- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 61 [915gs.png]
- Online: 5 [85gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 40-50 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2.5
- Missable achievements: Most of them
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None

Redfall is the latest title from stalwart developers Arkane Austin, who brought you such fine games like Deathloop, Dishonored 2 and the Prey reboot. While Redfall doesn't have the same gravitas as those such titles, it can still be a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends.

This open-world vampire shooter has you fighting through 2 main maps, Redfall Commons and Burial Point, in an attempt to put a stop to the vampire occupation. While the game is pretty straightforward, the achievement list is anything but. Let's talk you through why.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
When it comes to getting 1,000Gs in Redfall, it's going to take a lot of time and patience, and that's for more than a few reasons.
  • Firstly, the first area, Redfall Commons, once you leave it, you won't be able to return until your second playthrough.
  • Secondly, the second area, Burial Point, as soon as you kill the final boss, that's it. You don't return to the open-world, oh no, you get kicked back to the menu screen and have to restart.
  • Thirdly, a lot of the missable one-time achievements are basically "one shots," in that if you fail, you can't just load a save game. Oh no, they don't exist. You basically have to wait until your second playthrough.
  • And lastly, because of the above, and how saves work in the game, some achievements reward you for adopting various strategies in the same mission. For example, the "One of Us" main mission, which takes place in the last third of the game, has 3 achievements, all for 3 different strategies, that you cannot adopt at the same time (that's the reason why we said 2 and a half playthroughs).
So, based on the above, and based upon the list, most of the game's achievements are actually missable. Which is absolutely insane. Anyway! Here's the best way to tackle Redfall and what to keep an eye out for.

Step 1 - Redfall Commons
Firstly, in Redfall Commons you're going to want to open up all the safehouses (as they're fast-travel points) as soon as possible. Then, you're going to want to clear the Safehouse Missions and defeat the Underbosses. This will net you Block Party (35G).

You should also attempt both Starve the Beast (17G) and Someplace to Be (10G) as there are two chances to get them on your first run (2 in Redfall Commons and 2 in Burial Point.

Then, you're going to want to start on the side and main missions (including the optional ones) as soon as they crop up. In terms of missable Redfall Common achievements, here's what to keep an eye out for:Do NOT leave Redfall Commons until you have cleared all neighbourhoods, done all side missions and done all main quests (including optional main quests).

At the end of Redfall Commons you'll go through the Whispering Woods (AKA the Psychic Woods), so, choose to do either one of the two achievements:
Step 2 - Burial Point
Like Redfall Commons, you're going to want to do the same in Burial Point, and that's clear as many Safehouses and neighbourhoods as soon as possible, as this will help you navigate the map better. Completing all the neighbourhoods will of course net you Neighborhood Watch (35G).

Again, just like in the first region, you'll next want to complete all the side quests (Good Samaritan (35G)), all main quests and all optional main quests.

There's a lot to keep track of in Burial Point, so we've broken it down into main quests and optional content.

Main quests:Optional content:Step 3 - Other Quest Choices
Now you're going to need to replay the game again (or find a friend who is close to these missions and join their game):This second playthrough can be used for any things you messed up too, like Under a Bushel (17G) or the like. And the third one (or again, if you have a mate close to the quest) can be used for the final "One of Us" achievement and any attempts on achievements you might have missed (like Dexterity Save (35G)). And that, my friends, is most of the tricky stuff.

Now, the joys of Redfall is that you can actually do all the above with friends and tackle the list together. If you do that, you'll get a headstart of all 5 co-op achievements, which basically require you to play the game as a group - and doing it in co-op actually makes a few of the achievements a little easier too, especially Starve the Beast (17G).

If you didn't though, grab 3 friends, and playthrough the game, sticking as close as possible together. Eventually you'll not only Friends 'Til The End (17G), but you'll also unlock 3 of the other achievements too, leaving you one more to boost with your friend(s).

It's very unlikely you should have anything left to do, like kill one of the special vampires or disable a tripwire for Bad Wiring (10G) but if you do, now's the time to get them. Like we said though, it would be very unlikely for you to miss these. That said, we did miss You Clean It Up (10G) until late on in the game, as we didn't really use the UV gun (that achievement is for killing a Blood Bag without it exploding).

And there we have it, folks, perhaps the most convoluted and crazy achievement list that exists - in recent times, anyway. Because you can't revisit the first area, or even the second area after you've finished the game, and because there's no save points, everything you do is pretty much tracked and live. Miss an objective, no going back, you need to do it on your next run. And we know this for sure because we have a right nightmare trying to unlock Dexterity Save (35G) because of unlucky vampire spawns, so we have to create new characters and runs just to get that!

Anyway! It's not an especially hard 1,000Gs, it gets a 7 for how annoying it is. Still, Redfall isn't a bad game and it can be a lot of fun. It's just not going to be anywhere near the best games of the year come December.

Good luck out there!

Redfall Achievement Guide

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There are 66 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete A Voice in the Dark with all hostages alive.


    After the main quest, “Two Birds One Stone” in Redfall Commons, you’ll next be presented with 3 separate quests. One of those quests (the bottom one) is called “A Voice in the Dark.”

    In “A Voice in the Dark,” you’ll have to head to Dead Catch Records to grab the Shipyard Office Key, and once you’ve done that you’ll have to head to Samuelson’s Shipyard in the northwest corner of Redfall Commons.

