Dastardly Achievement in Red Dead Redemption

  • Dastardly



    Place a hogtied woman on the train tracks, and witness her death by train.

    How to unlock Dastardly

    Before you can attempt this achievement you will need to lasso, which you earn from Bonnie in the early missions. Once you do have it you can lasso and hogtie any women you desire, though there are some, which are easier than others. If you don't want to damage your fame or honor you can buy a bandana from Thieves' Land at the tailors shop.

    Once you have either item you can now lasso your victim. Lasso and hogtie the lady of choice and place her on your horse. You can now make your way to the train track, check your map to see where the active train is. You will be looking for red train icon following the tracks. Head towards the train and play your victim on the tracks by pressing . Now just stand back and watch as the train plows down your victim and the achievement unlocks.

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  • Simply the most evil and fun achievement ever! Man I had a fun time doing this one!
  • I just tried this. I went and kidnapped a female. Hog tied her and watched her die but still no Achievement?? Im confused
  • Best achievement of 2010 so far.
  • i find myself using the word during my daily life, people look at me like im weird, but its worth it because it reminds me of this and i just laugh......
  • i did this and watched her die but the achievement didnt pop...
  • Same, thi first time i did this was at night in Mexico to a woman who helped Thugs ambush me, it didn't work. But the second time did, in America to an innocent Ranch lady from Rathskeller Fork
  • You've got to place her perpendicular to the track. I did it at first and she was in the middle of the line parallel to the tracks; the train just went over her. I did it again and placed her across the line so her neck was on the actual track. It then ran her over and the achievement popped. You'll also know you've done it cause of the blood splatter :)
  • Brilliant achievement; I have to retry it though as I put the woman down parallel to the tracks the first time.
  • Completely awesome achievement. Blood splattered everywhere. I felt evil but good lol
  • I tried this again after not getting it when putting the woman parallel to the tracks. I was just riding around and noticed a train had stopped so I grabbed a woman, tied her up and put her on the tracks near the train. Once it set off I realised it was too close to turn her into red mist and I could just see her body freaking out as the train passed over her. Once it had left I went for a closer look and the body was like a pancake on the tracks! 3rd time lucky though! :)
  • oh yeah, this one was awesome...
  • Sooooooo evil and soooooooo awesome
  • Ive never had so much fun getting an achievement worth 5G before, have to retry tho as tho as first time didnt register
  • i loved doing this one, but to make it even worst i put a nun on the tracks. now that was fun.
  • Possibly greatest achievement ever created... Let's see Rockstar top it...
  • Am I the only sane person looking forward NOT to unlock that achievement? :-P
  • The best achievement in Red Dead Redemption,Rockstar you are awesome hats off to you!!
  • i had a glitch, where i got 5 whores on my horse put them all on the tracks, and WHAM...massive whore explosion :)
  • That sounds incredibly dirty, mong...
  • i put her on the tracks and the train cant run her over. it stopped dead when it reached her body and just sat there wobbling about with her under it
  • stupidest fucking achievement ever. ive done it at least 6 times now laying her every which possible way and it still wont give it to me. theres blood everywhere she explodes every time but nothing. fuck red dead and its glitchy stupid achievements
  • this one confuses me because i guess i didnt put her perpendicular to the tracks still, funny achievment.
  • one of the best achievements around
  • not only do you have to look at them, but you have to be really close
  • Just did the achievement after I got 100% honour, so the nun gave me a gift so I tied her up and threw on the tracks.
  • i got it easily and its so fun to keep doing it for fun of it
  • Coolest achievement ever! :)
  • i wish they had one like: extremely dastardly 50G kill 20 women by putting them on the train tracks (not at the same time)
  • There are some real psychopaths on this website
  • wow this sounds very fucked up but a little fun
  • This is the Best Achievement EVER! Its so funny! just watch her head fly off lol.
  • Hi there, folks! I'm new here and I've started a new Red Dead Redemption game today. Gotta get a lot of stuff in the game, I know that. It's quite long, and takes time...I was playing the latest Castlevania and now that I finished it I've begun Red Dead Redemption. I thought about the advantage of being in vacation (from university AND from work :D!) to start this loooong game, and I hope I can get help here with you guys when I need!
  • Enjoyed doing this one lol
  • i did it but didnt get the achievment
  • it was still worth it
