- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 37 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 100025 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3-4
- Number of missable achievements: All the non-story achievements are misable; there is no chapter select, but you can have multiple saves to reload
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes, different difficulties contain different collectibles
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements? No
- Extra equipment needed? No

  • DLC: Banned Footage, Vol. 1
    • Difficulty: 7/10
    • Time to 1707+ Hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • DLC: Banned Footage, Vol. 2
    • Difficulty: 5/10
    • Time to 22010+ Hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • DLC: End of Zoe
    • Difficulty: 6/10
    • Time to 170: 8 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard is a first-person survival horror game and takes place in the year 2017, around four years after Resident Evil 6. Instead of featuring a massive globetrotting adventure like Resident Evil 6, the events of VII are isolated within the fictional city of Dulvey, Louisiana.

Resident Evil VII represents somewhat of a departure from the more recent third-person shooter/action oriented outings in the franchise. However, despite the shift to first-person for this main entry, many of the classic elements that define Resident Evil can be found in VII. Be prepared for a healthy mix of exploration, item management, combat, and some good scares!

Our protagonist is Ethan Winters, a common and ordinary civilian. Ethan receives a strange message from a woman who claims to be his wife, Mia. However, Mia was reported to be dead approximately three years earlier, in 2014. Ethan travels to Dulvey, Louisiana in order to find Mia. His search leads him to the Dulvey Mansion, now abandoned and formerly owned by the Baker family. The Bakers haven’t been seen or heard of since 2014…

Enter the survival horror.

Step 1: Easy difficulty, less than 3 healing items, collectibles, ending 2

This will be your first playthrough, so go ahead and take as much time to soak up the story and explore. We will be focusing on not using more than 3 healing items. I was able to do it without using any, whatsoever. There are a few adrenaline shots in the game that give you more life, and you can carry them around until you want to use them. They also heal you completely but do not count towards the healing part. You will want to grab all of the collectibles in the game. You can follow a written guide or a video guide. I will link the guide below that I have made, and it will highlight achievement opportunities as well so you don't have to switch back and forth very often.

Written Collectible Guide (with achievement opportunities

If you would rather just mimic what other people do in a video guide, go ahead and click the link below to find all sorts of options to watch. They, however, do not highlight any achievement opportunities. So you may need to either have a great memory, or switch between guides to make sure you're not missing an achievement along the way.

Various Video Collectible Guide Links

Ending 2 forces you to fight an additional boss later in the game. It’s a small fight and it's not too tough, but for some people it might be better to get this out of the way now. On your speedrun playthrough, you can make the opposite choice to get ending 1. That way you won’t have to fight an extra boss and you'll shave a minute or two from your playtime. You can also choose ending 1 for your madhouse playthrough to avoid this extra boss.

After completing easy mode and grabbing all of the collectibles, you should wind up with some fast walking shoes, a defense item, and a new gun. This gun will be used in your next playthrough which is the speed run. 

Step 2: Easy difficulty, beat the game in four hours or less, avoid opening the item box more than three times, and ending 1

After finishing the game for the first time, you will gain access to the Albert 01-R for your subsequent playthroughs. It's a convenient hand-cannon that uses standard handgun ammo. You won't be able to use the Albert 01-R or other game completion bonuses until you open the item box at the first safe room in the main house.

Completing the game in under four hours will unlock the circular saw, which is an incredibly useful weapon that you can use throughout your madhouse difficulty playthrough. Beating Resident Evil VII in under four hours while avoiding the item box and health items may seem intimidating, but it's a surprisingly lenient task. Pausing the game stops the in-game timer, so be sure to take advantage of that.

You must do your best to avoid herbs and first aid meds in this playthrough, but you can use steroids to heal and raise your health cap instead. Steroids do not count as healing items.

The first two times you'll have to open the item box take place as a mandatory part of the story, upon entering and leaving Lucas Baker's party room. Open the item box a third and final time at the swamp safe room after escaping from the ship.

There is also a trick you can use when you are killed by a boss. After you die, a menu will pop up. Underneath the option to retry is the item management option, which will allow you to reorganize your inventory without counting as an item box interaction.

Step 3: Madhouse Difficulty

Now with more understanding of the game, and with a new weapon, we will tackle the hardest difficulty and collect a new set of coins. The X-Ray glasses unlocked doing the speed run will help you find items (since they've been moved around). The circular saw is pretty powerful. If you aim at the head of enemies, they die pretty quick. A few of the bosses can be taken down in under a minute easily. You have to save using cassettes, but I found myself having tons of them because I knew after playing the game, what parts might be tough. I think there are a total of maybe 20 or so cassettes in the game and I had 12 of them when I finished. Follow the collectible guide for the new set of coins. It's even more important to collect the coins, because there are now even more bird cages that reward various items. Why this difficulty is actually extremely tough, being able to use unlocked special items makes it easier.

Click the below link to read a walkthrough of the difficulty.

Madhouse Difficulty Walkthrough

Banned Footage, Vol. 1 DLC

In this DLC offering, players are treated to two new VHS tapes that can be accessed from the game’s main menu. The first is called 'Nightmare', and it focuses less on story and more on creating an arcade-like game mode to give Resident Evil 7 more replayability. In this mode, players are free to explore the basement of the Baker family’s creepy mansion as ill-fated cameraman Clancy, fighting off Molded monsters and the Bakers in an effort to stay alive until morning.

'Nightmare' is similar to Horde mode, with players taking on waves of enemies and tasked with setting up traps and the like to try to stay alive. However, Resident Evil 7 didn’t earn much praise for its combat, and is at its best when players are exploring new areas and solving puzzles. The 'Nightmare' tape is built entirely around the game’s combat, and only lets players walk around the basement, which is an area that was heavily featured in the main game.

The second tape in Banned Footage Vol. 1 is called 'Bedroom', and it is much more intriguing. Still light on exploration, the Bedroom tape at least offers one of the game’s most challenging puzzles yet, with players trying to escape a bedroom while keeping up the illusion they are locked in bed. The 'Bedroom' tape is the highlight of the Banned Footage Vol. 1 experience thanks to its challenging puzzle and solid scares. 

The final piece of the puzzle when it comes to Banned Footage Vol. 1 is the extremely challenging 'Ethan Must Die' mode. This mode offers the greatest Resident Evil 7 challenge to date, and is strictly for hardcore fans of the game that have mastered its combat. It’s hard to see most players actually enjoying themselves with this mode due to its extreme level of difficulty, but it is an interesting diversion for a while.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Step 1: 
Nightmare and Night Terror – in this step, you will unlock:

  • Dead by Dawn?
  • Sleepless in Dulvey

Step 2: Bedroom – in this step, you will unlock:

  • Like Mama Used to Make
  • Ratcatcher

Step 3: Ethan Never Dies – in this step, you will unlock:

  • Ethan Never Dies

Banned Footage, Vol. 2 DLC

Banned Footage Vol. 2 adds two new VHS tapes to the game called '21' and 'Daughters'.

