It's Art Achievement in Red Dead Redemption II

  • It's Art



    Find a permanent home for the squirrel statue.

    How to unlock It's Art

    In order to obtain this achievement, you will first need to complete all five Hunting Requests for Ms. Hobbs. Please note that the fifth of these Hunting Requests will only be available in the Epilogue, after you have completed the main storyline.

    The first four Hunting Requests are available right at the start of Chapter 2. They can be initiated at any time by reading any of the Hunting Request posters inside the Post Offices of Valentine, Strawberry, Rhodes, or Saint Denis. Each individual request will task you with hunting two to five animals and collecting their perfect carcass (as a reminder, only 3-star animals will yield a perfect carcass). Once you have the necessary carcasses, you will need to head back to a Post Office and mail them to Ms. Hobbs. Then, you will automatically receive the next Hunting Request. Keep in mind that some carcasses decay over time.

    Please see below for a short checklist of the animals needed for each request.

    Hunting Request 1

    • Rabbit
    • Squirrel

    Hunting Request 2

    • Cardinal
    • Rat
    • Woodpecker

    Hunting Request 3

    • Chipmunk
    • Opposum
    • Oriole
    • Robin

    Hunting Request 4

    • Bullfrog
    • Skunk
    • Songbird
    • Sparrow
    • Toad

    Hunting Request 5

    • Bat
    • Beaver
    • Blue Jay
    • Cedar Waxwing
    • Crow

    For a more detailed guide on where to find the animals needed for the all of the Hunting Requests, please refer to THIS GUIDE, courtesy of PowerPyx.

    Once you have completed all five Hunting Requests, you will then receive a letter at the Post Office from Ms. Hobbs. She asks you to visit her hut (it's located just east of Strawberry). You will be awarded with the Squirrel Statue upon visiting Ms. Hobbs.

    Now visit your farm, Beecher's Hope, near Blackwater (this is only available after the main storyline has been completed) and place the Squirrel Statue above the fireplace. Next, sleep for a full in-game day and, when you awake, you will find that the Squirrel Stature has disappeared. You will need to find the Statue, replace it on the fireplace, sleep for another day, and then repeat this process a few times.

    Luckily, the Squirrel Statue has fixed locations and they are all around the homestead. Just search in all of these places until you find the Statue.

    • In the chest in the main bedroom
    • In the chimney in the main bedroom
    • In the chest in the loft above the kitchen
    • In the wheelbarrow next to the barn
    • In the chest on the upper floor of the barn
    • North of Strawberry, on Mount Shann [Location Screenshot]

    The achievement will finally unlock once you pick up the Squirrel Statue from Mount Shann.

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  • Welcome to what will be your most time-consuming achievement to get in Red Dead Redemption 2. Before going any further, I highly suggest completing the games second epilogue prior to starting this as you will need to unlock Beaches Hope (John Marston's Farm) to get this achievement. However, if you wish to start this immediately then you can during chapter 2. Speaking of this achievement, it is actually split into two separate parts and is one of the longer 20+ hour ones to complete. The first part of this achievement requires that you collect 19 3 Star quality pelts from specific animals that have been requested. To start this, head to any of the major train stations around the map and you'll find the poster on the wall (It's by the door inside at the Valentine station).Once you've
  • Once you've completed a hunt, return to the Post Office and send off your items then wait till the next day to resume your hunting by visiting the Post Office for the next step. You will need to hunt the following Animals: Squirrels - Best found around Emerald Ranch & Dewberry Creek. Rabbits - Around Emerald Ranch area. Rats - Civil war battlefield, east of Braithwaith Manor. Cardinal - Dakota River or Roanoke Valley. Woodpecker - North of Annesburg or Braithwaith Manor. Chipmunks - Between Braithwaith Manor and Caliga Hall. Opossum - South of Rigs Station. Orioles - Roanoke Valley or Monto's Rest. Robins - Roanoke Valley. Songbirds - Roanoke Valley or Monto's Rest. Sparrows - Roanoke Valley. Toads - Roanoke Valley. Skunks - North of Upper Montana River. Bullfrogs - East o
  • Bullfrogs - East of Bluewater Marsh. Bats - Behind the Elysian Pools Waterfall. Blue Jays - Roanoke Valley. Crows - Emerald Ranch. Wax Wings - Cumberland Falls. Beavers - Below the R for New Hanover. After you have completed all the hunting requests, you must wait 24 hours for an Invitation from Mrs. Hobbs. Important Notes - Don't skin or pluck any animals. - Don't go after animals that require you put them on your horse until last as they will spoil. - Get the Buck Antler Trinket from killing the Legendary Buck so 2 Stars can have a chance to come as 3 stars when picked up. - Get the Pronghorn Trinket from the killing the Legendary Pronghorn so animals don't spoil on your horse when you pick them up. - If an animal doesn't spawn in your area as a 3 star or just in genera
  • If an animal doesn't spawn in your area as a 3 star or just in general, you can Save - Quit Game - Continue to respawn the area. Visit Mrs. Hobbs and you will be treated to a cutscene and get a reward which is a Gunslinging Squirrel. Now take it back to Beaches Hope and place it atop the Fireplace in the living room. Abigail isn't a fan. Now leave the ranch and set up your campfire and wait a day or so then return to the ranch. You'll need to do this multiple times so I recommend after each step sleeping some more and if you can't sleep, use either the blackwater coach and travel to Annesburg or quit the game and load back in. The following locations are where the Squirrel can be found: - John's Room inside a chest. - John's Room inside a Fireplace. - Uncles Room inside a chest i
  • - Uncles Room inside a chest in the attic which can be accessed by using the ladder in the kitchen. - Outside in a wheelbarrow in the sheep pen. - Outside in the barn in a chest on the upper level. - Waaaaaay north on the top of Mount Shann. You will unlock the Achievement after picking it up again for the final time.
  • No surprise that this piece of crap guide got this wrong too. Couple corrections that will never be edited by this lazy twat:

    1) You must completely finish the epilogue part II before you can place the squirrel on your fire place.
    2) They are not "possible locations," they are fixed locations that follow the same pattern for every player, with Mt. Shan being the final one after the statue spawns in the other 5 locations first!!!
    3) You cannot sleep at the ranch, instead you must be away from your ranch, Beecher's Hope, for the squirrel to disappear. So either set up camp away from the ranch like in tall tress and sleep for 24 hours, or knock out a few challenges/side quests in between location spawns
    4) The 4th squirrel spawn is not "in the wheel barrow (WB) next to the barn." It is actually in sheep's pin wheel barrow (there are several WB near the barn)
    5) The location point for the final squirrel is in the wrong spot. I suggest you follow a video guide as it's too difficult to explain in text.
  • straight up worst mission in any game I've ever played. The hunting system is just wildy inconsistent and without guides, this is virtually impossible

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