RE: Master of Unlocking Achievement in Resident Evil 3: Biohazard (JP)

  • RE: Master of Unlocking



    Unlock all safes, lockers, strongboxes, and pickable locks.

    How to unlock RE: Master of Unlocking


    There are quite a few strongboxes, safes, lockers and pickable locks in the game. Other than the ones at the police station, Jill will have to do most of the dirty work here as she carries the game's only lock pick. Carlos can open the strongboxes at the police station after obtaining the ID Card from Zombie Brad at the start of the level. Here are their locations:


    • Dot Sight, 9 Left-3 Right-7 Left (Downtown)
    • Hip Pouch, 9 Left-15 Right-7 Left (Police Station, 1F, West Office - Carlos only)
    • Dual Magazine, 9 Left-3 Right (Hospital, 2F, Nurses' Station - Carlos only)


    • Strongbox (Subway saferoom, near the clock tower monument)
    • Strongbox (Subway Office)
    • Strongbox (2nd floor of the house close to Kendo's Shop)
    • Strongbox (Police Station, as soon as Tyrell opens the shutter, left side of room - Carlos only)
    • Strongbox (Scope Assault Rifle / Police Station, 1F, West Office - Carlos only)
    • Strongbox (Police Station, S.T.A.R.S. Office - Carlos only)
    • Strongbox (Hospital, left side hallway after exiting Reception as Jill)

    Lock Pick:

    • Lock (Toy Uncle Store, backtrack as soon as you get lock pick)
    • Lock (to turn on 4 generators; story related)
    • Lock (Hospital to underground; story related)


    • Locker (Moon's Donuts)
    • Locker (Subway Office)
    • Locker (Garage 88 saferoom)
    • Locker (when you first enter the Subway Power Substation saferoom)
    • Locker (Sewers, in the room where you pick up the battery pack)
    • Locker, CAP (Police Station, 2F, Shower Room - Carlos only)
    • Locker, DCM (Police Station, 3F, Third Floor Hallway - Carlos only)
    • Locker (Hospital, 2F, Staff Room)
    • Locker (Hospital, Emergency Entrance where zombies break through glass during Carlos' run)
    • Locker (Hospital, 2F, Linen Room)

    Note: Strongboxes that have no lock on them do not count.

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