-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 30-40hrs
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3 (1 per class)
-Number of missable achievements: None (repeatable levels)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheat codes
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
-Glitchy achievements: Critical Hit (Works on Rogue only), Eternal Hero (Replay the last level until it unlocks)
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? : 2nd Controller

In Realms of Ancient War, you can play as one of three heroes tasked with helping a King recover his body from the clutches of a dark spell. This journey takes you through the various regions of the world, to fight against Dwarves, Undead, Elves and Demon-like creatures and you try to both save the king, and bring light back into the world.

First Playthrough:
All of your playthroughs will involve you playing as a different one of the three heroes (Wizard, Warrior, Rogue), so pick your favorite one to play first. In this game difficulty doesn't matter achievement-wise, so pick whichever one you feel comfortable with. You will want to shoot for saving up 50,000 gold at one time for "The Path of Fortune", which is easier than it sounds, and you can start saving after purchasing the first legendary set from the Dwarf Quarry merchant for "The Full Set Collector". As you play through the game you will want to keep an eye out for statues of Kilthi for "The Great Explorer"; they aren't collectibles, but instead things you need to find and use. You should be able to make it through a number of levels without dying for "Fearless Hero", even on Heroic. "The Spirit Master" will unlock for you once you possess 15 enemies via when prompted, and there are far more than 15 enemies you can possess. "Critical Hit" will come to those players who can reach a damage stat and skill stat high enough to deal 2500+ damage with one attack. Also, keep an eye out for side quests for "The Adventurer Spirit". Finishing the game will net you "Battle for a New Alliance".

Second Playthrough + Clean up :
Same deal as playthrough one, but on a different character. If you have missed any statues for Kilthi, you can stay on your primary character and go back to get them, or get them all on your new character for "The Great Explorer". Same scenario with the quests for "Adventurer Spirit", if you've missed some you can just go back, or just go through all of them now for the experience points and loot.

Third Playthrough:
Once again, same deal, different character. Completing the game this time around will net you "Eternal Hero".

This can be done at any time for "A Team of Heroes" if you have a second controller and have that controller join your game.

Heroic Tips:
If you choose to play on Heroic, there are some tips that may help you out.
*Stay mobile. Move around as much as possible in combat to avoid attacks, especially the slower moving ranged spells and arrows that do the most damage.
*Focus more on defense/healing when you can. Once you're comfortable with your survivability, put some points into a spell or skill that does damage so you can make the fights a bit quicker.
*Remember: You can always go back to play a level if you need more Soulstones (revive you upon death, you receive one for every level you finish/repeat) or more life potions (repeat the Dwarf Quarry for these, between drops and all three merchants there are lots of health potions in this level).
*You can always chill somewhere and wait while your hp/mp regenerate if you need to prepare for a big battle, or just don't feel like wasting any potions.
*Keep your armor upgraded. Don't play through the game with your starting equipment, if you see legendary armor on sale, and it's good, save up for it and buy it. You can either buy it then, or go back later when you have the money.
* let's you instantly use a health potion, a mana.



[x360a would like to thank Shiftie for this Roadmap]

R.A.W. - Realms of Ancient War Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • You have completed the game with all heroes

    Simply play through the entire campaign once on each of the three heroes. This achievement is known to get buggy once you are on the final boss with your last hero. Once you reach that point, players have reported that defeating the boss repeatedly (about 3 times) will eventually unlock the achievement, or changing the difficulty and defeating him on that achievement. Try both methods if necessary.

  • You have raised all of your skills to level 1

    Each character has a total of 21 skills, divided into three "tiers" that unlock at level 1, 10, and 20 respectively. Some later skills require you to unlock and max out a lower tier skill first (indicated by a line connecting the two), while some require just one point in a previous skill (a dashed line), but most skills can be purchased once you reach the required level. Eventually you'll be able to buy a Amnesia Scroll to reset your skill points (one can be purchased from a merchant in Chapel of the Alliance for 7007 (they also drop/are found in chests from time to time).

  • You have 50,000 gold coins


    This IS one of those annoying money collection achievements where you need all 50,000 gold in your pocket for the achievement to pop. Luckily, you don't need to purchase stuff too often, aside from the Legendary set if you're on Heroic (highly recommended, very good set to use) and maybe a good legendary to fill the rest of your slots. Though really, after you have the armor set you can just wait for items to drop if you want, or you can just not spend any money at all since decent stuff will drop, eventually. I didn't get this until I reach the first Elf area because I had spent about 15k on gear already.

  • You have found 5 statues of Kilthi


    The statues of the Goddess Kilthi are rather tall statues of the Goddess that can be used to heal you to full health/mana/both (varies) using .

    Darkhabir's Forge
    After getting by the walkway through the lava and entering the dark tunnels again, hug the left wall until you reach a dead end, where you'll find the statue.

    Hidden Passage
    You'll come to a fork, with one path leading North (the path you need to progress) and the other leading Easy on to a dock. Follow the East path to find the statue at the end of the dock.

    Red Moon
    After coming across the first group of Elves, who you then save from Werewolves, continue into the next path and take a left to see the red statue (you should see it fine from the path while you're fighting more werewolves). This is right before another Dominant Werewolf fight.

