String of Success Achievement in Real Racing 2

  • String of Success



    Place first in 10 consecutive multiplayer races


    How to unlock String of Success

    You will need a second Windows Phone device for this. Multiplayer is only available locally, meaning you will need to connect two devices over a Wi-Fi connection. Make sure both of your phones are capable of running the game; you will need 1gb of RAM to play the game. You can use your gamertag on both devices simultaneously, so won't need to purchase the game again.

    Pick King's Speedway, 1 lap. Once the race has started, quit out with one of the devices and finish the race with the other. Rince and repeat ten times.

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  • Bullshhit!!!!!!!!
  • Lol...good luck with this one guys
  • If any one in Dublin, Ireland wants to meet in town and get this achievement, send me a PM on the forums.

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