Power Stones Achievement in Resident Evil 3: Biohazard (JP)

  • Power Stones



    Place all jewels in the clock tower monument.

    How to unlock Power Stones


    To get this one, you first must find 3 fancy-looking boxes that you must examine for it to reveal what's inside. Their locations are:

    • 1st Fancy Box (Red Jewel) - Moon's Donuts' safe room
    • 2nd Fancy Box (Green Jewel) - Toy Uncle Supershop (lock pick needed)
    • 3rd Fancy Box (Blue Jewel) - Supermarket across the street from Fancy Box #2 (bolt cutters needed)

    Go to the Subway Station saferoom near the typewriter where the clock tower monument is located. You'll receive a hand grenade, Tactical Stock (shotgun upgrade), and a hip pouch upgrade.

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