'21' is a twisted version of blackjack with unlockable tiers of difficulty. '21' does at least attempt to change things up a bit, introducing trump cards that offer various bonuses for both you and your opponent. These range from the removal of cards, to being gifted specific cards in order to get closer to the total 21.

The other tape is called 'Daughters', and it depicts what happened before the events of the main game. 'Daughters' is very short. It can be finished in 15-20 minutes, it is made to be replayed. There are multiple endings here, with your first playthrough almost guaranteed to net you the bad ending. But that’s not actually a bad thing as you will discover information that leads to finding new things in the second run.

Banned Footage Vol. 2 also introduces a brand new game mode called 'Jack’s 55th Birthday'. In this mode, players control Mia Winters as she collects food for Jack Baker to build a high score, all the while fighting off the Molded monsters and racing against the clock in the process. 

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Step 1:
 Complete '21' which will unlock 'Survival mode 21'. Complete 'Survival mode 21' which will unlock 'Survival+ mode 21'. Complete all 3 to unlock the following achievements:

  • Eye in the Sky
  • Card Shark
  • "You Gotta Know When To Hold 'Em"

Step 2: Complete 'Daughters' twice to get the good and bad endings, to unlock:

  • Butterfly Effect
  • One Instinct: Survival

Step 3: You will probably have to complete 'Jack’s 55th Birthday' multiple times to unlock:

  • Don't Keep the Man Waiting
  • Miracle Chef
  • Best Birthday Ever

End of Zoe DLC

Zoe Baker isn’t the protagonist here. Instead, she messed up in the swamp and got calcified. Right before Umbrella authorities could swoop her body from the scene, Joe appears and saves her body. Joe is Zoe’s uncle and will be our new hero during this episode.

Step 1:
Complete the game on Normal, using your fists and getting the miscellaneous achievements. Using the AMG-78 you get near the end of the game is OK. Make sure you get 5 stealth kills and a 4 -hit combo. In this step, you will unlock the following:

  • Promise Kept
  • The Only Guns You Need
  • Queensberry Rules
  • Swamp Warfare

Step 2:
Start a new game on Normal and complete the first extreme Challenge. You can continue and complete all the challenges if you wish, which will unlock the Spirit Blade. It could help in Joe Must Die, but it is not necessary. In this step, you will unlock "Fastest Man in the Swamp."

Step 3:
Complete the game on Joe Must Die, which unlocks after you beat it on Normal. In this step, you will unlock "King of the Swamp."

Difficulty does not stack as mentioned before, so you will have to complete the game on Normal first. There are also two missable achievements, "Swamp Warfare" and "The Only Guns You Need," which are mentioned in the guide.

Mop-Up and Conclusion:
After your madhouse playthrough, you should have all of the achievements unless you accidentally opened the item box more than three times or used more than three healing items in your second playthrough. In that case, you’ll have to go through the game a fourth time. Refer to the achievement guide below for any help that you may require, and feel free to ask me questions regarding anything that needs further clarification.

Resident Evil VII ultimately marks Capcom’s return to form by bringing survival horror back to the franchise. While VII is not 100% true to the original formula of the classic Resident Evil games and strays a little close to the style of Revelations, it is a step in the right direction nonetheless. 

Hopefully this guide was of use to you during your journey to the 1390! Madhouse presents a decent challenge. The speedrun requirements are fairly forgiving and after one playthrough you’ll be familiar with the game and know what you must do in order to progress. Regardless, Resident Evil VII is a fine completion to have on your gamertag.

[XBA would like to thank Tyger7 and LickableLemons7 for this Roadmap]
[XBA would like to thank jroller1979 for the DLC Roadmaps]

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Achievement Guide

Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 58 achievements with a total of 1620 points

  • Complete the game on Easy.

    This is the easiest mode, and the suggested mode you play on for most achievements. Just by beating this you will unlock the following: 

    • Albert 01-R
    • Madhouse Difficulty
  • Complete the game on Normal.


    Some people like to start with this difficulty. If you want the achievements faster, play on easy instead. You will unlock the following:

    • Albert 01-R
    • Madhouse Difficulty
    • Secrets of Defense
  • Complete the game on Madhouse.


    In order to gain access to madhouse difficulty, you must clear the game at least once on easy or normal (unless you have the Survival Pack: Recovery Set pre-order bonus, in which case you can play madhouse right away).

    Madhouse has many differences compared to easy and normal:

    • You need cassette tapes in order to manually save the game. Cassette tapes can mostly be acquired in save rooms by cassette recorders.
    • There are almost no checkpoints
    • Enemies are twice as fast, detect you much faster, do more damage to you, and take more damage from you.
    • Item placements from easy/normal have been rearranged, and items are rarer to come by.
    • There are thirty-three antique coins to collect on madhouse, compared to the eighteen on easy/normal.

    Madhouse encourages some stealth, item crafting, and item management more than easy/normal. Avoid combat whenever you can. Save ammo for the boss battles and try to sneak or run past common molded enemies.

    If you’ve already cleared the game at least once before you started madhouse difficulty, you will gain access to the Albert 01-R once you arrive at the main house. If you've finished your speedrun playthrough, you'll have access to the circular saw which makes madhouse significantly easier. Both weapons will be very useful on madhouse, especially during the boss battles in the morgue, greenhouse, barn, and boat house.

    Another useful weapon is the broken shotgun, once you repair it into the M21 shotgun. On madhouse difficulty, spend three antique coins to acquire the scorpion key from the bird cage in the main hall. Use the scorpion key on the door upstairs in the recreation room to get the broken shotgun. You can find a repair kit once you step outside into the yard. When you walk down the steps from the dog head door, immediately walk to the right, then turn right again into the shrubs/bushes. A repair kit will be tucked away here on madhouse difficulty. Combine the repair kit with the broken shotgun to have a functioning M21 shotgun.

    Make the branching decision to earn ending 1 when you play on madhouse in order to avoid a boss fight. It’s a small fight that isn't all that challenging, but in case people have trouble with melee battles just remember to get ending 1 in this playthrough.

    Boss Notes:
    Mia (Guest House - First Floor):
    There's nothing much to this fight, other than alternating between attacking and blocking. Pick up the axe. When she's getting ready to swipe at you, block, immediately attack her afterwards, then block again. Continue to do this until she goes down. MAKE SURE YOU PICK UP THE AXE AFTER THE FIGHT. If you can't find the axe immediately after beating Mia here, wait for the call from Zoe. After the call, return to the room and the axe should be on the ground.

