Locked and Loaded Achievement in Red Dead Redemption II

  • Locked and Loaded



    Upgrade each available component for a single sidearm or longarm weapon.

    How to unlock Locked and Loaded

    To upgrade each available component for a gun, you'll first need to find a Gunsmith. Gunsmiths can be located within most towns, but the first opportunity you'll have to visit one is in Valentine during Chapter 2. Once you arrive in the town and can free roam, head to the Gunsmith and chose to customize your Cattleman Revolver (it's the cheapest gun you'll currently own with the least amount of components to purchase). First you'll want to make sure the gun is clean and then you can buy whichever upgrades you’d like for the following components:

    • Grip
    • Barrel Length
    • Barrel Rifling
    • Iron Sight

    The achievement will unlock once all four components have been upgrades.

    NOTE: If you'd like to save your money, you can create a manual save before buying the upgrades and then reload your save once you unlock the achievement.

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