The Arrogant Queen Achievement

  • The Arrogant Queen



    Put an end to the Queen's reign.

    This achievement is story-related and not missable.

    The boss fight with Alexia is in Alexia's Chamber. She takes one hit, but if you're too slow she will kill Claire. She has 3 forms. The first is in the Mansion Foyer, the next two are later at her chamber. The second form is the toughest because she can poison you. On the Final Form Grab the Linear Launcher to kill her.  The Magnum and Grenade launcher are the best weapons for this.

  • Bugs on the ground didn't need killed just ransacked her till she went airborne then 2 shots of the cannon run till her four shot go off then two shots again before she shoots her four times again rince and repeat till you get her movement
  • What sucks about this is if your out of ammo, and health items your screwed.
  • played this on GCN before, had the hardest time with Alexia. reached the battle last night, did on the first try.

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