    After fighting (or sneaking) your way in, you’ll go through a large ship warehouse into another, where there will be 3 hostages at the bottom, near to an executioner. In order to unlock this achievement, you need to complete this with all 3 hostages alive.

    If you have a sniper rifle here, this bit is a cakewalk. Basically, from the level you walk in at, snipe the executioner. Wait till he stops and hit him with a headshot. Then, systematically pick off all the other enemies in the area. First targeting the ones on their lonesome first. Even if you miss a few shots, they won’t kill the hostages, instead, they’ll come to try and find you. Take them all out, free the hostages, and then head to the Shipyard Office in the northwest corner. Once you’ve killed Lilith Maclean and picked up the diagrams, this achievement will unlock.
  • Destroy your first Siphon.

    Siphons in Redfall are a form of mini-boss, who do exactly what it says on the tin: they siphon blood from you if you’re in close proximity to them. So, when fighting them, keep your distance, break line of sight, and take them down quickly if possible.

    You'll encounter a ton of Siphons in your time in Redfall. We encountered our first Siphon at the heart of the Basswood trailer park vampire nest. Defeat it and you’ll unlock this achievement.
  • Destroy your first nest heart.

    If you enter the nest door mentioned in Enter of Your Own Free Will (10G), you’ll find yourself in a nest. Make your way to the end and sever the three connections to the heart, and then destroy the heart itself to unlock this achievement.
  • Enter your first nest door.

    At a certain point in the Redfall main story (after the second mission of the block of three, “Giving You Tomorrow”) vampire nests will start to appear in Redfall. They are indicated by a door icon with a blue circle surrounding it on the map. Within that circle is a glowing door (literally at the centre of the circle). Enter the door to enter the vampire nest, and this achievement will unlock. The one we did first was in Basswood (the eastern one), and the door was directly east of the Basswood Safehouse. Not sure if this is scripted or they're random. Either way, just enter the nest and this achievement is yours.
  • Complete your first neighborhood.

    In order to take back a neighborhood in Redfall you need to do a few things.
    • Firstly, you need to unlock the region’s safehouse. For this example we’ll use the Sedgewick Safehouse, which can be found in a residential area in central Sedgwick.
    • Secondly, you need to do the first Safehouse mission. For the Sedgewick Safehouse, it tasked us with taking down a Shroud near the Aevum Clinic to the east of the safehouse.
    • Thirdly, you need to take down the neighborhood’s underboss. For Sedgewick, this is Gideon, and he can be found south of the safehouse in the church. Kill Gideon, pick up his skull, and the neighborhood will be cleared and you’ll unlock this achievement.
  • Unlock your first safehouse.

    Safehouses can be unlocked all over Redfall and they're handy for one main reason: they double up as fast-travel points. Each neighborhood has a safehouse.

    Perhaps the closest and easiest one to get from the off is the Sedgewick Safehouse, in Sedgewick - south of the fire station. You’ll find it in the centre of the region, in the residential area. All you need to do to capture it is turn on the UV lights, which can be done in the garage nearby - careful of the turret and soldiers patrolling though. Once you’ve hit the button, the safehouse is yours.
  • Rescue a civilian hostage.


    Dotted around Redfall you’ll come across civilian hostages. Simply rescue one of these and this achievement will pop.

    You’ll find 3 civilian hostages in the freezer in the basement of the Overton Theatre. To gain access to free them you’ll need the Overton Freezer Key, which can be found in the dressing room area part of the basement. However, if you're going for Skin of Their Teeth (10G) you'll have to do this as part of that achievement anyway.
  • Stake your first vampire.

    This one is pretty much story-related, as you’ll have to stake your first vampire when you reach the fire station - the game’s first real story destination. It’s actually an objective in the "Dead in the Water" main story quest.
  • Collect your first grave lock.

    Grave Locks in Redfall are essentially audio diaries. However, collect enough and you can earn bonuses to your psychic residue regeneration, so they're a little more than audio diaries. There are 100 to collect in all and 4 tiers to work through to get bonuses. You’ll often find them well-hidden and in hard to reach places.

    Check out our Redfall all grave locks location guide for more assistance.
  • Loot your first blood remnant.

    “Blood remnants” in Redfall are small test tubes of vampiric blood infused with psychic energy. When equipped they give the user special abilities.

    You’ll occasionally find blood remnants on slain vampires and in containers dotted throughout the world, however, the strongest of the strong can be found at the bottom of vampire nests. If you kill the Shroud from Peek-a-boo (10G) and head to where the Shroud was originally encased, you’ll find your first blood remnant. If not, finish a nest and you'll get one there too.
  • Loot your first unrivaled item.

    In the world of Redfall, an unrivaled item is a gold-level item. In short: a legendary. These can be found all over Redfall, and from very early on too. In fact, we looted our first legendary at a paltry level 5. We found it in the back area of Wheeler’s Sporting Goods in Old Town in Redfall Commons. All we had to do was hack a door, and the rewire a safe to get it. If you can wait, I would, because that way you won’t leave the legendary behind when you level up too quickly, but if you want a legendary sooner rather than later, assuming that every time you get a legendary from that safe, you know where to head.
  • Complete all of the main missions in Redfall Commons.


