Western Stranger Achievement in Red Dead Redemption II

  • Western Stranger



    Complete 10 Stranger mission strands.

    How to unlock Western Stranger

    In Red Dead Redemption II, Stranger missions are optional side missions that appear on the world map and mini map with a clouded white question mark icon. As you enter the clouded area, the question mark icon will be revealed more clearly.

    There are more than two dozen Stranger missions in the game, but you will only need to complete ten of them for this achievement. That being said, you will need to complete an entire Stranger mission strand in order to make progress towards this achievement. Stranger missions are typically made up of three to four (sometimes even five, six, or seven) individual missions; subsequent missions within a strand will sometimes not become available until some Story progress has been made.

    Fortunately, none of these Stranger missions are missable and you can still find and complete them after completing the main narrative. If you need to keep track of your progress at any time, pause your game, and then check your stats under Progress > Total Completion > Strangers.

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  • Within the game, I see the status of this achievement as 8/10. However, the Xbox menu denotes 20%. Is this normal?
  • In "Total completition" i have it checked, but xbox says i'm 70% with this achievement
  • seems like this doesn't get tracked in the game menu. Makes it pretty useless.
    RDR2 surprisingly did a lot wrong, considering the predecessor got most of it right...

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