Veteran Achievement in Resident Evil 3: Biohazard (JP)

  • Veteran



    Complete the game on "Hardcore" or higher.

    How to unlock Veteran

    Starting the game on Hardcore will stack with Standard. During your first playthrough, explore the areas, hunt down the Mr. Charlie Dolls, weapon collection, lock picks, safes, files and strongboxes. This should be the run where you must study the layout of the levels as it will come in handy during later, tougher runs. Don't worry about time since you'll be working towards that later (please see Step 2 in the Roadmap). Although the caption states that you'll receive a bit less ammo when crafting but I didn't notice a difference. When confronted with a handful of zombies, feel freel to run by them. This strategy will be helpful when going up against the Hunter Betas at the Hospital. Flash grenades will be the key to conserve ammo, but hand grenades will knock them out completely.

    When conserving ammo for the grenade launcher, focus only on flame and explosive rounds since mine rounds can't be crafted. Acid rounds only slow down enemies and will take multiple shots to kill them. A lot of boss fights against Nemesis will take a bit of strategy but nothing too convoluted. Just stun, when possible, then unload on him with what you have. Use dodge () into your strategy when taking him head on. A shotgun will cause major damage. By his Stage 3, the final encounter, will test your dodging skills. Just remember to grab the pistol ammo and healing items BEFORE you grab the experimental weapon to fire at him for the first time.

    Beating the game on Hardcore will unlock a new difficulty, Nightmare.

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