    In the first area of Redfall, AKA Redfall Commons, there are a total of 11 main missions:
    • Dead in the Water
    • Two Birds One Stone
    • A Grave Situation
    • Giving You Tomorrow
    • A Voice in the Dark
    • A Grave Situation: Reward
    • The House of Echoes
    • Fall Like Lightning
    • A Grave Situation: Find the Doc
    • Amelia’s Memorial
    • The Hollow Man
    Complete all 11 and you’ll unlock this achievement. Once you leave Redfall Commons, you will not be able to return, so do all these missions before doing “To The Other Side.”
  • Listen to the Pastor's thrall recording.


    During the main quest, “What’s in the Attic?” you’ll find yourself in Pastor Powell’s house in central Ashumet Springs in Burial Point. In the upstairs office, near where you get the Church Attic Key, you’ll see a table with 2 bells on it. Next to it is a dictaphone, which when collected and listened to unlocks this achievement.
  • Complete all optional campaign missions.


    In Redfall, not every main campaign mission is actually required to finish the campaign - campaign missions are missions that you get from the briefing table. These optional quests involve stuff not related to the actual advancement of the story, like "Amelia’s Memorial."

    These optional campaign misisons will usually involve someone or something you've previously encountered. Just make sure you complete all the campaign missions on the table and you'll definitely get this, so don't sweat it too much.
  • Complete all neighborhoods in Redfall Commons.


    There are 5 neighborhoods in Redfall Commons:
    • Heritage Rock
    • Old Town
    • Sedgewick
    • Shadetree Heights
    • Basswood
    In order to complete a neighborhood you basically need to do 3 things:
    • Firstly, secure the Safehouse.
    • Then, interact with the map in the safehouse and accept the Safehouse Mission (you can only have one of these active at a time). Complete said Safehouse Mission.
    • And finally, kill the Underboss.
    Once you’ve done that the neighborhood is marked as “cleared.” Do the above and complete all 5 neighborhoods and this achievement will unlock.
  • Complete all neighborhoods in Burial Point.


    The exact same as Block Party (35G), this one. Simply do what you did with Redfall Commons but in Burial Point and this achievement will unlock. There are 8 neighborhoods to clear this time around:
    • Direcliff
    • Brighton Bay
    • Founder’s Knoll
    • Chickering
    • Haven’s Lot
    • Howl’s Neck
    • Ashumet Springs
    • Winslow Fields
    In order to complete a neighborhood you basically need to do 3 things:
    • Firstly, secure the Safehouse.
    • Then, interact with the map and accept the Safehouse Mission (you can only have one of these active at a time). Complete said Safehouse Mission.
    • And finally, kill the Underboss and grabbed his skull.
    Once you’ve done that the neighborhood is marked as “cleared.” Do the above and complete all 8 neighborhoods and this achievement will unlock. Make sure they're done before you complete the final boss though, as you won't head back into the open-world. You'll start from the beginning.
  • Gain Layla's complete trust and confidence.

  • Gain Devinder's complete trust and confidence.

  • Gain Jacob’s complete trust and confidence.

  • Gain Remi’s complete trust and confidence.

    At the core of Redfall's co-op experience is what is called a "Trust" mechanic. Trust is essentially how well you work as a team. You'll earn trust for completing missions together, "surviving deadly encounters" and helping each other out.

    In short: play co-op with your friends, stick together, and you'll eventually build up your trust with a character. In other words: play a lot of Redfall with your mates and you'll build trust with their character. Max out the trust bar (which you can see in the bottom left when you're playing) and this achievement will unlock, depending on which character you're playing with.
  • Disable a tripwire using a rewire kit.

    There are an absolute ton of tripwires dotted around Redfall. To get this achievement all you need to do is to walk up to the trip wire (to the actual device stuck to the wall) and use a rewire kit on it. Doing so will disable the tripwire and earn you this achievement. Usually I would jump over or shoot them, but for Dexterity Save (35G), you need to get the survival tips without triggering the tripmines... so, you could disable them. Just saying.
  • Complete all of the main missions in Burial Point.


    Burial Point is the second of two regions in Redfall, where the game sees its conclusion take place. There are 12 quests in all, culminating in the two final quests, “The Festival” and “The Black Sun.” Finish The Black Sun quest and this will unlock. Simply finish all 12 (including the optional campaign quests) and this achievement is yours.
  • Destroy the Hollow Man.

    At the end of Act 1, you’ll venture to south Redfall Common (near Dr. Addison’s Mansion), and with 3 underboss skulls, you’ll be able to gain access to the Hollow Man’s Lair. Head inside, make your way to the top and kill him to unlock this achievement.
  • Destroy Bloody Tom.

    At the end of one of the boss threads in Burial Point, you’ll face off against Bloody Tom in the aptly named mission, “Bloody Tom.” Simply beat Bloody Tom and this achievement is yours.

    While it might seem a little daunting to start with, because of the damage you deal (or lack thereof), fear not, his patterns are very predictable. For phase 1 you can hide behind the rock formation on the right and poke out to fire when he's not firing at you.

    For the second phase you’ll be more exposed. In this phase, get out into the middle and as he throws his projectiles, run to the other side of the open area. Rinse and repeat. When he switches to his blade, just strafe left and right of the whole arena that’s not covered in blood mist, and shoot at him. Do that and you’ll be fine.
  • Destroy Miss Whisper.

    At the end of the other boss thread in Burial Point, you’ll face off against Miss Whisper in the even more aptly named quest, “Kill Miss Whisper.” In this quest you’ll venture forth to fight with Miss Whisper.

    Miss Whisper herself can be a pain in the ass, and is probably the trickiest fight in the entire game, but once you learn her attack patterns, you should be okay.

