The Prisoner Who Lost Everything Achievement

  • The Prisoner Who Lost Everything



    Defeat the nameless man and end his suffering.

    This achievement is story-related and not missable.

    On the Antarctic Helipad when Claire and Steve try to walk down you will see Nosferatu is coming up the walkway. He takes about 4 sniper shots to the chest. Distance yourself away as he will throw poison which you will need a blue herb mixed to heal. If you get to far away you won't be able to see him even with the sniper scope He can knock you off the edge and cause instant death. If you become poisoned, a Blue Herb will not fix this thus adding an extra objective when you play as Chris.

  • He's actually not nameless... He's refered to as "Nosferatu".
  • Pretty fun boss fight. I remember getting tha sniper rifle and actually bein' able to aim through tha scope's which was just fuckin' awesome for tha time of tha game being out. lol Shoot at his heart when it open's on his chest and keep at least 20-feet away from him because as you will see this motherfucker knock's you off tha edge like it's his day job haha.
  • haha
  • The sniper rifle in this game has the jankiest controls I have ever experienced…..mostly because the left analog is used to aim and not the right analog, which could possibly make this the only game that has ever been made with this type of aiming setup.
  • fuck this boss

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