- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 36/36 (1000)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 15-25 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (2 on levels that have speed trophies)
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

The game offers only local co-op and only the Primary Profile will be able to earn achievements

Rayman is back! Once again in the form of fantastic side scrolling platforming action. The game is simply beautiful, has an amazing soundtrack and plays silky smooth. The game plays much like classic side scrolling games of the SNES era, you get hit once you become "bubblized" unless you have an extra heart handy. Fortunately the game has a smart checkpoint system so you won't be forced to complete the entire level from scratch upon death (unless you are attempting a speed trophy) and respawn at the beginning of the area you entered. Fans of previous Rayman titles or classic platforming look no further, this adventure is one of the best side scrolling platformers to come out in years.

I would suggest playing through the game at your own pace as your skill and familiarity with the game will increase the further you progress. There are 6 story related achievements that will come with natural progression, 12 completion related achievements (hidden cages, skull teeth, speed trophies, medallions), 15 miscellaneous/skill related achievements and 3 that will come naturally with just playing the game (Sprinter!, Fisher King!, Hover Happy!).

All in all the game is not too difficult to complete, although some may find difficulty in some of the time trial challenges and Lum collecting in later levels. If you are finding some levels/challenges to be frustrating simply move on or replay earlier levels. The game has plenty of fun platforming to offer to those with patience and persistence. Happy Platforming!

[x360a would like to thank Bum Commando for this roadmap]

Rayman Origins Achievement Guide

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There are 36 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Head Nymph Betilla is Free!

    Unlocked after freeing the Nymph in "Jibberish Jungle". Story Related.

  • Holly Luya, the Music Nymph is Free!

    Unlocked after freeing the Nymph in "Desert of Dijiridoos". Story Related.

  • Edith Up, the Gourmet Fairy is Free!

    Unlocked after freeing the Nymph in "Gourmand Land". Story Related.

  • Annetta Fish, the Ocean Nymph is Free!


    Unlocked after freeing the Nymph in "Sea of Serendipity". Story Related.

  • Helena Handbasket, the Mountain Nymph is Free!


    Unlocked after freeing the Nymph in "Mystical Pique". Story Related.

  • Scout



    You found 10 hidden cages.


    Hidden cages are obtained by freeing Electoons by defeating all the enemies and breaking the locks on the cage or a simple ground pound can break them open with one hit. There are typically 2 hidden areas in each level containing caged electoons and 1 at the end that you must free in order to complete the level. 

    There is only one cage in the flying zones which are unlocked upon completion of the level. If you are having trouble finding a secret area keep an open ear. You will hear them cry for help when you are near an entrance. The Electoons also appear on the medallion in the order they appear in the level so make sure to note which ones you are missing if you go to replay a level. 
    See the Hidden Cages Video Guide for all hidden cages. 
  • You found 25 hidden cages.


    See Scout achievement description.

  • You found ALL hidden cages.


    See Scout achievement description.

  • Earned 5 speed trophies!


    Speed Trophies are earned by completing the Trophy time on a level. In order to do a speed run you must have completed the level at least once. When you go to replay a previously completed level there will be a gold stopwatch somewhere near the beginning. Attack it and the time trial will commence. There will be two different times listed on the time trial. The faster of the two times will earn you a speed trophy. Some of the trials are not too troublesome but some can require near perfect platforming jumps. Just replay the level over and look for shortcuts and ways to decrease your time. Avoid hovering if you can as you go slower and if you lose momentum hit the attack button to speed up (this can be particularly helpful on ice levels or when you are going uphill). Other than that you will generally want to avoid running into enemies, if you bubblize you will have to restart from the beginning of the level. Generally speaking you should be holding down  or  constantly.

  • Turbo!



    Earned 15 speed trophies!


    See Speedy achievement description.

  • Nitro!



    Earned ALL speed trophies!

    See Speedy achievement description.

  • Completed 10 Medallions.


    This one is easier than it sounds. Simply collect all the Electoons on a level medallion, you do NOT have to obtain the gold ribbon for collecting 350 Lums! (phew!) You are only required to collect all the cages in the level, complete a basic time trial (not required for flying levels), and collect 300 Lums or however many the level requires to receive both Electoons. There is generally 3 or 5 Electoons to a medallion.

  • Completed 25 Medallions.

    See Electoon Friend achievement description.

  • Completed ALL Medallions.

    See Electoon Friend achievement description.

  • Earned 1 Skull Tooth.

    There are 10 Skull teeth total, 1 per world. You obtain them by completing chase levels where you must chase a treasure chest through a death trap and beat the uhh... tooth out of it at the end (on some levels this can be particularly satisfying after many trial and error attempts). Avoid hovering if you can as this will slow you down. Avoid unnecessary jumping and try to time every jump wisely. If you end up having to grab onto a ledge this will generally result in failure (on the later levels at least). Keep your momentum up and above all keep that  button firmly pressed. If you are having troubles there are now full video playthroughs on all 10 skull teeth on YouTube.