    The fight basically goes: fight Miss Whisper with her attack spirit phase (which goes in a straight line for the most part); destroy the effigy; then attack Miss Whisper with two attack abilities (the previous one and her spirit missiles that can follow you); destroy the next effigy; then fight Miss Whisper with 3 abilities (the new one is the ‘come over here’ grapple hook, which can be incredibly devastating) and then finally, destroy the last effigy; and then destroy Miss Whisper.

    Just stick to cover and shoot from behind cover and you should be okay. It might take a couple of attempts solo, but just remember to stay a good distance from her, and stick to cover, and you should be okay.
  • Destroy The Black Sun.

    You’ll get this achievement for beating the final boss in the game, The Black Sun, during the chapter, “The Black Sun.” The boss fight itself isn’t too bad to be honest, just keep your distance from the Rook and take out enemies from a distance and you should beat this with ease.
  • Destroy your first Rook.

    "Rooks" in Redfall are powerful and fast melee focused brute vampires that spawn in and around Rook Storms - which are red electricity storms that are summoned by the vampire gods.

    At the end of the “Fall Like Lightning” main mission, once you’ve connected the antenna to the spectrum analyser, a Rook and a Rook Storm will spawn. Defeat the Rook and this achievement is all yours. If you're struggling with Rooks, just remember they can't climb and are pretty dumb, so standing on one side of a fence and constantly shooting and jumping over it while he runs around it actually works a treat.
  • Destroy your first Angler.

    Anglers are another type of vampire mini-boss in Redfall. Anglers are more stealthy vampires, who can turn mostly invisible, and have a devastating harpoon attack that can lure you into her embrace.

    You'll no doubt encounter a ton of Anglers in the main campaign. However, if you want to find one now, you’ll find an Angler near a boat, just to the west of Zengle’s Madness fast-travel point in Redfall Commons - where the coastline meets the cliffside. Take it down and this achievement is all yours.
  • Destroy your first Shroud.

    The Shroud in Redfall is a special type of vampire mini-boss. They attack with ranged psychic attacks, and drop an impenetrable dome of darkness to disorientate their victims. And when they’re under attack, they’ll disappear into the ground only to reappear elsewhere too.

    You'll absolutely fight a ton of Shrouds on your journey through the campaign. However, if you're looking for one now, you can encounter a Shroud if you head to the Sedgewick Safehouse and turn on the AV lights to recapture the Safehouse. Then, you’ll want to head downstairs to the map on the wall and accpt the Safehouse Mission. Interacting that will put the Shroud’s location on the map. Head there, kill it, and this achievement is yours.
  • Destroy a Blood Bag without triggering it to explode.

    Pretty easy to miss this one, in truth, but basically what you need to do is, whenever you come across a Blood Bag, instead of shooting it with a rifle or a standard gun, zap it with a UV gun to turn it to stone. Then, whack it with a melee attack. It's as simple as that.
  • Destroy your first Sin-Eater.

    Sin-Eaters are a type of special vampires who are tortured by the burdens of the vampire gods. You’ll find these all over Redfall, and when killed, they’ll drop an audio-diary memory of sorts called a “psychic echo”, that gives you a glimpse into the past.

    The first - and easiest - Sin-Eater to find is when you have to head to the Aevum Clinic in northeast Sedgewick. Instead of grabbing the film reel and bolting for the Overton Theatre, first head upstairs to the top floor. Specifically Dr. Addison’s Office. Hack the lock using a rewire kit and you’ll see the Sin-Eater directly ahead. Kill it and this achievement will pop. You'll encounter a load of these in the story itself, so don't worry too much.
  • ICU



    Destroy your first Watcher.

    Watchers in Redfall are like big scary alarms, that when they see you, the rest of Redfall knows about it! They do some decent damage too!

    South-southwest of the Sedgewick Safehouse is the Redfall United Church of Christ. If you keep following the stairs all the way to the top of the belltower, you’ll find a vampire perched by the bell. This is a Watcher. Slay it and this achievement is all yours.
  • Collect all grave locks.

    There are 100 Grave Locks dotted around Redfall! They're usually inside special interiors, near quest locations, but they're very well hidden. Collect all 100 and this achievement is yours.

    Check out our Redfall all grave locks location guide for more assistance.
  • Destroy Gloria during The Key to Wellness.


    One of the main story quests in Burial Point is the “Key to Wellness,” where you’ll have to go to the Twintree Wellness and Recovery Center to search for information on Dr. Alice Young. In the mission you’ll enter a Psychic Space, and as you exit, Gloria will stand in your path. Destroy her before leaving and this achievement will unlock.
  • Destroy the Wailing Shadow.


    To summon the Wailing Shadow in order to be able to destroy her, you need to head to the Hilltop Grave Site in Basswood in Redfall Commons. When there, take out a flare gun and fire it into the air. This will summon the Wailing Shadow herself, a Shroud, who once defeated will unlock this achievement.
  • Discover the fate of the Blackwood sisters and collect their heirloom.


    The mystey surrounding the Blackwood sisters takes place in Burial Point, in northeast Founder's Knoll. Just north of the Smith Family Orchard, is the Blackwood House. In it, 3 locked doors (well, 4 if you include the basement) and a map of Burial Point with 3 locations marked. Simply head to those 3 locations, kill the vampires, pick up the keys, and then return back to The Blackwood House and open the basement. When downstairs grab the heirloom and bang, achievement unlocked.
  • Uncover the Irving family mausoleum.


