The Terror Begins Achievement

  • The Terror Begins



    Escape from the graveyard of terror.

    This achievement is story-related and not missable.

    This is after the beginning of the game when you exit your cell you are in a graveyard. Just leave the graveyard from the opposite door.

  • With this list they might as well have just made it one achievement for finishing the game. Pssh, color me unimpressed.
  • *colors ^
  • colour^ ;)
  • Really? That achivment will literally take about 2 minutes to do :/
  • @1 this will NOT be an easy 1000. Easy 700, tough 850, hard 1000.
  • @ 5 Why is that???
  • @6 Easy 700 for the story based achievements, tough 850 for the speed run to get the rocket launcher, and hard 1000 for the battle mode achievement.
  • @7 Exactly. Bring on the challenge!!!
  • Pshhhh... too easy *gets killed by naked zombies first time* FFFFFFUUUUUU-
  • @7 i reckon its more easy 700, hard 300 tbh. that rocket launcher is a bitch lol
  • How much is this game gonna cost?
  • it will be fun to play i thought it was an arcadee but obviously not and wonder if resi 4 will b the same easy chievs defo
  • Why do I have a feeling RE4 will have an achievement for the next to impossible to get Hand cannon (you have to get the highest rating for EVERY CHARACTER ON EVERY MERCINARYS MAP!!! its a bitch)? I hope someone posts the RE4 list soon.
  • @13 Really? Next to impossible? Im not saying its EASY by any means but it is very doable. You only need 60000 to get a 5 star ranking and by the time I was done I mostly had in upwards of 120000 on each stage with each character. VERY doable.
  • its been so long sence ive played this game i dont even remeber how long it takes to beat the game just causualy going through it
  • Where i find this game ?
  • Is it only available in the marketplace? No CDs?
  • Yes, no cds. In chilean marketplace, RE4 and X includes texts in spanish (PAL version?). JAPANESE version is only disc format
  • #13 unless i'm missing something...and i have read ur comment a few times, RE4 list has been out ages....the game has been out a week and there is no achievement for "getting the hand cannon"!!! most are story related, 2 are missable (there may be more but thats as far as i got in the story so far) and the only one that can be concidered hard on it is "heart of steel: complete the game on the hardest difficulty"
  • damn i almost died at this part lol
  • I hope the bring back re2 and re3
  • @21 Do you think they will?
  • @22 So far only Re1, Re2 and Re3 are available on the playstation network. I see XBLA maybe, and I mean maybe, getting those 3 games in the next year.
  • I never finished this game on dreamcast. Hard game!
  • #24 Yes, very hard game..
  • easy peasy
  • this game is very hard but this achievement is super easy [url=][img][/img][/url]

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