    The Sanctuary
    Once you reach the area with the Ent that you can possess, there is a short side path leading from the East of this area that has the statue

    Sunset Tower
    Follow the left path when the path splits and you'll come to a staircase that takes you into a new area. The new area is an exterior courtyard-type area with a fenced in like park area in the middle of it. The statue is on the right side of that fenced in area.

  • You have struck an enemy for 2500+ HP damage

    This achievement seems to only pop on the Rogue class, which can reach the required damage rather consistently in the end game, especially with the Shadow armor set.

  • You've completed a level without once dying

    It's probably best to just set the game to Normal difficulty for this one and just go through the first level on your preferred character. However, you can do heroic difficulty as long as you take the time to heal/mana up (via regen) before entering any big battles, such as those with the elite enemies in the first level. The game will warn you before you enter battle with the first elite, so just remember to watch for them for the remainder of the level so you don't die. Often times, the elite will be followed by a large wave of enemies as well, so always be prepared for that and save any area of effect attacks you may have.

    Personally, as my Wizard (on Heroic), I did this achievement on level 3 since there are only a few ranged enemies (though the spiders are definitely a nuisance), and as I equipped each legendary armor piece, my abilities got to be pretty ridiculous. Fireball lv 2 and 3, and Toxic Cloud 1 made quick work of any packs of enemies I had to deal with, and having mana preservation 1 just made life simpler. I barely used Energy Shield 1 or Shockwave 1 since the small explosions from the Fireballs were just great.

  • You have possessed 15 mobs

    After learning to possess enemies in level 2 by tapping next to enemies with the symbol underneath them, you'll be able to regularly jump into a foe (anything from giant spiders, to Ents), and see what they see, while also using their attacks for a brief period of time. You should get this by about level 5 (possibly sooner) if you jump into every enemy possible, and quickly jump back out of the weaker ones, which will die instantly so you can jump into another one (like in the fight with the Spider Queen boss).

  • You have killed 1000 mobs in the main campaign

    Simply decimate 1000 foes during your playthrough of the campaign. You will get this by about the 3rd level if you kill just about every enemy you come across.

  • You have completed 50 quests

    As you progress through the game, you'll come across certain people with over there head, who you can talk to and receive a quest from. Some of these quests are necessary for progression through the game, others are just sidequests that you can complete for fun, or riches. In either case, make sure you fully explore every area you come across in order to do every quest. You can activate a marker that points in the direction of the quest-related area, by hitting and tabbing toward the quest tab ( or ), highlighting the quest you want, and pressing to make an arrow appear that points you in the right direction OR you can just press .

    Look HERE for a full quest guide.

  • You have equipped a full set of epic or legendary armor

    Legendary armor is the armor with a purple or orange item name, which you can start finding in about level 3. Note that it can drop and be purchased from the merchants in the area, so try and clear most of the area around the merchants to see if any items have dropped for you class (Arcane for Wizard, Power for Warrior, Vigil for Rogue), you'll only need a helmet, armor and leggings for a "set". Also note that each class has different prices for their armor in the shops.

    Shop 1 (Dwarf Quarry)
    Wizard (Arcane Set): Armor = 4200, Leggings* = 4200, Helm = 4200
    Warrior (Power Set): Armor = 3850, Leggings = 4025, Helm = 4025
    Rogue (Vigil Set): Armor = 3850, Leggings = 4375, Helm = 4375
    *Wizard legs dropped off of an enemy for me

    Shop 2 (Dark Woods, lvl 15 armor)
    Wizard (Hurricane): Set = 7875 each
    Warrior (Fury): Armor = 7700, Leggings = 7875, Helm = 8225
    Rogue (Hunter): Armor = 7700, Leggings = 7875, Helm = 7875

    Shop 3 (Blackout, lvl 15 Orange set*)
    Wizard (Divine Storm): Armor = 15599, Leggings = 17550, Helm = 16575
    Warrior (Rage): Armor = 15599, Leggings = 17550, Helm = 17550
    Rogue (Moonlight): Same as Warrior
    *Costs are after 1 skill point in the merchant bartering skill

    Shop 4 (Baldher's Gate, lvl 25 Purple set**)
    Wizard (Cataclysm): Armor = 11212, Leggings = 10887, Helm = 11050
    Warrior (Destruction): Armor = 11050, Leggings = 11050, Helm = 11212
    Rogue (Predator): Armor = 10887, Leggings = 11050, Helm = 11375
    *Again, 1 skill point discounted prices
    **Each class now also has a set weapon (not needed for the achievement)

    Shop 5 (Desert of Soth, lvl 25 Orange Set)
    Wizard (Chaos): Armor= 23400, Leggings = 24375, Helm = 24050
    Warrior (Martyr): Armor = 23400, Leggings = 25025, Helm = 24700
    Rogue ( Shadow): Armor = 23400, Leggings = 24700, Helm = 25025

  • You have played with a friend

    While in a game, turn on a second controller then press to join the game and have the achievement pop. You can do this at any time for easy points.

  • You have completed the game a first time

    Finish the game once on any difficulty, with any character. The achievement will pop as soon as the credits start rolling.

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