    In Burial Point, specifically in Ashumet Springs, right the way down the south, you’ll find the Burial Point Cemetery. In said cemetery is the Irving Family Mausoleum. All you need to do to unlock this achievement is unlock the mausoleum.

    We simply hit the bell next to the door 3 times, waited a second, and then did it 3 more times. We then tried the door and it opened, and the achievement popped. That pattern coincides somewhat with the imagery at the back of the mausoleum
  • Loot the table 12 remnant.


    In Howl’s Neck, just west of the Maritime Center in Burial Point, there is a restaurant called the Jolly’s Seaside Corner - it’s slightly east of the Howl’s Point Safehouse. Upstairs in said restaurant is a Container with a blood remnant inside (Jolly’s Red Receipt). Once you grab it the achievement will unlock, however, you’ll be ambushed by a handful of vampires and a special “The Waitress” vampire. So, good luck, and be careful!
  • Destroy a nest heart without waking or killing any vampires.

    Perhaps the best way to get this achievement is with Jacob. Mainly because of his cloak. But the crux of this achievement is that you sneak into the vampire nest, sneak past all the vampires (without waking or killing them) and then destroy the heart. Vampires will be asleep in each nest, and are only woken if you break the electric-like lines that come from them. Take your time and only move when it's safe to do so - the lines have a break every 10-seconds or so, leaving a path to sneak through.

    How easy is it will depend on the random traits that are applied too, so it's best to try and get this one early, because as you progress, so do the vampire nest traits. You preferably want to do this on a nest with blood mist and no guardian, in truth, with no watchers. However, we did it on a nest with both a guardian and watchers, we just snuck past them all. And careful not to wake vampires destroying the heart - one shot with a sniper rifle should kill the heart and do so before the vampires wake up.

    Luckily vampire nests keep spawning, so you won't miss this.
  • Complete Metamorphosis without the vampire being nourished.


    The quest, "Metamorphosis" is a Safehouse Mission in Redfall. There are only 2 instances of this quest type in the game, meaning it's highly missable. If you fail on your first attempt, you get one more attempt before you'd have to redo it on another run. Yes, very annoying. The two regions this quest type crops up in are: Sedgewick in Redfall Commons; and Haven’s Lot in Burial Point.

    But basically, the crux of this achievement is that you have to complete the defend part of this quest without any of the Bloodbags reaching the vampire. In co-op, this will no doubt be a breeze. Doing it solo though, you'll have to multitask. For Sedgewick, for instance, they come from two directions, so you'll need to bounce from left to right. Drop the difficulty if you're having issues, but make sure you go into the side quest with a fully maxed out special meter, so you can pop it if you're having a tough time.
  • Reach a landing site before the supplies land.


    One of the Safehouse Missions in Redfall is a mission called, "Bellwether Supply Drop." In these quests you'll make your way to a signal box, kill the soldiers nearby, activate the signal itself and then follow it to 2 supply drops. There are two of these missions: one in Shadetree Heights in Redfall Commons, and another in Howl's Neck in Burial Point.

    To unlock this achievement, once you've killed the soldiers defending the signal and activated the signal, book it to where the supply gets dropped, and beat it to the location. The drop will a.) be in the direction of the where the laser is pointed; and b.) you'll see the supply drops falling out the sky. Just run and run and you should make it in the nick of time.

    The drops and signal boxes aren't always in the same spot. For the first one, in Shadetree Heights, if the signal box is on the end of the bridge near the Supper Club, follow the road south all the way to the gas station. If the signal box is actually at the Supper Club, head to the west of the Island Crash Site, to the base of the log that you can use to climb over to the island.
  • Disable foghorns before going to the Tempestas during Fall Like Lightning.


    The main quest, "Fall Like Lightning," is one of the later main quests on the first map, Redfall Commons. After completing "A Voice In The Dark," this quest will be made available.

    The quest requires you to travel to a shipwreck, the Tempestas, but before doing though you need to make a quick pit stop first to the Heritage Rock Lighthouse. When inside, on the ground floor, on the northwest wall are 2 blue/green engines of sorts. There is a level on each of them. Pull both levers to unlock this achievement. You'll need a lockpick to get in through the bottom door, so make sure you have one.
  • Reach the end of the infiltration mission path during One of Us.


    In the main quest, “One of Us” in Burial Point, you’ll be tasked with infiltrating Bloody Tom’s stronghold in Bladewell Campgrounds. Just follow the quest objectives and you’ll unlock this achievement after you make the blood offering.

    There are multiple ways to approach this main quest (see Sepsis (17G) and So Anyway I Started Blasting (10G)) which means you'll have to run this multiple times unfortunately. For this one, just don't shoot at anyone or release a hostage, and you should be fine. Stick to the quest objectives and you’ll be golden.
  • Sepsis



    Poison the Bellkeeper’s blood offering during One of Us.


    In the main quest, “One of Us” in Burial Point, you’ll be tasked with infiltrating Bloody Tom’s stronghold in Bladewell Campgrounds. While Bloody Initiate (17G) will require you remain stealth and So Anyway I Started Blasting (10G) will require you to go Rambo , this achievement requires you to take the infiltration route, until you deviate at the end.