    Mia (Guest House - Attic): 
    This is the toughest fight on madhouse difficulty. If you can beat Mia in the attic, you can beat the game on madhouse. Make sure you have the axe with you (from the previous fight) before you enter the attic. Look around the attic for handgun ammo. You should have 27 bullets. Make a save at the cassette recorder on the second floor behind the attic stairs before starting the boss battle.

    Always aim for Mia's head, and try to not miss a shot. She can break down all three doors in the attic as well as the center wall, so use that to your advantage. Shoot her head right when she finishes her animation after chainsawing the doors/wall.

    Run in circles around the attic, turn around, and keep shooting her in the head while she walks toward you. If she runs at you, then run back in a circle around the attic again.

    If you run out of bullets and she hasn't gone down, you'll have to resort to the axe. Try to block her attacks while you still can (you can't keep blocking them forever as you'll gradually lose health), and hit her with the axe in between her chainsaw swings.

    Jack Baker (Main House - Garage):
    Don't bother wasting ammo. When Jack attacks the Deputy, run to the back left corner of the garage where the yellow shelf/table is. Pick up the lockpick on the table. Run to the lockbox in the opposite corner of the garage, use the lockpick on the lockbox, and take out the car keys. Get in the car and start it up, then proceed to run over Jack with the car. 

    Later on, when Jack is on fire and exits the car, keep your distance and don't let him grab you to avoid extra damage. The car should explode very soon, which will knock both of you down. Exit the garage via the ladder by the table with the lockbox where you took the car keys. If the game won't let you climb up the ladder, make sure you pick up the Deputy's handgun that was dropped on the floor, then try climbing up the ladder again.

    Jack Baker (Main House - Morgue):
    Bring the circular saw and the Albert 01-R to this fight. Avoid Jack's axe until the axe breaks. After he grabs his makeshift chainsaw/scissor weapon, start shooting with the Albert. Once he mutates a little bit, cut him with the circular saw when he's kneeling on the floor. Shoot him with the Albert when he stands back up, then use the saw when he kneels again.

    Marguerite (Old House):
    This is when Marguerite throws you from the crow door and you fall into the pit. Shoot her with the Albert and M21 shotgun for a little. If any bugs appear, take them down with the burner. You can also deal some damage to Marguerite with the burner. When Marguerite falls into the pit, immediately climb back up the ladder.

    Marguerite (Greenhouse):
    Make a save before entering the greenhouse. Bring the Albert, the M21 shotgun, the burner, and the circular saw.

    When you walk up the stairs, be careful of Marguerite once she bursts through the window. You can avoid her grab attack by stepping back down the steps or quick turning and running back down. Shoot her in the head to get a couple of free hits before she leaves the window.

    Aim for Marguerite's weak spot underneath her belly. Rush in and use the circular saw to deal big damage when you can. Aside from that, there's not much else to this fight other than paying attention when she runs away and creates an insect nest. When you hear her heaving and groaning, follow her sounds to quickly find her and attack before she lays a nest. If you took too long to find Marguerite, that's ok. Just use the burner to get rid of the nest.

    Double Bloater Testing Area Fight (Barn):
    When you get to the end of the testing area, the last fight you have will be against two of the big bloater enemies that shoot vomit and bile at you.

    Hide behind the bales of hay. Use the M21 shotgun and enhanced handgun ammo for the Albert and pull off headshots on both of the bloaters. When the bloaters go down, stay back since they explode and can do damage upon death if you're close enough.

    Mutated Jack Baker (Boat House):
    Stock up on health items, bring the grenade launcher with flame rounds and neuro rounds, enhanced handgun ammo for the Albert, the M21 shotgun, and the circular saw. Hop down to the bottom floor, and shoot the eyes hiding underneath Jack. Shoot him with a neuro round from the grenade launcher to slow him down, and take out some of his eyes with the circular saw. Keep alternating between the floors and run to the corners for different vantage points. Try to break all of the boxes with the saw in order to find more ammo and health items.

    After taking out all of Jack's eyes, he'll go underwater then reappear with a new eye on his head. At this stage, block his attacks and shoot his last eye when he's readying up for this next attack. Keep alternating between blocking and shooting until he goes down.

    Mia (Ship):
    This boss battle only happens if you cure Zoe with the serum for ending 2. You can avoid this fight entirely by curing Mia with the serum.

    If you fight Mia here on madhouse anyway, this fight is basically the same as the first time you fought her in the guest house. Walk behind you and grab the crowbar on the ground. Equip the crowbar, block Mia's attack, then hit her with the crowbar. Alternate between blocking and attacking until she falls.

    Double Bloater Fight (End of the Mines):
    Here's another double boater molded battle like the one in the barn. However, you can skip this one if you save some remote bombs and neuro rounds for the grenade launcher.

    Shoot the three trip mines on the ladder leading up to the guest house. Use the remote bombs to stun the bloaters and knock them down. Shoot them with neuro rounds from the grenade launcher so they'll move slowly for a couple of seconds. Run up to the ladder and climb before one of the bloaters can recover and knock you down from the ladder with their vomit.

    Final Boss (Return to the Guest House):
    This fight is relatively simple and plays out the same as it does on the other difficulties. It's certainly a nice and relaxing fight compared to most other bosses in the game! 

    During the initial phase, block her shockwave blasts and run to her in between the blasts.

    For the next phase, shoot her face with the machine gun or Albert until you're thrown out of the guest house.

    In the final phase, just keep shooting at her with the machine gun or Albert until she drops you on the ground. Grab the Albert 01 that was thrown from the helicopter and fire away at her face.


  • Close an open door by yourself.

    You can do this upon entering the guest house when the game begins. As you move into the guest house, the door will shut behind you and will be locked. Continue to the very next door in the house, open it by tapping twice, and close it again by tapping  twice.

  • Block an enemy attack by guarding.

    You press  to block. This is best done with the knife on the first or second enemy in the game (the ones you can actually kill). See "Things Got Personal" achievement for a video showing it being done.

  • A-ha!



    Obtain something by closely examining an item.

    One of the first places you can obtain this achievement is before you enter the guest house at the start of the game. Make your way to the guest house after getting out of the car. Eventually, you’ll have to leap down a small ledge. You’ll see some smoke and notice the remains of a fire. In the remains of the fire is an orange purse. Pick up the purse and rotate  and  (the analog sticks) to look inside. Grab Mia’s driver’s license. 

    There are many other places to obtain this achievement throughout Resident Evil VII. Occasionally you will encounter small vases or orange-red tin boxes. When you look inside of those items, sometimes you might find a lockpick.

    This is actually a story-related achievement, since you must take the blue dog head hidden inside of the thick book in the recreation room on the second floor of the main house. However, it's likely that you'll unlock this achievement earlier on simply through exploration.

