-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 0
-Online: 12
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 10-12 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2.5
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: Happy Ending
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats

Defeating the final boss is required for Happy Ending, but sometimes he will not die! Despite having no health, he keeps fighting. Keep repeating the boss battle and you eventually get it. Most achievements are easy, besides Speedy Climber.

Welcome to Rainbow Islands: TA. You have two basic actions. Jump, , and shoot, . What you shoot, there are rainbows. To destroy enemies, you can either hit them directly with your rainbows or sprinkle broken rainbow dust on them. To break rainbows, you can either jump into them from below or stand on top and press . If you connect several rainbows and press on one of them, all the rainbows sprinkle star dust below, creating wide range attack. This strategy is crucial for bosses. For the quickest way to get 200/200, make sure to defeat every boss in your first playthrough. You have two other moves, creating a Rainbow Shield and Rainbow Jump which each have their own achievements but are not entirely important otherwise.

Step #1: Story Mode
The Story Mode has ten areas with ten bosses. You can choose to fight the boss or jump higher and avoid the fight. For achievements sake, fight and defeat all of them. You can use continues and it doesn’t need to be in one sitting. Defeating all ten bosses is the only way to get the final boss and the Happy Ending achievement.

Now, starting out in the first area, you can get Acrobatic Feats and Better Safe than Sorry within a minute or two. Simply jump than make a rainbow in mid-air and land on that rainbow. Then find the first tank you see and hold and press to deflect his attack for the latter achievement. With those two out of the way, you can concentrate on getting to 1,000m without getting hit for First Step and Invincible. If you feel you can’t beat the boss without getting hit, then in this case, skip the battle. You will need to beat all ten eventually though.

Working your way up, work on your chains and collecting diamonds for Superjump and Help From a Comet. Build up your rainbow jump to Level 7 and collect all 7 diamonds to get these two.

Step #2: Happy Ending
To obtain the good ending, you need to defeat all the bosses in the ten areas. When you beat the last boss, a final battle with the Crimson King awaits. During this battle, you can get three achievements total. You will be fighting at 10,000m, but you will need to climb on rainbows up and off the screen to achieve Take it to the Limit at 10,500m. Now quit making rainbows and fall back down 40m to get Questionable Talent. Obviously you will be falling much farther. Climbing this high will burn up a lot of time, so you may have to play the tenth boss again to get to the final boss. Use the strategy/video in the Achievement Guide to defeat the Crimson King and get Happy Ending.

Step #3: Time Attack
You must play every area in the story to unlock all the areas in Time Attack. Play each area once for Eager Challenger and defeat one of them in under a minute to get Speedy Climber. One minute is indeed quite difficult, so try it in the first area. Continually jump and make rainbows and climb quickly.

Step #4: Challenge Mode
One achievement lies in the Challenge Mode, where you don’t have continues. Defeat the bosses to get extra time and powerups to reach 5,000m, and Halfway Point. This is your half playthrough as mentioned in the Overview. Now that you have beaten Story Mode and played Time Attack this shouldn’t be too daunting.

Once you get the hang of things, the achievements come rather easily. None of them are automatic, but at the end of the day it is an obtainable and satisfying 200.

x360a would like to thank litepink for this Road Map

Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Reach <1000m> in "Story" Mode.

    See Invincible

  • Reach <5000m> in "Challenge" Mode.

    Unlike Story Mode where you can use continues, Challenge Mode gives you one life and no continues. Defeat the bosses to get powerups and crystals. Even if you get hit twice or so, it is worth it because of the reward you get for beating the boss. If you are at the fifth boss with plenty of time left, ignore it and get to 5,000m.

  • Complete the game with the Good Ending.