    When you reach the Blood Bag at the end of the section, instead of hitting the button and filling the cannister with blood, first, look right and follow the pipe to the barrels. At the end of the pipe, where the knot is, it'll say "Fuel Line - Contaminate Blood with Gasoline." What you need to do for this achievement is interact with that. Then, hit the button as normal, and follow the story to the meeting in front of the crane. If you interact with the blood bowl now, with the poisoned blood, you'll unlock this achievement.
  • Break infiltration during One of Us by shooting a friendly cultist at the Campgrounds.


    In the main quest, “One of Us” in Burial Point, you’ll be tasked with infiltrating Bloody Tom’s stronghold in Bladewell Campgrounds. While Bloody Initiate (17G) will require you remain stealth, this achievement requires you to break cover and shoot a cultist while undercover. Do that and you'll unlock this achievement.

    That said, it's not possible to do all three of the "One of Us" achievements in one runthrough, so you'll likely have to play the game through multiple times, or find someone else who is at that spot and needs whichever achievement you're missing.
  • Navigate the Psychic Woods without going through the wrong door.


    Once you decide to leave behind Redfall Commons, after killing the Hollow Man, you'll enter into the Whispering Woods AKA the Psychic Woods, and it'll be on you to get through to Burial Point on the other side.

    Now, the Whispering Woods is a bit of a maze. And there is only one correct route out. Get a door wrong, and you'll go back to the beginning. The doors randomize on each playthrough, so we can't tell you which exact door to go through, but the correct door is always the door that vibrates, and you'll hear the trapped woman scream. Once you're through the first two, the next are as follows:
    • The next door is the only door, it's the "Reading Loft" door. The Ghostly Key is around the back of the big tree in the middle of the area.
    • And finally, "The Red Door."
    Go through that door and the achievement will unlock.
  • Go through the wrong door at least three times in the Psychic Woods.


    Once you decide to leave behind Redfall Commons, after killing the Hollow Man, you'll enter into the Whispering Woods AKA the Psychic Woods, and it'll be on you to get through to Burial Point on the other side.

    Unlike the Right This Way (17G) achievement, you actually need to purposely get the answer wrong this time. So, whatever order we suggest in the Right This Way (17G) achievement, do the opposite.

    Unfortunately, because of how the game is structured, you'll likely to have to get this on a new save/run, or at least have a friend who's at a similar spot. Bit of a nightmare, to be honest.
  • Kill The Harvestman during “The Festival.”


    The Festival mission is one of Redfall’s last missions. In it, you’ll have to head to the carnival in Burial Point, AKA King’s Square, where you’ll have to disrupt the Channelers to open the tent. In this area you’ll find a Siphon called The Harvestman. Kill it and this achievement is yours.
  • Turn off Bellwether's defensive UV lights and leave them off.


    On the west side of the Wight Farms Barn in Winslow Fields there’s a small barn with a trailer backed up inside. On top of that trailer is a switch that controls the power to all of the UV lamps setup around the encampment.

    Now you know where it is, that’s basically where you want to head during the “What Does Bellwether Do?” main quest - the second quest in Burial Point. Once you’ve done that, the achievement should unlock.

    By the looks of it as well, you cannot do this at the same time as the other achievements. For instance, if you enter via the Bootlegger Tunnel, and then exit and turn off the UV, you only get the Bootlegger achievement. This has to be the focus of your run, basically.
  • Enter Bellwether's stronghold via the bootlegger tunnel.


    In the main quest, “What Does Bellwether Know?” in Burial Point (the second main mission in the region), in order to get this achievement you need to access the Bellwether stronghold via the “Old Bootlegger Tunnel” (to the west of the Wight Farms Barn). It’s in the small canyon underneath the old covered bridge.

    Now, the first time I tried this mission I first went to the Wight Grain Elevator and went up to the top and found out the information about the bootlegger tunnel, and then I circumnavigated the compound - we didn't unlock the achievement. So, my advice, just go straight to the west of the Wight Farms Barn (near where the white, solid figure of 8 is on the map), just to avoid any doubt that you’ll come across this issue. We can confirm this strategy works.
  • Get the lamp without encountering The Keeper.


    During the mission, "Restore the Lighthouse," you'll have to head to the Keeper’s House to retrieve a special lamp needed to activate the lighthouse. This basically means: heading into the house, making your way upstairs, all without being spotted.

    We found that if you approach the Keeper’s House from the Brighton Bridge is your best bet. While all the doors on the Keeper’s House are closed, there is one door wide open at the front of the house, on the east corner.

    Now, the Keeper is the Shroud that’s patrolling the street out the front. So, get a fair distance back and as soon as he goes down the street, head for the alley between the garage on the house, and then hang a 180 into the house as soon as you turn the corner. Only do this is the Keeper is far enough away and has its back to you. Patience is the key here. As long as you don’t alert the Watcher, you’ll unlock this achievement - we actually got yellow question marks from the Watcher, and still unlocked it. Just don’t get orange or red, because you’ll have to redo another playthrough then. Yikes.
  • Free Trevor Ash from the UV lights.


    Trevor Ash is a trapped vampire that can be found just south of the second objective in the side quest, "Eclipsed" in Burial Point - the side quest that you pick up from the house with the garage just west of the Windy Stead fast-travel point in Founder's Knoll, on the same main road that the Wellness Center is on.

    After heading to Independence Hill for 'Eclipsed', you'll have to head southeast to the White Pines static trailer camp on the hunt for information. Before you interact with the laptop in the trailer, head out the door and round to the west side of the trailer and hit the switch. This will free Trevor Ash. The idea is to free Trevor Ash and turn him on the Bellwether troops.