  • Use a lock pick to open something.

    After you get to the main house and watch the dinner scene, you’ll shortly arrive at the first safe room. Once you get to this safe room, head towards the door, but before you leave, look to your right and on the metal shelf will be an orange-red tin box. Look inside this box and you will find a lockpick. Take the lockpick (this unlocks the “A-ha!” achievement, if you don’t already have it). Exit the safe room and immediately turn right. Walk all the way down the hall. You’ll notice two drawers here. One is next to the boarded-up window, and the other drawer will be next to a door. Go to the drawer closest to the door, and press  when looking at the top shelf of this drawer. Your inventory will pop up, prompting you to use an item. Select the lockpick, and the achievement will unlock.

  • Put an unrelated object on a shadow plinth.

    You can earn this achievement once you use the ox statuette to gain access to the main hall on the first floor of the main house. The ox statuette is found on a picture frame in the upper area of the garage. The Deputy will tell you to go to the garage shortly after arriving at the main house.

    Once you use the ox statuette on the double door entrance to the main hall, look straight ahead and you will see a projector. In front of the projector is the shadow plinth. Walk up to the plinth and press . You’ll be prompted to select an item. This plinth requires the wooden statuette, so put any other item on the plinth, other than the wooden statuette. I personally used the knife. You’ll then see a new screen where you have to rotate the object you placed on the plinth. Back out of this screen with . Once you back out, the achievement unlocks.

  • Use psychostimulants.

    After you obtain the wooden statuette (drain the bathtub in the upstairs bathroom of the main house) and solve the shadow plinth puzzle in the main hall of the main house, a new pathway will open in front of the shadow plinth. Head into this pathway and you will soon come to an area called the drawing room. There’s a large stuffed deer in here. Head to the wooden table in the drawing room. You should find some psychostimulants on this table. Take it.

    Psychostimulants make item detection much easier. You can choose to save the psychostimulants for later consumption, or use them now and unlock the achievement.

  • Increase your item slots.

    There are some backpacks in the game that give you more item slots. If for some reason you miss them, after the wrecked ship area, you will swim through a swamp. Once you climb the ladder, you will find a backpack sitting there. This only appears if you missed one.

    Backpack 1: While inside the old house, you'll come to an area that's outside. There is a shack that has the backpack inside

    Backpack 2: After obtaining the snake key, you will go into a master bedroom with a clock that you must set the time for in order to move a bed. The backpack is in the walk in closet.

    Backpack 3: Floor 1 of wrecked ship, inside the Recreation Room. You will need to have a corrosive in hand.

  • Finish off an enemy with the knife.

    This is best done on the first or second enemy to get it out of the way (not the family characters). Later, enemies can withstand more damage. Shoot the enemy a couple times in the body, then just slash away with the knife until it dies. This is easy to combine with the achievement related to blocking an attack. 

    You can also easily earn this achievement as soon as you enter the old house. You should see some large flying insects resting on the walls. Equip the knife, approach one of the insects, hold  (left trigger), then press  (right trigger) to stab the insect and kill it in one hit.

  • Clear insects off a door using a knife.

    You must obtain this achievement in the old house. The description mentions doors, but you can also remove insects from some green cabinets in the old house and earn the achievement that way instead. Equip the knife and use  (right trigger) to slash away at the spiders.

    You can also get this achievement during the first time you encounter Marguerite Baker in the old house (immediately before the “Back Off, Mrs. B!” achievement).

  • Take down two or more enemies with one shot.

    This can be rather difficult to obtain if you're trying to kill 2 enemies at once with one shot. The Burner weapon (flamethrower) does not seem to work. It has to be done with bullets. 

    The easiest time to complete this is in the Old House, where there are lots of insects. You can sometimes find two of the giant flying insects on the walls fairly close to each other. Lining them up with a shotgun will work. 

    Also, attacking and shooting at Marguerite with the shotgun while she's sending insects at you seems to randomly unlock it sometimes (must be hitting the tons of flies and the bigger winged insect).

  • Kill an enemy by attaching a Remote Bomb to them and detonating it.

    You can get this in the video tape portion, while doing the Wrecked Ship area. You will eventually come to the remote bombs. When you do, go ahead and just choose to "retry". Now, run past the first enemy and kill the second. Grab the bombs and lure the enemy into the hallway. This can be an extremely frustrating achievement. The monster will either slash, or grapple you. If it grapples, it will either bite your arm (which happens most of the time), or it will push you to the ground. When this happens, you will need to press  to resist. This will plant the bomb inside of the mouth of the monster. Now press  to blow it up. 

    This can be done on any difficulty. It may take several retries. Try to keep a medium distance so that the enemy lunges instead of strikes. If you are close and it strikes, remember to just block it. It's possible the reason it bites more is because often, your character will have the watch out. Equip your knife and then equip the bomb again so that it shows the bomb and not the watch (if things don't seem to be going your way).

  • Create all items that contain Chem Fluid and Strong Chem Fluid.

    This must be done in one playthrough. You cannot just reload and use the different combinations. There are a total of 4 items to mix with chem fluids. This means 8 total combinations. Chem Fluid is yellow, while Strong Chem Fluid is red.

    There is an easy way to keep track of this. While in your inventory, press  to look at Combined tab. It will show you which ones you have unlocked. The top row is First Aid Med, Handgun Ammo, Burner Fuel, and Psychostimulants. The second row is Strong First Aid Med, Enhanced Handgun Ammo, Flame Rounds, and Neuro Rounds. Read below to see how they are all crafted. 

    Combine Chem Fluid with
    - Herb = First Aid
    - Gunpowder = Handgun bullets (10)
    - Supplements = Pyschostimulants
    - Solid Fuel = Burner Fuel (100)

    Combine Strong Chem Fluid with
    - Herb = Strong First Aid
    - Gunpowder = Enhanced Handgun bullets (10)
    - Supplements = Neuro Rounds (2)
    - Solid Fuel = Flame Rounds (2)

  • Complete the "Mia" videotape without being spotted by Marguerite.

    The Mia videotape is acquired in the main house. Once you enter the main hall, go upstairs and enter the door on the west. Turn left, go past the shelf with the American football helmet on it, move past the door with the dead snake, and enter the brown door you’ll see on the right at the end of the corridor. This is the recreation room. Mia’s tape will be next to the TV and VHS player. You can play the tape right here.

    Avoiding Marguerite is a matter of patience. You’ll have to stealthily make your way through the old house whenever she’s near you.

    When you enter the old house, go left, then right and enter the door. Turn right and make your way through this room to the door on the other side. Go through this door and you’ll notice a large crate in front of you. Get ready to hide behind this crate. Turn the corner to trigger Marguerite, then step back a little and crouch behind the crate. Wait for Marguerite to go through the door on the right, then leave and head past the door Marguerite came from. 

