The Fallen Tyrant Achievement

  • The Fallen Tyrant



    Flatten an unstoppable enemy.

    This achievement is story-related and not missable.

    During the fight with T- 078 TYRANT weaken him a bit until you fell you hurt him enough, then jettison the luggage by pushing the control panel. If he was weak enough he should fly out with it.  The Bow Gun is the ideal weapon. Use Explosives if you have them and use all the Bow Gun Ammo you have. If you have the Grenade Launcher, the Gas Rounds will help a decent amount also. If you push the switch too early you will have to damage him all over again, so don't jump the gun. Once he's dead, you'll have this achievement.

  • So hard !!! But I won :-)
  • Tough S.O.B to kill use grenade launcher then run hit then run as far as you can after every hit then when you see the blood on his leg hit the catapult button to kill him. If he gets too close its game over quickly from his hits.
  • Make sure you grab the BOW Gas Rounds and around 10-15 explosive arrows. Shoot him 3 times with the gas rounds and 10 times with the arrows. Hit the catapult and you win.
  • i think i got myself stuck on this one. there is nothing to heal in my trunk, not enough weapons to do any damage. i just had to quit this whole thing or start over. this game is pretty easy but i just dont want to bothered
  • This boss fight can be done real easy. all you need is 30 explosive arrows for the bow gun. When you enter the cargo room of the plan after the cut scene, just unload all 30 arrows on the tyrant and than push the cargo release button beside you. simple as that. You ain't even got to move and he will never get close enough to touch you.
  • This fight can literally be done in less than 30 seconds. Before you enter make sure you have the grenade launcher with 3 BOW rounds and 3 Acid rounds, that's all you need. Enter the door skip the cutscene or watch it whatever you prefer but as soon as you have control of claire again stay at the control panel for the cargo launcher dont move. Then unload the BOW rounds on him as soon as your out toggle your inventory and combine the 3 acid rounds. Exit inventory and unload those on him you might start to see his head but dont panic as long as you stay close to the panel your fine. After you fire the last acid round quickly hit the panel switch releasing the cargo and sending this once formidable foe flying bye bye. I know some of you may call b.s. but try it i guarantee you it works. It's

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