    Now, if you hit the laptop before you do this you'll miss the chance to free Trevor Ash, and will instead face off against him with the rest of the clan. So be aware of what you need to do before you get there, just to avoid disappointment.
  • Take the survival tips without triggering the tripwires.


    The "survival tips" in this instance refers to the "vampire survival tips" which can be found in the house in southern Basswood - opposite the Supper Club fast-travel point (in northern Shadetree Heights).

    The aforementioned house is basically one large trap. If possible, I'd recommend doing this with either Devinder (who can use his locator to go through tripwires) or even better, Jacob, whose level 5 cloak ability allows you to travel through tripwires. The tricky part here though is if there's vampires inside. You basically need to bait them out and not fight inside, which has flammable surfaces pretty much everywhere.

    So, lockpick the downstairs door. Lure out the vampire if there is one. Then, depending on who you are, use your abilities to get through. If you're not Devinder or Jacob, then purchase some rewires to disable the tripwires. Then, just take your time.

    If you're Devinder you can relocate past the first two, and then disable the 3 on the stairs. If you're Jacob and level 5 and have Air Supercavitation, you can walk through them all as an invisible entity. And if you're neither, rewire the tripmines, then when you've run out, fast-travel back to the fire station to buy some more and then disable the rest. Do all that, and be careful for the spawns inside and you should be good.

    Just a disclaimer, I set off the trap and quickly hard reset the game, came back and did it no issues, so it's clear that you need to do it first time around otherwise miss your chance to get it.
  • Kill Bob the Radio Host during Lost in the Fog after playing the PSA in Taking Back the Airwaves.


    The 'Bob's Final Hour' achievement is multistaged. Firstly, you're going to need to complete the side quest "Taking Back the Airwaves" (picking up Bill's "vampire survival tips" at the start of the mission, and at the end of the side quest, instead of just turning off the broadcast, you need to insert Bill's "vampire survival tips" into the tape player to loop his broadcast instead.

    Then, when you get to Burial Point, and do the main story quest, "Lost in the Fog," you'll need to find Bob the Radio Host in the quest area. Bob the Radio Host can be found in the New Light Ruins, wandering the curvy road in the southwest of Haven's Lot (southeast of the New Light Village fast-travel point). He'll be wearing a puffer jacket and a skull helmet - kill him, and provided you played the tape, you'll get the achievement.
  • Complete all side missions in Redfall Commons.


    There are 5 side missions to complete in Redfall Commons. Some like Carpe Noctum will start naturally, while others like Take Back the Air Waves need seeking out. Below you will find a list of all Redfall Commons’ side missions and where to find them.

    Carpe Noctem - The Carpe Noctem side quest will start when you get close to a safe house, and in it, you’ll have to : Find a safehouse (there’s one in the residential area, in the north of Sedgewick), complete the first safehouse mission (interact with the radio and then the map) and then do the second and final safehouse mission, thus, clearing the region and completing the side quest.

    Intermission Snack - Grab the side quest from the popcorn machine in the basement of thsue fire station (after the “Two Birds One Stone” main mission). The Popper Repair Kit is found in the basement of the Overton Theatre in Old Town.

    Whiskey And Cigars - South-southwest of the Sedgewick Safehouse is the Redfall United Church of Christ. In the backroom (presumably after you’ve cleared the region by killing Gideon, the underboss), there’s a note in the backroom, which will trigger this side quest and send you to Reverend Eva’s Apartment on a supply run.

    Taking Back the Air Waves - In the house northeast of the Supper Club fast travel point. Upstairs. There’s a note and an audio recording. Picking up the note will trigger this side quest. This will send you to north Basswood, to Dead Catch Records, to put an end to annoying broadcast.

    The Abducted Brother - Speak to Joe Creelman in the fire station after you’ve completed “A Grave Situation” and picked up the next quest, “Giving You Tomorrow” (assume that it doesn’t have to be those 2 quests in particular, just the 2nd of the 3 quests you pick up). Joe will ask you to check on his brother at the Creelman Residence in Sedgewick.
  • Complete all side missions in Burial Point.


    There are 7 side quests to complete in Burial Point. A good portion of these come from people or journals within the Maritime Center, usually after you've done a main quest (so do the side quests when they pop-up), but there are some that need seeking out, like Eclipsed, which is started when you find a journal in the open-world.

    The Red Candle - Pick up the journal, “Stay Away From the Orchard,” in the Maritime Center to start this quest.

    Ward Family Tree - Speak to Constance Ward at the Maritime Center after you’ve completed the main quest, “Keeping Hope Alive.” NOTE: If you get to the final waypoint (west of the Maritime Center) and the remnant isn't there, then try exiting the game and reloading back in. That worked for us.

    Eclipsed - In Central Founder’s Knoll, just west of the Windy Stead fast-travel point (on the same main road that the Wellness Center is on), there’s a garage. Hack the door and read “The Black Sun” journal to start this side quest.

    Dr. Young's Project - Speak to Nurse Tran in the Maritime Center just before you leave for the quest at the Wellness Center.

    Birdwatching - Speak to Nurse Tran in the Maritime Center after completing the two previous Maritime Center side quests.

    What Happened to Ms. Wayland? - This will crop up automatically as soon as you’ve completed “The Key to Wellness” main quest.