    Ignore the shadow plinth puzzle for now, exit the double doors, then turn right and hide in this corner. Wait for Marguerite to go away, then interact with the shadow plinth and solve the puzzle to uncover a secret passage behind the wall. Get into this passage and move to the next area.

    In front of you is a small “island” that consists of boxes, wood, and a table. You’ll have to crouch behind here and wait for Marguerite to walk past before continuing. Once Marguerite has moved on, continue forward and to the right. Hop down into the floor where the wood is broken. Make your way to the end of this passage, then the lights will turn out and a cutscene will play.

    As long as you weren’t spotted, the achievement will unlock upon exiting the tape.

  • Complete the "Happy Birthday" videotape within 5 minutes.

    After you wrap up with the old house area, you’ll eventually have to acquire the snake key in the dissection room of the main house. The dissection room is right next to the morgue where you fought Jack Baker. Once you have the snake key, go back to the main hall. Watch out for the two molded that now spawn here. Go upstairs to the west side, head past the shelf with the American football helmet on it, and the snake room door will be right in front of you. Open the door with the snake key, and head on over to the table in the middle on the right side of this room. Grab the lamp, turn it upside down, and press the hidden button. A ladder will drop down. Climb up the ladder and open the cupboard directly in front of you to acquire the Happy Birthday videotape. Head down the ladder, leave the room, and go left and then right through the door to the recreation room where you found Mia’s videotape. You can play the Happy Birthday tape here.

    Once you gain control of the character, do a 180 degree turn and grab the candle. Go left and then right to the room with the cake. Wait for Lucas to finish talking, then interact with the combination lock on the cabinet.

    The combination from left to right should look like: a figure with its head in a noose, a bird resting on a tombstone, and a fetus. 

    Grab the straw doll, then turn to your left and remove the winding key from the keg. Exit the room, go forward into the kitchen, turn on the stove, burn the straw doll at the stove, and you will receive the dummy finger. Relight the candle at the stove as well. Go to your right, and use the candle on the door handle with the rope. Go through the door and grab the hidden yellow-green balloon hidden on the floor next to the drawer.

    Leave the balloon room through the door you came from, and look at the broken wall on your right to find the broken gas pipe. Use the yellow-green balloon on this pipe to get the quill.

    Now return to the clown dummy you took the candle from, put the dummy finger on the hand, put the quill in the dummy’s hand, then use the winding key on the dummy. It will write “LOSER” on your arm.

    Return to the balloon room, go to the back with the locked door, and enter “LOSER” on the lock. Go into the room to get the valve handle. Go back to the birthday cake and use the valve handle on the pipe. Turn the valve handle to turn off the sprinkler. Head to the stove and relight the candle once more. Put the candle on the cake. If you completed the tape in less than five minutes, the achievement will unlock right away. If you took over five minutes, you can replay the tape and try again.

  • Watch all the videotapes in a single playthrough.

    There are a total of 4 video tapes to watch. You actually play as the character in the video. For Video 2 and 3, there are achievements related to them. The first video vanishes, but the others you can put in your inventory box.

    Tape 1: In the guest house, you'll go up stairs and see this next to the first save point. 

    Tape 2: Found on the second floor inside the room with the pool table and bar. Next to the TV that you can play it on. 

    Tape 3: After acquiring the Snake Key, go to the Kid's Room and up the ladder (after pressing the secret switch on the lamp). Open the cupboard in the attic to find the tape.

    Tape 4: Once on the Wrecked Ship, you are forced to play this before proceeding. 

  • Obtain all of the Antique Coins in Easy or Normal difficulty.

    There are a total of 18 antique coins to collect in the easy and medium difficulty modes. They can be used in the trailer in the yard. You place them into bird cages to "buy" items. You must save the game, or have it auto save. If you retry a section or die, you must obtain the collectibles again. 

    To find all of the coins, follow the link below.

    All Collectibles

  • Obtain all of the Antique Coins in Madhouse difficulty.


    There are thirty-three antique coins that can be found on madhouse difficulty. All of them must be collected in a single playthrough. 

    If you retry or die, you must pick up all collectibles again from your most recent save.

    Here is a video walkthrough of the madhouse antique coin locations, courtesy of PowerPyx:

    Video Time Stamps:

    Guest House:

    Warning: Point of no return for Guest House

    Main House:


    Old House:

    Return to Main House:

    Lucas's Testing Area:

    Warning: Point of no return for Main House, Yard, Old House, and Lucas's Testing Area

    Interior of Wrecked Ship:

    Warning: Point of no return for Interior of Wrecked Ship

    Before Exiting the Wrecked Ship:

    Warning: Point of no return for Wrecked Ship Exit


  • Read all of the files in a single playthrough.

    There are a lot of things you can read throughout the game, but there are specific ones that count as files. There are a total of 32 in the game to obtain. You can check your stats in the pause menu to keep track. You must save the game, or have it auto save. If you retry a section or die, you must obtain the collectibles again. 

    To find all of the files, follow the guide below.

    All Collectibles

  • Destroy a Mr. Everywhere statuette.


    See the “Mr. Nowhere”.

  • Destroy all Mr. Everywhere statuettes.

    There are a total of twenty Mr. Everywhere statuettes. 

    The Mr. Everywhere statuette collectibles carry over between playthroughs, but all other collectibles (coins, files, and videotapes) do not carry over.

    If you retry or die, you must pick up all collectibles again from your most recent save.

    Here is a video walkthrough for all collectibles (videotapes, easy/normal difficulty antique coins, Mr. Everywhere statuettes, and files) courtesy of PowerPyx:

    Video Time Stamps:
    Guest House:

    • 1 - File 1 - 0:05
    • 2 - Videotape 1 "Derelict House Footage" - 0:31
    • 3 - Antique Coin 1 - 1:17
    • 4 - File 2 - 2:22
    • 5 - File 3 - 2:22

    Warning: Point of no return for Guest House

    Main House:

    • 6 - File 4 - 2:53
    • 7 - File 5 - 3:08
    • 8 - Antique Coin 2 - 3:19
    • 9 - Mr. Everywhere 1 - 3:35
    • 10 - Mr. Everywhere 2 - 4:07
    • 11 - Mr. Everywhere 3 - 4:29
    • 12 - Antique Coin 3 - 4:47
    • 13 - File 6 - 4:57
    • 14 - File 7 - 5:10
    • 15 - File 8 - 5:41
    • 16 - Antique Coin 4 - 5:50
    • 17 - Mr. Everywhere 4 - 5:58
    • 18 - Videotape 2 "Mia" - 6:04
    • 19 - Antique Coin 5 - 6:19
    • 20 - Mr. Everywhere 5 - 6:35
    • 21 - Antique Coin 6 - 6:52
    • 22 - File 9 - 7:03
    • 23 - File 10 - 7:03
    • 24 - File 11 - 7:31
    • 25 - Antique Coin 7 - 7:57
    • 26 - Mr. Everywhere 6 - 8:24
    • 27 - File 12 - 8:48
    • 28 - File 13 - 9:22


