- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 20 [1000gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 6-8 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No

Ever wonder what would happen if Kingdom met a broad, skill based open world RPG? Welcome to Regions of Ruin. Regions of Ruin is a 2D side-scrolling RPG with town-building where you are introduced to an open world that progressively challenges your hero and settlement the further you delve into the vast continent. You will discover a foreboding land ravaged by hundreds of years of hardship. Where, kingdoms have risen and fallen, settlements have been laid to waste and overrun by warring groups, and great mysteries lay hidden and waiting to be unearthed - assuming you can defeat their jealous guardians.

Regions of Ruin is an interesting mix of an RPG with a town management game. You will start with a small settlement of only a caravan and a campfire, and need to venture out to various points on the map to kill enemies, gain levels, collect new gear, and earn resources. Many locations will have workers you can save or people you can recruit to your settlement such as a healer or blacksmith. Using the workers, you can then place them at any of the completed locations to gain more resources and build up your town. You'll continue this pattern, venturing further and further from your settlement until you have fully built up your town which as far as the achievements go should "complete" the game for you. Oddly there is nothing related to actually conquering the map or defeating certain bosses on the achievement list.

As you go to each new location, be sure to kill every rabbit you see. Killing 1000 of these will take the majority of your playthrough. Also take note of some of the combat-related achievements such as deflecting projectiles (fireballs are easiest), getting hit with arrows, doing huge damage, and blocking big damage. Each of those descriptions will have further tips. Continue the gameplay loop I mentioned above, and be sure to upgrade your town whenever possible. The biggest time sink is waiting for resources to build in your supply so you can then make metal bars for the upgrades. You can reallocate workers at any time, so if you need a certain ore quickly, throw all your workers to the same spot, then spread them back around after.

I really enjoyed this game! I don't usually love management games, but combining it with the RPG mechanics and how simple and easy everything was to control, it was a great experience. The achievements are very simple, it's not terribly long, and everything just works. I'd highly recommend this.
[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

Regions of Ruin Achievement Guide

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There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Gather 1,000 gold

    See Federal Reserve (50G) for more info.
  • Gather 10,000 gold

    See Federal Reserve (50G) for more info.
  • Gather 100,000 gold

    You will need to have a total of 100k gold all at the same time, this is not cumulative with anything you've spent. The fastest ways to get gold are to do a Siege event and sell all the equipment (especially accessories) or do bounties which are good for a couple grand each. Gold is really not an issue when you have most of the map completed, as your gear will generally come from drops rather than purchasing anything.
  • Max out T3+ stockpile with raw ores

    To unlock this achievement, you'll first need to upgrade your storage at least twice to Level 3. When you can't hold any more of a resource, its number will turn red on the resource screen. This tells you that you need to upgrade the supply to hold more of that resource. Upgrade your stockpule to Tier 3, then send workers out to gather ore in caves or towers until the number maxes out and turns red. The purple ore maxes out at 750 at Tier 3 which unlocked the achievement for me.
  • Finish upgrading your settlement

    For this, you have to build all eight things in the settlement and then fully upgrade them all to Level 4. You will gradually get new and more materials as you venture further into the map, which will allow you to build more things. Be sure to rescue and allocate every worker you can find to keep your resources flowing, and return to your settlement after doing a few locations to heal, repair your armor, and upgrade anything you can.

    The map below shows every spot in the game. The large shield-like spots are "Siege" events which offer a ton of enemies to fight. These are a good spot to get the damage achievements and killing ten enemies at once. Take note of all the caves, as ore is especially needed to make metals needed for upgrading buildings and some will even have metal bars outright. The top side of the map is especially helpful with all the caves and tree areas for wood.
    I would suggest upgrading your supply house first so you don't have your workers stall out and stop gathering resources. Your tavern is very important as it provides income, companions to recruit (get a mage!), and bounties which will bring in a ton of gold. The building to smelt metal bars is extremely important as well. The Training Grounds can help immensely toward the damage achievements and survival in general so you can complete more areas before returning to camp. Everything else is fairly mediocre to useless, so work on the others last.

    Note: My achievement ended up unlocking when I returned to town with 2-3 buildings still at Level 3. I am not sure what the exact threshold for this achievement is. I had built the optional Runeforge building, and I had just recruited another worker, so that might have something to do with it as well. Regardless, keep upgrading everything and recruting more workers and it will unlock eventually.