    The Lost Unit - West of the Burial Point fast-travel in Founder's Knoll is a house on what used to be an island. If you head upstairs in that house and read the Believers Beware note, you'll commence the side quest, "The Lost Unit."
  • Read Nurse Tran’s mother’s dedication in his birdwatching book.


    In order to get this achievement you need to do a few things first.

    Firstly, you'll need to complete two of the Maritime Center missions that trigger the side mission that this achievement is related to. Those 2 missions are "Ward Family Tree" and "Dr. Young's Project." See Good Samaritan (35G) for more information on how to initiate those missions.

    The third of the Maritime Center missions is "Birdwatching," which you get to speaking to Nurse Tran after the previous two main quests (you might need to do a main quest to push it along). Once you've done the quest and have replaced the book the quest will end. To get the achievement, simply just read the book after you've completed the mission. Do that and the achievement is yours.
  • Complete The Lost Unit without triggering any Bellwether tripwires.


    West of the Burial Point fast-travel in Founder's Knoll is a house on what used to be an island. If you head upstairs in that house and read the Believers Beware note, you'll commence the side quest, "The Lost Unit."

    This will then send you to the Direwolf Caverns, to the north of it. Before you head there, make sure you have 3 rewire kits, and then head to the Direwolf Caverns.

    First things first, use a sniper rifle to draw out the vampires into the open. Deal with them. It'll make the next bit easier. Then, if you have an ability to get through the first trip mines, use it. If not, use the rewire kit to disable them. Then, carefully make your way inside and up to the top (straight ahead). The journal that kicks the main part of the quest off is next.

    You'll then need to unlock 3 supply crates. Aside from the 3 tripwires in, and the 3 on the other side (another entrance/exit), there's only a few you need to be aware of. Just can shoot turrets, in case you're wondering. Get the 3 crates (2 in the main area and 1 in a side area) without setting off a tripwire, and you'll unlock this achievement.
  • Reach highest tier of trust with three other heroes at once.

    Friends 'Til the End is pretty much exactly the same as the 4 other co-op achievements (like Friendgineering (17G)), however, for this one, you need to do it with a full team of 4 players... at the same time. So, grab 3 of your buddies and plough through the story.

    We recommend doing this either on your first run, or speed-running it once you have the lay of the land - and are going for other achievements that you didn't get on your first run.
  • Steal Dr. Hunt’s father’s pocket watch.


    A few quests into Redfall you’ll have the choice of 3 main quests to choose from. The top quest, “A Grave Situation,” has you heading to the United Church of Christ Cemetery to place a pocket watch on Dr. Hunt’s father’s grave. Weeeellllll, after you’ve placed the pocket watch on the grave, the quest will mark as complete, but it’ll give you the option to steal the pocket watch blood remnant. Do it, and get an achievement… you naughty, naughty person. Worth it though.

Secret achievements

  • Destroy the Burial Point blood tree.

    Story-related. When you get to Burial Point you’ll need to establish the Maritime Center as your point of operations. To do that you’ll need to destroy the blood tree. That involves staking 3 vampire hearts feeding the blood tree, and then killing the Heartwood Fiend (a Siphon who comes out of the tree’s heart). Do that and this achievement is yours.
  • Destroy a Death Mist Spewer.

    A "Death Mist Spewer" in Redfall is basically a static enemy who spews out the red mist that you’ll see all over the place. Simply find one (there’s literally hundreds of them dotted around the two maps) and then blast them with a UV gun, and when the red mist has dissipate, head in for the melee attack to the face to destroy the stone statue left behind. Do that and this achievement is all yours.
  • Spot and avoid the cultist's trap.


    During the side quest, “The Abducted Brother,” you’ll make your way over to the Sedgewick region, and into the Creelman Residence. To unlock this achievement, make your way into the basement of the Creelman place, and take a right at the bottom of the stairs. There, you’ll see a door. This is the cultist’s trap. Carefully open the door from the side and back away, and then the achievement should unlock. Careful though, as a load of cultists will come streaming down the stairs.
  • Cut the generator at the Coast Guard Station.


    While “Restore the Lighthouse sends you to the Coast Guard Station, this achievement in particular actually relates to the “Lost in the Fog” main quest.

    In this quest you’ll have to head to the Coast Guard Station to activate the Coast Guard’s Storm Monitoring System. Before you even get into the Coast Guard Station, you’ll have to do this achievement.

    I found the best route was to hug the coast to the south of the Coast Guard Station, and then when you go past a bridge on your left (up high), climb the rocks all the way to the top. You’ll then come out at south corner of the Coast Guard Station. That’s exactly where the generator is. Approach the generator, pull the lever and delight as not only the UV lights turn off, but you’ll get this achievement.
  • Kill Joe Creelman.


    Just before you enter the psychic door in the Aevum Ruins, to take down the final boss in the quest, “The Black Sun,” there’ll be a Bloodbag. That Bloodbag will have a name though: Joel Creelman. Kill it before you go into the psychic doorway to unlock this achievement.
  • Avenge Dr. Hunt’s death by killing the vampire that killed him.


    In order to get this achievement, simply complete the main mission, “A Grave Situation: Find the Doc.” As soon as you take out the named vampire, this achievement will unlock and this quest will come to a close.Story-related. In order to get this achievement, simply complete the main mission, “A Grave Situation: Find the Doc.” As soon as you take out the named vampire, this achievement will unlock and this quest will come to a close.

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