    • 29 - Antique Coin 8 - 9:31
    • 30 - Mr. Everywhere 7 - 9:54
    • 31 - Antique Coin 9 - 10:10
    • 32 - File 14 - 10:22

    Old House:

    • 33 - Mr. Everywhere 8 - 10:29
    • 34 - Mr. Everywhere 9 - 10:49
    • 35 - Antique Coin 10 - 11:15
    • 36 - File 15 - 11:26
    • 37 - Mr. Everywhere 10 - 11:45
    • 38 - Antique Coin 11 - 12:10
    • 39 - File 16 - 12:47
    • 40 - File 17 - 13:17
    • 41 - Mr. Everywhere 11 - 13:32
    • 42 - Antique Coin 12 - 13:46

    Return to the Yard:

    Return to Main House:

    • 44 - File 19 - 14:27
    • 45 - File 20 - 14:55
    • 46 - Videotape 3 "Happy Birthday" - 15:05
    • 47 - Mr. Everywhere 12 - 15:30
    • 48 - File 21 - 15:41

    Lucas's Testing Area:

    • 49 - Antique Coin 13 - 16:06
    • 50 - Mr. Everywhere 13 - 16:27
    • 51 - File 22 - 16:45
    • 52 - Antique Coin 14 - 16:59
    • 53 - Mr. Everywhere 14 - 17:11

    Warning: Point of no return for Main House, Yard, Old House, and Lucas's Testing Area

    Boat House:

    • 54 - Mr. Everywhere 15 - 17:35

    Warning: Point of no return for Boat House

    Starting Area of the Wrecked Ship:

    • 55 - Antique Coin 15 - 17:57
    • 56 - Antique Coin 16 - 18:30

    Warning: Point of no return for Starting Area of the Wrecked Ship

    Interior of Wrecked Ship:

    • 57 - File 23 - 19:02
    • 58 - File 24 - 19:30
    • 59 - Videotape 4 "Old Videotape" - 19:44
    • 60 - File 25 - 20:17
    • 61 - Mr. Everywhere 16 - 20:33
    • 62 - File 26 - 21:12
    • 63 - Mr. Everywhere 17 - 22:05
    • 64 - File 27 - 22:53
    • 65 - Antique Coin 17 - 23:33
    • 66 - Antique Coin 18 - 23:52

    Warning: Point of no return for Interior of Wrecked Ship


    • 67 - Mr. Everywhere 18 - 24:53

    Warning: Point of no return for Swamp


    Warning: Point of no return for Mines

    Return to the Guest House:

    • 74 - Mr. Everywhere 20 - 27:12
  • Complete the game within 4 hours.

    Work on this achievement for your second playthrough and do this on easy difficulty. I suggest doing this achievement while also attempting “Resource Manager” and “Walk it Off”.

    Earn ending 1 in this playthrough to avoid a short boss fight and save an extra minute or two if you wish.

    Pausing the game stops the in-game timer. 

    If you get stuck in an area or end up dying, do not select “retry” and continue from the latest checkpoint, as this continues to add to your time. If you do happen to die or you must restart, then quit the game, start it back up again, and reload your most recent manual save.

    If you complete the game a few times, this should be obtainable without much help. However, if you want to get this done quick, follow a guide. You will have to complete the game pretty quickly. I have constructed a guide to help with this achievement. If you are more of a visual person, there is a video included at the end. I suggest playing on Easy and ignoring most weapons (use unlocked handgun and repair broken shotgun). Those weapons alone (on easy) should be more than enough to complete the game quickly. Follow the guide to help with this achievement.

    Speed Run Guide

  • Complete the game without opening the Item Box more than 3 times.

    I recommend doing this during your second playthrough on easy difficulty while going for "Just Get Me Outta Here" and "Walk it Off".

    There are basically only three places where you must use the item box.

    The game forces you to use the item box before entering Lucas Baker’s "Happy Birthday" party room. Lucas won’t allow you to enter this room until you go to the nearby item box and deposit all of your items inside.

    After leaving the party room, you’ll have to look through an item box and gather up your supplies to continue. Make sure you take the crank and the D-Series Arm out of the box, since you'll be needing these items very soon.

    Interact with the item box in the swamp safe room after leaving the ship, and take as many weapons as you can (Albert, shotgun, machine gun, and grenade launcher are recommended). Don't forget to hold on to the tissue samples, as you need those to create the E-Necrotoxin in the lab.

    Again, those are the only three times where you should use the item box. If you open up the item box more than three times in a playthrough, you’ll void the achievement.

    If you die during certain boss battles (like the final boss or Mutated Jack Baker), you’ll get the “item management” option at the death screen. If you'd like, select "item management," take out any equipment that you need and fight the boss again. This won't count as an item box use.

  • Complete the game using only 3 First Aid Meds or less.

    I suggest doing this during your second playthrough on easy difficulty while also attempting "Just Get Me Outta Here" and "Resource Manager". Health regenerates a little more on easy, and you’ll be taking less damage from enemies.

    It’s important to note that while the achievement description mentions to complete the game using three first aid meds or less, you actually cannot use more than three health items at all. This means that you won’t be able to use herbs to heal. Keep your finger off of the  (right bumper). Avoid both herbs and first aid meds for as long as possible.

    However, you can use steroids, since these don’t count as healing items. Steroids happen to fully heal you in addition to raising your health cap a little bit, so save them when you can, and use them during a boss fight if you think you’ll need them.

    There is one steroid syringe in the drawing room fireplace at the main house. For this, you need the treasure photo for the fireplace, which can be found next to the location of the scorpion key in the processing room of the main house. Look at the photo, then head to the fireplace in the drawing room. Remove the stone in the top-right of the fireplace and grab the syringe.

    Another steroid syringe can be obtained from a bird cage in the trailer safe room in the yard. You’ll need three antique coins to unlock the bird cage.

    A third syringe is in Lucas's testing area, located in the room just before stepping into the barn. This room is full of trip mines. Shoot all of the mines, and open the metal locker in the back right of the room. The syringe is sitting at the bottom of the locker.

    There’s another syringe that can be found much later near the very end of the game, in the laboratory mines. When you enter the lab, look for some bathtubs. The syringe will be on the floor behind the tubs.


Secret achievements

  • Travel to Louisiana.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    This achievement unlocks after the opening cutscene, once you step out of the car.

  • Escape from the guest house.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    This achievement unlocks right after confronting Mia in the attic of the guest house and meeting Jack Baker.