    There are ten boss fights between 0-9,999m. You have a choice of fighting them or avoiding them. You must defeat all ten bosses to face the true final boss the Crimson King. Luckily, you do not need to defeat them all in one life or continue. When you select the Story Mode, you can see the areas where you beat the boss, there is a gold star next to the area if you did. Hit to produce rainbows and tap to burst the rainbow dust onto the bosses. Create a chain of rainbows then burst them when you are over a safe spot to land after the one underneath you bursts to deal lots of damage. Once you have defeated the first nine bosses, start in the last area (9,000m), climb your way up and defeat the boss. Now with all ten bosses beat, you will face the final boss at 10,000m, the Crimson King. Defeat him for the good ending.

    Here is a video showing the final battle. Hit his Voltron-like hands with rainbows and fall down. When he swoops in, hit him with a rainbow and then stay low. He will drop three robots which you should defeat quickly to get crystals and powerups. Play it careful and repeat to beat him.

    Thanks to kookyscientist for providing the video 

  • Produce a rainbow while jumping and climb it.

    Should be one of the first achievements you get. Hit to jump then quickly hit to make a rainbow and climb it. Try rolling your right thumb over the buttons to get the correct timing.

  • Bounce an enemy attack off a Rainbow Shield.

    Hold and hit to create a circular rainbow shield around you. In the first area, stand next to a tank. When he flashes, make a shield and you will deflect his attack.

  • Successfully collect all diamonds.

    Attempt this in the first 1,000m. Climb above your enemies and make a rainbow or rainbow chain over them. Hit on top of the rainbow to turn the enemy into a diamond. Simply shooting them with a rainbow will not create a diamond, you have to drop rainbow dust on them. Collect one of each of the seven colored diamonds to get the achievement.

  • Use Rainbow Jump at Lv7.

    To obtain a Rainbow Jump, you must chain together 8 kills (the second kill is called a 1 chain, and so on). Repeat the process 7 times to get a Lv7 jump. Hit up on the to make the jump. Getting 8 kills isn't that hard. Plan your path out from one enemy to the next and burst the rainbows underneath you if you missed some to keep the chain going.

  • Play all Areas in "Time Attack" mode.

    First, play through the entire story mode (either ending). This unlocks all the Time Attack stages. The description says "Play all Areas" but that is a bit misleading because you must finish and post a time in each area. Just forget about the time and take it easy and avoid boss battles.

  • Clear one Area in "Time Attack" mode in under a minute.

    This is one of the hardest achievements in the game. Use the method in Acrobatic Feats to climb up high and quickly. If you get hit, keep going, it is your actual time that matters. Ignore the boss and get up in under a minute. It is hard because you might fall or get hit and get your rhythm ruined, but one minute is feasible.

    thanks to Todaysforgotten for the video
  • Reach <1000m> without suffering any damage.

    Reaching 1,000m should be easy. Doing so without taking damage shouldn't be much harder. Take it slow until you reach the boss. Then when you get to the boss, avoid the fight and get to the 1,000m mark. Use the method in Acrobatic Feats to get away from the boss quickly.

  • Reach <10,500m>.

    Defeat all ten bosses that appear between 0m-9,999m. You must destroy all ten, rather than jumping up and avoiding the boss battles. With all bosses beaten, you will unlock the final battle with the Crimson King. Instead of attacking him, shoot your rainbows quickly and walk up them. This will lead you off the top of the screen. The boss will continue doing what he does while you keep climbing. Make sure to move left and right every once and awhile, as you will hit the edges. Repeat this until you reach 10,500m. As your falling back down, you should also get Questionable Talent. Here is a video showing this method. Notice the character is off screen but the meters are still going up. You can also reach 10,500m by beating the Crimson King and then chasing after Holly.

    thanks to Todaysforgotten for the video
  • Tombez de 40m sans atterrir une seule fois.

    This achievement is initially in French, but is written in English as shown above once unlocked. After you get Take it to the Limit, you can stop making rainbows and fall 500m, which is obviously plenty. Otherwise, find a nice path to fall and you will get the achievement right when you hit the robot following underneath.

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