  • great achievement, took me forever to get cause I had to wait on the stupid train :P
  • I made this little video. its not amazing but it shows you what needs to be done. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1BpA1XwH1Q
  • haha amazing achievement. Best chevo ever!!!
  • I love the irony that as I did it, a nun was trying to give me a gift for being such a good person XD
  • Is this possible to do without the Red Dead singleplayer? I have the Undead Nightmare Collection stand-alone disk and I haven't gotten far enough to know if the train is even functional. Anyone know?
  • who finds this achievment very funny,like me
  • Didn't work for me
  • you have to stand right next to her
  • im speechless lol
  • took me 2 times to do this but this was funny as hell!
  • got this achievment by accident. funniest achievement in the game. p.s try it with a horse, even funnier. ;)
  • This is amazing, I would do this without even having an achievement to go for. Although my horse likes to stay on the train tracks too no matter what I do.
  • Hahaha, this is one sick achievment. Keep it up Rockstar! :P
  • People having trouble getting it try getting a whore from armadillo bar and stand close by when the train comes. I tried twice with a normal woman until my friend told me.
  • No wonder this won most original achievment of 2010, by far the funnest achievment i've ever got!
  • i dont care for rockstar but i loved this game and this achievment is amazing haha
  • DAMN! I just made an account here so I could tell you guys I did the I KNOW YOU stranger task, donated money to a nun, then I hogtied the bitch just as the train arrived in Las Hermanas. Timing was perfect. I put that bitch just past the tunnel up the tracks some. But I guess someone already killed a nun? DAMN! -__- And yeah, I agree gang. This achievement is one of the most fun by far, of all time
  • For those who has issues with this achievement. I did it several times with no luck, and started to get really fed up with it. (guess I am the odd one out but I think it is a really stupid and morbid chievo anyway) Then I realized that the guy always looks aside so I thought I might as well aim on the women with my pistol so the next time I tried that way and it worked.
  • funniest achievement ive ever done. what made it more funny was when the train came my horse was automatically forced to follow me and went on the train tracks and died with her.
  • got it first time due to a few of you explaining what was needed to be done thanks guys
  • awesome
  • I was pissed when I found out I had to place her perpendicular on the tracks instead of parrallel...
  • great cheevo, my fave!
  • It's like a tomato that's been in a microwave too long... :)
  • She was accross the tracks, i saw the blood spatter, spent 20mins waiting for the train because i had also spent 15mins earlier trying to run after it....Not impressed, i will be trying again cause i want to have this funny achievement but for whatever reasons its not as simple as it sounds :S
  • One of my favorite achievements in any game
  • just done this for my 1,000th achievement!
  • Hahaha so good!
  • This is crazy, only just spotted it will have to give it a go!
  • won't pop for me.
  • Does it matter what girl you do it to? cuz it didn't pop up for me
  • This is the best achievement ever! it should be 100G tho :D
  • think they put this in because cowboys did this.
  • Lots O' fun
  • By far the best acheivment in the game.
  • Most memorable achievement! Funny how she explodes.
  • if anyone is still having problems, make sure to aim at the woman, it doesnt matter what woman you have either
  • I'm willing to help anybody with any achievement/challenges for the price of 20 headshots per achievement/5 per challenge. My gt: IKV91.
  • Pure evil...fun though!
  • One of the best achievements every. Put a nun on the tracks and watched the fun
  • by far the most fucked up but easiest. make sue you watch the person because if you look away they'll get up and disappear.
  • It was annoying trying to get her on the tracks perpendicular but it ended up being worth it. Even better is that the woman I grabbed was a nun. :)
  • This achievement was so fun!
  • going todo this one know that I know. baahaha
  • So i fucked this up 3 times and on my 4th attempt i managed to get the girl on the tracks and i was so excited to finally watch the bitch go splat... but instead the train just pushed her off the tracks... REALLY!?! But at least i got the achievement so whatever.
  • one of my all time favorite achievements. this one is a classic.
  • They keep disappearing!!! Ugh. This is the third time I'm trying to do this... The first time the train ran her over, but I guess she wasn't perfectly perpendicular because she exploded but the cheevo didn't pop... Then the last two times between me putting her on the tracks and walking away from the tracks, SHE'S GONE! Ugh. This is the last one that I need and I feel like it is becoming waaaaay more trouble than its worth. I'm not even excited to see her explode anymore! ... Okay, that's a lie. But I'm still pretty annoyed.

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