  • Kill 100 rabbits

    See Bunny Genocide (50G) for more info.
  • Kill 1,000 rabbits

    Rabbits are on nearly every single screen in the game. Make sure you kill them as you complete each area, and any time you return to your settlement. You will get +1 apple for each kill which is a good indication you successfully got them, as they can be quick and are often obscured by grass. These will respawn, so just move away and back to the settlement over and over if you need to grind this out.
  • Kill 100 Goblins

    Goblins are the classic green-skinned enemies nearly everywhere in the game. You'll get this quite early on after doing 10-15 locations.
  • Kill 100 Cave Creatures

    Cave Creatures are the angry insect looking things that you will find in most caves, or the crawling slug-like creatures. Sometimes caves will only have goblins, which despite being in a cave don't count as a cave creature, nor do the passive mushroom men. Continue to clear any of the cave markings on the map until this unlocks.
  • Deflect 100 projectiles

    To deflect a projectile, you must hit it with your sword at the correct time. Whenever you come across a mage enemy that is throwing fireballs at you, it's a good idea to stand away and knock these back at them to work on this achievement. Some caves have fire or ice slugs that shoot at you which are easy to deflect as well. If you need a bunch at once and have good armor and lots of health, you can go to the Cotton Farm just NW of your starting settlement. In one of the houses here will be what looks like a library with a pedastal on the second floor. If you hit that, the librarian gets enraged and begins throwing a huge stream of fireballs at you. Equip a light weapon and mash the attack button to knock as many back as possible before you die.

  • Take 1,000 arrows

    For this achievement, you have to actually be hit by the arrows; blocking them with your shield doesn't count. If you have cleared half or more of the map, you should be in a good spot to grind this out as I'll assume you've got some good gear and have spent a decent amount of skill points on your health. From here, find either a bounty at the tavern for an archer type enemy, or explore a section of the map you haven't been to and leave one archer enemy alive to pepper you with arrows. When you get low on health, you can run away and return to your settlement to heal, then return for more punishment until the achievement unlocks.
  • Block over 200 DMG from one hit

    This is another achievement that becomes increasingly easy as you complete more of the map and level up. However, it's a bit finnicky how it works. You will want to make sure whatever shield you have does not have any % damage modifiers on it. Keeping a common rarity buckler on you would help for that. Remove all your other armor and accessoies so you don't have a ton of damage mitigation from those, and make sure you have the basic shield skill active (the default one in the bottom left of the skill tree). If you have the skill that boosts you to 100% block it doesn't work. From there, take on a high level bounty or just go to an area with a mini-boss and hold lt.png to block. You should unlock the achievement assuming the enemy is strong enough.

  • Kill 10 enemies in one attack

    A Siege event is a great place to get this achievement, and possibly knock out What Were You Saying? (50G) at the same time. Build walls at the edges of the map, and wait out the timer until every wave is active on the field at the same time. All the enemies will be grouped up near the walls trying to get to you, and you can then hit them all at once. Assuming your gear is good enough and your strength is high enough, you should one-shot all of them to unlock this achievement. Leveling up the Throwing Axe skill tree can make this quite easy as well I've read, but I did not use that method personally. Whether it is one swing of the sword or one thrown axe, the achievement will unlock either way if then enemies die at once.
  • Stun ten enemies in one hit

    The description here is a bit misleading. What it is asking you to do is stun a total of ten enemies by blocking with your shield. When they hit your shield with their attack, they get stunned. You probably won't block often if you play like me and try to just blitzkrieg through every encounter, so take some time to do so for this achievement.
  • Do over 100 DMG in one hit

    See What Were You Saying? (50G) for more info.
  • Do over 1,000 DMG in one hit

    See What Were You Saying? (50G) for more info.
  • Do over 10,000 DMG in one hit

    See What Were You Saying? (50G) for more info.
  • Do over 100,000 DMG in one hit

    This achievement seems quite daunting at first, but the damage is cumulative across all enemies from your "one hit" not just a single blow on a single enemy. Use the method I described in One Fell Swoop (50G) during a siege to group up every wave of enemies all together. This should give you a few dozen enemies to hit all at the same time. You'll likely land a few critical hits and depending on your gear and strength can be doing 10k+ to each enemy, so you'd only need ten enemies hit at the same time for this, but as I mentioned you'll have many times more than that available. Leveling up the Throwing Axe skill tree can make this quite easy as well I've read, but I did not use that method personally. Whether it is one swing of the sword or one thrown axe, the achievement will unlock either way if all the cumulative damage from enemies hit is over 100k.
  • Back stab 100 enemies

    A "back stab" is just hitting an enemy from behind, no special skill or sneaking required. You should get this fairly easily if you do Siege events or have companions with you that distract enemies. I'd also suggest nearly always dashing past enemies and then turning around and whacking them in the back for the extra damage, or using a heavy attack with button-b.png to stun them and walking behind them to attack for the extra damage.
  • Block over 50 DMG from one hit

    See That Tickles (50G) for more info.

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