  • Earned 5 Skull Teeth.


    See Milk Tooth achievement description.

  • Earned ALL Skull Teeth.

    See Milk Tooth achievement description.

  • Popped 50 Enemy Bubbles.

    Jump on an enemy or attack them to "bubblize". Not all but most enemies can be bubblized. Attack them once to bubblize and attack them again to make them pop. This is cumulative and will come rather quickly.

  • Chain-Bubblized 4 Enemies.

    This can be done on world "Jibberish Jungle" level "Go With The Flow". Find the second secret area and there will be 6 enemies in the room. Go straight to the cage at the far side without attacking any of them. Kick the last two into the two in the middle and the achievement will unlock.

  • Replayed any completed map.

    Complete the same level twice. Pretty straight forward. 

  • Completed a level without taking a hit!

    Easily done on "Over the Rainbow" in "Jibberish Jungle". Theres only one enemy at the very end of the level so be sure to hit him before he hits you.

  • Inhaled 50 things on Moskito-back.

    While on Moskito-back hold  or  to inhale. Simply inhale 50 things. This achievement is cumulative so you don't need to do it in one level.

  • Saved ALL Darktooned Wizards in "Port 'O Panic".

    In "Port 'O Panic" you'll see several wizards running around with Darktoons on their heads. Attack them to free them. They are all fairly out in the open so take your time and make sure you get them all as you progress. The achievement should unlock after saving the last wizard.

  • Played an Unlocked Character in any map.

    Return to the Snoring Tree and jump into one of the bubbles to change your character. Complete any level with an unlocked character (not one of the four default characters). If you want to do it quickly just run through the rainbow level in "Jibberish Jungle".

  • One hour of flight time!

    You unlock the ability to hover in the "Desert of Dijiridoos". This will come in time and you will likely unlock this before the end of your first playthrough.

  • Crushed 50 Enemies.

    Press down on the  and  over an enemy to crush them. Do this to 50 enemies.

  • Simultaneously crushed 4 enemies.

    Press down on the  and  over an enemy to crush them. Line up four enemies to simultaneously crush them. You can easily get this is the level "Golly G. Golem" in the first hidden door. You find it right after you pop one of the red explosive buds. Instead of going left go right to find the entrance.

  • Sprinted a Marathon!

    To sprint hold . Theres no way to track this but it should unlock near the end of the game depending on how often you hold it down.

  • Swam a Marathon!

    Same idea as Sprinter! You unlock the ability to swim in Sea of Serendipity. You should unlock this before you've finished all of your time trials. If not just swim around in an easy water level until the achievement pops.

  • Perform a swipe-to-air Kick Combo!

    For Kung Fu Combo! stand right next to an enemy standing still. Make a swipe with  down +  to put him into the air, then jump with  and make a high-kick with  up +  to send him out of sight high in the air. Perform this fast enough to make a combo and the achievement will unlock.

  • Sprinted for an Entire Level!

    Easily done on "Over the Rainbow" level in "Jibberish Jungle". Hold down  the entire time to keep in constant motion and you shouldn't have any troubles unlocking this. If you are having troubles getting the achievement to unlock make sure you hold down  even after breaking the cage. 

  • Bounce-Bubblized 11 Enemies without landing in "Polar Pursuit!"

    In "Polar Pursuit" you will get to a section where you jump into water and darktoons will float overhead. Bounce off each one consecutively and the achievement will unlock. There are exactly 11 darktoons here so if you mess up just run into a spike or enemy to bubblize yourself and you'll restart at the beginning of the area.

  • Beat the Giant Eel within 60 Seconds in "Aim for the Eel."

    This is easier than it sounds. After the first pass the eel makes shoot out all of the bulbs on the top half then shoot out all the bulbs on its bottom half and keep shooting the pink part of his tail until you defeat him. Do this in under 60 seconds and the achievement should unlock right afterwards.

  • Survived a Piranha Pond without a scratch!

    Piranha ponds are found in the later levels. They are red and will have a swarm of piranhas in them following you. Perform a crush into the water using down on the  and  to get underneath the piranhas giving you enough time to swim around them without a scratch! You can also do this in local co-op mode easily. Bubblize yourself and just guide Rayman through and out of the piranha pond and it will unlock.

  • You Bubblized a Hunter with his own live missile!

    A Hunter is an enemy that shoots homing missiles out of a bazooka. Simply redirect the missile back at the Hunter and the achievement will unlock after he is bubblized. An easy level to do this is "Outta My Way" in "Ticklish Temples".


Secret achievements

  • Ding, Dong, the Livid Boss is Dead!

    After collecting all ten Skull Teeth the reaper will grant passage to Land of the Livid Dead. This level is easily the most challenging in the game. Nearly every jump has to be well timed and precise. This is where the veterans of retro platforming madness will shine! At the end of the level you will fight the Livid Boss. The boss isn't very difficult in comparison to the rest of the level unfortunately. After you beat the boss with three well placed hits the achievement will pop.

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