(s) of any level will be at the top of the objective list and denoted with a star next to them. Every level has optional objectives to earn more stars and cosmetics, but these are not required to progress and complete the DLC.

Secret achievements

  • Destroy all pirate boats on Sail

    The level Sail requires you to lead your ship (using your tornado ability) around a bunch of islands to collect treasure. But there are pirate ships in these waters. Leave your boat at the dock and head out to the ocean using your lightning to destroy any pirate ships you find. There are 16 of them in total, so all you must do is destroy them all. They like to roam around the top right side of the area but will spread out around the islands too.
    See the video below for more information.
  • Grow all mystery crops on Cloud Valley

    Cloud Valley is like a new hub area where you can grow different kinds of crops to earn money to then grow even better crops.

    To grow a crop, purchase a seed from one of the labeled boxes boxes (by using your lightning), then prepare the land (by using your lightning), and drop the seed in (by using your tornado). Don’t forget to water your crops. The crops will grow over time whether you are in Cloud Valley or playing a different level, so always return to check on your crops. To cultivate them, using your lightning on the completed crops and then use your tornado to drag the produce to the box to be sold.

    To maximize profits, eventually you should shift to growing mostly/only bananas as they are the most expensive seed and sell for the most money.

    To earn this achievement, you need to grow all the ? seeds. You should notice a box labeled ? that initially costs 200 coins. Earn enough money with your other crops and then purchase this seed and grow it. Once cultivated, it will add scenery to your farm and a new ? seed will be available for 400 coins. Rinse and repeat and then you will need to purchase the final ? seed for 600. Once you have cultivated all three mystery seeds this achievement is yours! Keep in mind, you can’t grow multiple ? seeds at once.
  • Get a hole in one in Cloud Golf

    See Golf Master (50G) for more information.
  • You have mastered the sport!

    Cloud Golf is a mini-golf course consisting of 9 holes. You will need to score a hole in one on one of the holes (I recommend Hole 2, 5, or 8 to earn Hole In One). You will need to finish each of the 9 holes under par for this achievement. Luckily, each hole has a reset button so if you mess up or finish above par just hit the button to reset your ball and stroke count.
    See the video below for more information.
  • Two years of our work, gone in minutes :(

    The level Development Museum is a collection of photos from the development process of the game. You need to destroy every photo in this level. There are 37 of them and they can be destroyed with your lightning. None of them are particularly hidden, so this should be no issue at all.
    See the video below for more information.

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