  • Escape to the yard.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Once you gather all three dog heads for the locked door in the main hall of the main house, go through the door and enter the yard. The achievement unlocks when you’re in the yard.

  • Uncover the secret in the old house.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    After obtaining the D-Series Arm from the hidden area by the detention room in the old house, Zoe will call and tell you to meet her in the trailer safe room. Upon arriving in the trailer, the achievement will unlock.

  • Escape from the Baker family home.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    This achievement unlocks after the boss fight in the boat house and choosing who to cure with the serum.

  • Escape from the ship.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    This achievement unlocks once you leave the ship and enter the swamp just outside of the mines.

  • Get ending 1.

    This achievement can be missable, depending on the decision you make. 

    After the boat house boss fight, you’ll have to make a decision regarding who to use the serum on.

    For ending 1, look to Mia and press  to cure her. This story event happens around 70% of the way into the game, but the achievement won’t unlock until the final cutscene.

  • Get ending 2.

    This achievement can be missable, depending on the decision you make. 

    After the boat house boss fight, you’ll have to make a decision regarding who to use the serum on.

    For ending 2, look to Zoe and press  to cure her. This story event happens around 70% of the way into the game, but the achievement won’t unlock until the final cutscene.

  • Fight off Marguerite while she wanders the old house to make her run away.

    As you make your way through the old house, you’ll encounter Mia in the basement, but Lucas takes her away. After this event Marguerite shows up in the old house and roams around the dining hall area. You can only obtain the achievement at this moment in the game.

    When you encounter Marguerite here, start firing at her with the shotgun and pistol. Use the burner to get rid of her insects. It takes a significant amount of ammo to get Marguerite to retreat. I used around 10 shotgun shells and close to 100 burner fuel on normal difficulty before she ran away. This fight takes up quite a bit of precious ammo, so once you unlock this achievement, reload the most recent auto save, then avoid Marguerite by sneaking your way around her.

  • Avoid Jack's scissor attack by crouching.

    You can earn this achievement when fighting Jack Baker in the morgue of the main house. Your search for the red dog head will lead you to this area and you are forced to fight Jack here. 

    You must avoid his attacks from his axe. Continue to dodge his attacks, and eventually the axe will break. Jack will proceed to grab a makeshift chainsaw/scissor weapon. When Jack makes an overhand attack, click down on the  (right stick) to crouch and avoid his chainsaw. The achievement unlocks straight away.

  • Shoot and knock back Marguerite while she's leaping at you.

    When you’re tasked with creating the serum, you’ll eventually make your way to the greenhouse and encounter Marguerite for a boss battle. You can only obtain the achievement here, and not during the first time you encounter her in the old house.

    Before you enter the greenhouse, head to the trailer safe room and create a manual save (the greenhouse is right behind the trailer). Then go back to the greenhouse to fight Marguerite.

    Shortly after initiating the greenhouse boss battle, Marguerite will start climbing over the walls and ceiling. Take out the shotgun if you don’t already have it equipped. Marguerite should eventually stop and come to a halt somewhere on a wall or ceiling, then slowly turn her head to look at you. When she does this, she’s getting ready to perform a leaping attack. Fire the shotgun as soon as she jumps. If you mistime her leaping attacks throughout the boss battle and accidentally defeat Marguerite without unlocking the achievement, reload the save and try again.

DLC: Banned Footage Vol. 1

There are 5 achievements with a total of 170 points

  • Complete Nightmare.

    'Nightmare' is a type of survive all waves mode. You start scrap machines to gain more scrap that lets you buy weapons, ammo, upgrades, etc. As you play, a total score will keep adding up as you win or fail, unlocking more and more starting item options. This makes this mode eventually get easier and easier when you get more powerful weapons. Corrosive item helps you unlock 2 different doors which give you access to the other machines. 

    There are a total of 5 waves, and in one of them you will fight Jack and during the last wave you will fight him again except his health is much higher. This can be difficult to maintain enough scrap unless you have unlocked some good items or made good use of turrets.

  • Complete Night Terror.

    'Night Terror' is just a harder version of 'Nightmare' and you must complete that first to unlock this difficulty. You will be heavily tested here. Unlocking more items will help. I have heard the circular saw and magnum will do very well for your battles against the fad molded and Jack.

  • Complete Bedroom.

    'Bedroom' is a banned footage tape where you must escape a room. It's a pretty fun puzzle, so if you'd like to enjoy it I'd suggest playing first and seeing if you can figure it out. 

    Basically, you will need to find and use items. As you progress, certain things will make noises and you will need to place the room exactly how it was or else you will get damaged when Marguerite comes back to the room to check on you.

  • Find all the dead rats in Bedroom in a single play.

    While playing the 'Bedroom' banned footage tape, you will need to find 3 dead rats before you complete the tape.

    Rat 1: Next to the bed is a chair with a painting on it. To the right on the ground, you'll find a dead rat.

    Rat 2: Once you have gotten to the second meal, use the fork to eat it. After vomiting, inspect the bowl to find the rat inside.

    Rat 3: After unlocking the closest door (code: serpent, leaf, apple), you'll find this rat on the shelf against the wall ahead of you.

  • Complete Ethan Must Die.

    'Ethan Must Die' is an extremely difficult task, you will be literally dying a lot. Most attacks will kill you in one hit. If you die, you restart. An angel statue will appear where you died, and you'll get one random item from your inventory that you died with. There will be a lot of running involved to avoid enemies. You're extremely limited on resources. The only way to gain anything is from breaking crates. If you see a crate that only has one piece of tape around it, it means that it's a trap. A trap can also kill you in one hit. 

    A lot of this, and I mean a lot, depend on luck of the draw. There were times where I got no guns in the first section of the house until halfway through the basement.

DLC: Banned Footage Vol. 2

There are 8 achievements with a total of 220 points

  • Complete 21.

    Phase 1:
    You will be playing a deadly version of Blackjack. Instead of betting with chips or money, you will be wagering your fingers (not by choice). At first you start with 1 finger bet, and it increases by one each hand. The opponent plays a little on the safe side, so sometimes it's difficult to judge his hidden card. 

    Phase 2:
    Instead of fingers, there is now an electric contraption attached to your hand. If it reaches 10 (number of bets), then you lose. Also, there are now game changing mechanics called trump cards. Knowing when to use these cards are critical to your success.

    Phase 3:
    Now there will be some kind of saw trap. The game plays like normal, however during the last part, you will be forced to play a specific way. You will have cards 1 and 2. The opponent will play a card called "desperation". All bets are raised to 100 and you cannot draw cards. You will need to play the specific trump card "love your enemy". You will force draw a card for the opponent who already had a great hand, making him bust and you will win.

    Note: Unlike regular blackjack, this only has one of each card from 1 to 11. So if you have a 3 for example, you know it's impossible for the other character to have it. 

  • Complete Survival mode in 21.

    Survival mode has you face off against 5 opponents. You will be introduced to the trump cards, which can be game changers. This is when you will have a much more control over the games than just playing normal 21. As you play you will unlock more of these cards, making it easier.

  • Complete Survival+ mode in 21.

    There will be a total of 10 opponents to survive against. You will have 10 health (based on the electric trap meter). You can use the "trump" cards to turn the tides of the game. It's surprisingly much easier to win with the trump cards. The only difficult part is if you fail, you have to start over from the beginning (with extra cards earned, however). In my experience, I got to the last opponent my first time, and won my second. 

  • Get the bad ending in Daughters.

    During the bad ending, you will not be exploring the attic in the kid's room. This is how to get the ending. You will be exiting through the double doors in from the main room. Get in the vehicle to get the ending. Below is a brief summary.

    • Bring the change of clothes from the laundry room to the kid's room
    • Go to dining room to check on Lucas
    • Head to the bathroom, the garage for the rope, then back
    • Run to the recreation room and tie the door. Find a fork in grandma's room, and unscrew the board to escape
    • Sneak to the double doors on the West side (turn off lighter)
    • Quickly get to the laundry room before you run into Jack
    • Go through the crawl space and grab the lock pick. Grab the broken bottle from the drawer
    • You can either sneak past Jack or just have him catch you, which makes you stab him
    • Run to the car to escape
  • Get the true ending in Daughters.

    To get the true ending, you will do a few extra tasks. Do the below things to make sure you get the real ending.

    • After getting the clothes from the laundry room, grab the lock pick from the crawlspace
    • Go to the bathroom to unlock a drawer to find a small component
    • Use this item on the trophy in the kid's room, then go up the ladder to the attic
    • Find the computer and enter the code 1019 (this number was found by looking at Lucas in the kitchen, as he entered in his pin number on his phone)
    • Play like you would normally (from above bad ending) and once you use the fork on the screw to get outside, follow the path to the end to squeeze through an opening. Here you will find the red box with the dog head inside
    • Play like normal again, but now exit through the dog head door. Get to the trailer, examine some things, and exit
  • Clear a stage with a 10 minute time bonus or higher in Jack's 55th Birthday.

    A time bonus is the additional time you gain by damaging enemies. You will need to play on a level that has a lot of enemies. You will also want to be using the items that gives you bonuses for time. At the end, the game will show you the total amount of extra time that you earned. Watch the below video to see how this can be done. You will need to unlock a lot of high tier items.

  • Feed Jack every type of food and drink in Jack's 55th Birthday.

    You must feed every type of food by itself, as well as combined in order to get the achievement. You might just eventually get this while going for S ranks, or you can keep track by writing these lists down, and crossing off each one you get completed. 


    • Beer
    • Cake
    • Cheap Wine
    • Cheese
    • Chicken
    • Dulvey Cru
    • Fruit
    • Garbage
    • Spice
    • Stew
    • Sugar


    • Baker Family Special: Garbage + Sugar
    • Cheese Fondue: Cheese + Stew
    • Cheesecake: Cheese + Cake
    • Fruit Beer: Beer + Fruit
    • Fruit Cake: Fruit + Cake
    • Spicy Chicken: Chicken + Spice
    • Sugar Cake: Sugar + Cake
    • Tom Yum: Spice + Stew
  • Get an S Rank or higher on all stages in Jack's 55th Birthday.

    You will have some hard work ahead of you, playing again and again unlocking items in order to make each run better. Getting Rank S on all of the stages is no easy feat. Without enough practice you will eventually get it.

DLC: End of Zoe

There are 6 achievements with a total of 170 points

  • Complete End of Zoe on Easy or Normal.

    Please refer to “King of the Swamp" for more information.

  • Complete End of Zoe on Normal or Joe Must Die using no weapons.

    This achievement is missable.

    You can pair this with "Promise Kept." Start a new game on Normal and keep dying until you get a message saying “lower the difficulty.” Select 'yes' and continue the game just using your fists. This will make the game a whole lot easier as you can imagine. Near the end of the game, you will get the AMG-78a; this is okay to use and will not void the achievement. You will get credit for completing the game on Normal and unlock "Promise Kept" and “The Only Guns You Need.”

  • Complete an Extreme Challenge in End of Zoe.

    The extreme challenges unlock once you have completed the game on normal. To start the challenges just start a new game. The easiest challenge is the first one. There are 3 Molded to kill then smash the door and enter the shack where the cure is under 1 minute. You can kill the second and third enemy stealthy, or you can use the shotgun which will be in the box.

  • Perform a 4-hit combo with your bare fists in End of Zoe.

    Once you get control of the character go out the cabin and there will be a hanging body on the tree.

    Walk up to the body and use the combo , , , . Take your time with the combo so it counts. There are plenty of Molded in the game so you will probably get this naturally.

  • Stealth kill 5 enemies in End of Zoe.

    This achievement is missable.

    There are plenty of chances to get stealth kills. To perform a stealth kill get behind a Molded and press . You should be able to get at least two in the first area, and there are three easy stealth kills in the second area just after laying Zoe down.


Secret achievements

  • Complete End of Zoe on Joe Must Die.


    This difficulty will not be unlocked from the start; you will need to complete the game on Normal to unlock it. Please refer to “The Only Guns You Need” for an easy way to unlock it.

    In this difficulty, there will be more Molded and they hit a lot harder. There will also be crate traps and wire trips to watch out for. You will need to find Cassette tapes to be able to save your game, but there should be plenty so save when you need to.

    There are three at the first save point where you place Zoe down. Here are the rest you can find on route.

    This tape can be found on the barrel as soon as you get on the boat, it is in the left.

    The tape will be on the window ledge in the boat before going down the stairs to the next level.

    This tape will be in the swamp after the boat. After the first set of alligators were the floating platform are keep to the left. You will get to the tree trunk, but watch out for the fat Molded as it will try to spray at you.

    Once you are out of the last bit of the swamp and going through the huts the next tape will be on the settee in the last hut.

    The last tape is just before you get to the graveyard. There will be 4 boxes; 3 on the right (you can't see the third as it is behind the 2 front boxes) and the 1 on the left will have the tape.

    You will want to get as many Effigy Dolls as you can and they can be found here: All Effigy Doll Locations

    Here are two good videos that will help you get through this difficulty. One is from the PC version but does not matter and one is from the PS4 with commentary. Feel free to mix and match with them both in whichever way helps you best.

    Thanks to riutsefury for this video.

    Thanks to pyschadelicsnake for this video.

DLC: Not a Hero

There are 2 achievements with a total of 60 points


Secret achievements

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